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Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Mah Tucket


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  • 3 months later...

Finally listened to this one as there's been so much high praise for the podcast. I normally don't listen to podcasts as I find them tedious and a ridiculously slow way of conveying information though I understand that they are good stuff while driving.

I was rather disappointed, to tell the truth. There wasn't much in the way of deep analysis, I thought.

Got to disagree with the Bushwhacker analysis as their big problem is that, like Mah herself, they need to discard cards to do their thing. Also, their melee really isn't very special for a 6SS model at all. In fact, I would argue that it is downright lackluster. The Triggers are good but if you want to really use them, you need to control which one you get. The big thing they have is Wp6 which is quite handy but that's still probably not enough to really compete with Rooster Riders.

All in all, there was a lot of theorying about all this various stuff that needs you to discard cards. A lot! And both speakers seemed to be super excited about these and sure, on paper, they look amazing. But once you really try to do them, you quickly note that things don't really work out that way. All in all I felt that a lot of the stuff that was said was about things I was excited when I read Mah. But once I put Mah on the table - those things just don't happen. Because you aren't discarding/cheating ten or so cards a turn. For example, Mah's Conflux. Great, superb, two chores! But you need to discard a card for it. As well as for all the other amazing things that Mah does.

And Bayou Gators. Discard a card and they are pretty fast. *sigh*

You did touch on this a tiny bit at the very end but didn't really analyze it much at all or discuss on how you should deal with it.

And really, saying that her box crew is solid is... not very true at all. It has the most anti-synergy of any crew box available by a large margin.

But really, there was very little deeper analysis or less obvious tricks.

I did like how there was very little random chatter. And the sound quality was quite ok. And the basics of Mah were solid enough. I felt that there was enough emphasis on her Pushes as often beginners only look at that "there's a possibility to get six minimum damage with Ml8 with positive twists - hooray! I'm going to spend the whole game trying to set it up".

And I liked the comparison to other Gremlin Masters part.

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1 hour ago, thecapopriest said:

What deck would get me the On Your Tiptoes upgrade? It's pretty funny how he says that's an upgrade that is rarely taken, I have not even heard of that upgrade, and now I would really like a list of all the general upgrades for Gremlins just so I can know what I am totally in the dark on.


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