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Neverbourne, 20th February 2016 Feedback wanted!!


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Hello again everyone,

After the success of Soulstone Poole I have decided to run a 50ss, 4 round malifaux event aimed at around 28 people.


Saturday 20th February 2016


This time though it will be run at the the Beachhead 2016, a wargaming trade show that is being held at the Bournemouth International Center. (see Here for more information on the Event):

Bournemouth International Centre
Exeter Road

Because of the venue and the event going on i do plan to give a long lunch so that people can wonder around and the ticket price will be around £15, entry into the show included.

the Pack and tickets will be up in a few months so whos interested?



1. Dogmantra (Paid)

2. Flippin' Wyrd Jamie (Paid)

3. Tom Thorpe (Paid)

4. Matthew Lewin (Paid)

5. Rancor (Paid)

6. Gareth Jones (Paid)

7. Lukasz Rosanski (Paid)

8.James H (Paid)

9.Rory Carter (Paid)

10.Nick Featherstone (Paid)

11.Hungering Durpness

12. Oldman Lee

13. Aaron Bailey

14. Ben Sime
















While looking into the preparation into this event I saw a unique opportunity to do more then just support our community thanks to the company I work for.

As an employee of a particular popular bank we can run events in the name of a charity for citizenship and the bank promises to match any money raised upto a certain ammount.

So using this opportunity I have decided to use this event to raise money for Hounslow Toy Library who specialises in developing and lending toys to disabled children.

So as part of this not only will we be giving 20% - 25% of the ticket price to charity but I will be organising other ways to donate during the event which will be announced.

Ticket are now available !!


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Firstly merry Christmas to you all. 

As we are getting closer to the event I want to get back on to advertising for the event so on the Breachhead  page I have created the Neverbourne event:


this is the place I would like to give updates and include your views in the decisions that I make through polls and posts (anything added to Facebook will be updated on this thread.

novas I have explained on facebook the reason why tickets arnt up is because the Entoyment website is down due to cyber attack on the servers, so just like there I will share a link to the torny pack:


As soon as the website is up I'll let you know.

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your link to the facebook event seems a bit funky, here's the event link as I see it: https://www.facebook.com/events/946363888745731


And if the trophies are half as good as soulstone poole's, I am very very excited and will try my hardest!

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