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Blasts and cheap activation in 10T


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It seems to depend on the master sometimes. Mei Fend may like a horde of minions, many being constructs so she can jump around. Misaki and Shenlong seem to prefer self-sufficient, more elite models. Jacob Lynch can field elite crews well and isn't too far behind on the activations thanks to Hungering Darkness, but he can also play large crews very well. McGabe can field anything comfortably, especially if you bring the right upgrades.  Yan Lo prefers elite Ancestors crew in some cases, but I like him more with a swath of minions. Brewmaster I don't know well. Overall though I would expect 8 activations is the standard for Ten Thunders. As we could see, there is no lack of options and blast attacks.

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Thanks for all answers. Do 10T tend to be outactivated by other factions?

@ Trample
I have occasion to cheaply buy some 10T models, I wanted to ask about things that suit my playstale (outactivation and blasts).

Nothing wrong with fireworks!

On the subject of activations, the faction has some solid low-cost minions. You could easily field several Wastrels, Ten Thunder Brothers, and Tengu for quite a few. I think all three of those have merit. As someone mentioned above, the Wastrels can even sneak in some blasts with a little luck. Add in Toshiro who can have a pretty nice impact on a munch of minions. 

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