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Found 5 results

  1. Mortarion

    Timing of blast damage

    The rules for Blasts (rulebook page 50) states that "In situations where the order that models suffer damage matters, the Attacker may determine the order in which the affected models resolve the blast effects". Does this apply to the original target as well, or just the models damaged because of the blasts? Or more specifically, would you be able to resolve the damage against one of the models hit by the blast before resolving the damage against the original target?
  2. MrDeathTrout

    Damage Resolution Timing

    When resolving blast effects the attacker determines the order models resolve the effect ins, that much is clear. But what about the original target of the attack? I've always played it that the original target resolves the effects, then the models hit resolve in the order determined by the attacker. But I don't see this spelled out clearly anywhere. Is this how everyone else plays it?
  3. Folks, This came up in a game last night where Tuco shot the voodoo doll to get a double blast onto Sybelle (who was also hemmed by the doll). The questions arose with the hanged who was on a walkway almost directly above Sybelle. The hanged was approximately 1.5" away from the edge and the doll was approximately 1" from the edge at the bottom. The height of the walkway was 2" (so within the 3" for the rule book). Would the hanged have taken all, one or none of the blast damage too? (image attached hopefully gives you an idea) For information the walkway was considered blocking terrain. Any help would be gratefully accepted. blast question.pdf
  4. Hello What are options for blasts in 10T? With my knowledge I can only see: - Misaki; Second question, what are easy ways to out-activate enemy? - Lucas with luna and hounds; - Toshiru Summoning stuff; thanks for help
  5. Hello! A question about Multiple blasts and who they can hit came up today in a game. Scenario: Som’er Vs Molly and the strategy was Turf war. So I have moved Lenny within range for scoring Turf war and He is now base to base with The Valedictorian and a Student of Viscera. Lenny has a single wound and I need him alive, to get the VP for that round. So I take a risk and shoot (Som’er’s Boomer, including the Ram trigger 4/4B/8B) into the Melee, as (Un)luck has it I hit Lenny, but then I realise that if I use a soul stone to boost the attack flip, I might be able to get two blasts on the other Resser models. This happens; I get an 18 overall for the attack and then cheat Lenny’s def DOWN to 5 total, so that the damage is a single flip (He has hard to wound). Luckily I flip an 11 (severe), hitting Lenny for 8, but also creating two blasts which are 4 and 4 dmg. Here’s where the question is; the blasts cannot OVERLAP each other, but I could position them in such a way that they hit The Valedictorian twice (She has a huge base) doing a total of 8 DMG and subsequently killing her and also hitting the Student of Viscera for 4. So the question is; can a model be hit by 2 lots of blast damage? We read the Blast rules a few times but it did not say anything about a model not being able to be hit twice. If I have explained anything incorrectly or I have completely got this wrong then I apologise, it’s only my 4th game of Malifaux J