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Dark Carnival Basing - What did you do?


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So, I'm having issues deciding how I'm going to base a few of these models. Going for the easy Circus theme isn't so easy. I frankly don't know what to do with the flying monkeys or the hammer mannequin. For all the rest I've used some all purpose sand and some simple props.

Mr Cooper is standing on the thing a ring master usually stands on.

Mercury has a kettle bell at his feet that looks like one Louis Cyr might've used.

Baritone Lola and Thin Lizzy are on two sides ofseesaw, with Lola on the high part.

Sword Mannequin is balanced on a circus style ball.

I thought the strength test would be good for the hammer, but honestly it's too over the top and would take too much room. I can't think of anything for the monkeys.

What did y'all do? I need inspiration.

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i preferred a freak show theme rather than sand/dirt, so i built wooden planks using styrene to recall the stage. i'd like to add some elements to enrich them, such as posters or juggling/jugglery objects.

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Seems legit.  It's a bit over the top for me personally, although I'm sure it'd look better on a table with matching terrain (Hint-hint).  What model does the Bar-bell guy stand in for?  The Henchmen showgirl?

Yeah it's a showgirl/ performer. As is the bearded lady..  The fat guy in the tutu is Cassandra 



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