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  1. @Jordon and @dancater thank you both, it has been really helpful! next time I'll make sure to play this right, even if we both agreed on how to manage it this time!
  2. I'll try to explain the situation at my best hoping it will be clear enough to get help understanding it. During today's game, I had Kaeris, Carlos Vasquez, Eternal Flame and some fire gamin pretty close together. Kaeris had the "Puryfing Fire" upgrade, which says that "Friendly Models within 6 do not suffer damage from Burning Condition. Instead, they heal that amount of damage. Models which are Immune to burning or otherwise reduce the damage to 0 may not heal in this way", Vasquez had his "Stunt Double" upgrade, which gives him the same effect as before if you discard a card, Fire gamins reduce damage from burning to 0 thanks to their "Saracenar's Plight" ability and Eternal Flame's "Combustible Mixture" ability says "Models in 6 lose all immunity to the Burning Condition". The way we agreed to play was that Eternal Flame's ability affected only Fire Gamins, and in this way they could benefit from Kaeris healing because they could no more reduce to 0 damage from burning, but not Kaeris and Vasquez because they were not immune, but instead converted those damage into healing. Is this correct? My opponent played Shenlong, which is immune to conditions' damage thanks to his "flow like water" ability. While inside Eternal Flame's aura, he loses this immunity, is it correct? Thanks for your precious help and sorry for the long post
  3. @dancater it helps a lot, thanks!
  4. @dancater do you insert cards from the short side or the long side? Thanks
  5. thanks a lot! and sorry if it arrived multiple times ^^'
  6. Hi I'm having some trouble with the henchmen application form. After submitting, I keep getting stuck with the little window which says "Your submission is being processed. Please do not close this browser window until complete." It stays like this for hours (around 5 hours, right now) and it looks like it won't change at all. I tried several times to redo the application, but it doesn't change. I just noticed i received emails, saying the application has been submitted, but I'm not sure what to do, if I can close the form page or I have to wait for some kind of message on it. Thanks to anyone who can help me
  7. brief question: on wgv there are 3 silent one cards, all representing the crouched model. Would it be possible to add the one with the standing model, which you can find only in the models box? Thanks in advance and anyway
  8. i preferred a freak show theme rather than sand/dirt, so i built wooden planks using styrene to recall the stage. i'd like to add some elements to enrich them, such as posters or juggling/jugglery objects.
  9. Thanks to the both of you
  10. Hi there. While re-reading the witchling stalkers "Dispel Magic" Action, which states "End one Condition on target model" i got a little bit confused about the meaning of "End" referred to conditions. Let's say I'm taking this action against a model that has the Burning +4 condition on himself: The condition would just disappear or that model would also take the damage like at the end of the turn? Thank You
  11. Leveticus' "From Ash" upgrade (crossroads pg 216) gives him the (1) Transfigure Tactical Action, which has a base stat of Ca 7 and a TN 16 , no triggers at all, and that allows him to summon an Abomination b2b with a scrap marker within 6". I really can't understand why he has that on his base stat if it is no use at all for TN or Triggers purpose. Can anyone explain this to me? is it an error or what? Thank You
  12. I know it may be a stupid question, but I need this clarification: The "Small Target" ability (as seen on hoarcat pride card as well on their card printed on the rulebook, page 157) says: "Sh Attack Actions that target this model suffer " What I really don't understand is if that "Attack Actions" means both the attack flip and the damage flip or just the attack one. Thanks for any help
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