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  1. Hey everyone! The Armoury Wargames and Hobbies in Fairhaven, MA is holding a charity event on Saturday, Feb 29th to benefit disaster relief for Puerto Rico, including a 50 stone Gaining Grounds tournament. The event will be posted to the USFT. Hope to see you there! https://facebook.com/events/s/games-day-charity-event/504729420182136/?ti=icl
  2. Oh wow, totally missed this reply. It's at The Armoury, 67 Huttleston Ave, Fairhaven
  3. There are plenty of players south, near the Rhode Island border
  4. I think the biggest issue is the efficiency of Fermented River. There's no reason his best damage style needs to be the style that gives him a free six inch move through models. You only ever consider reaching for High River, ostensibly his "damage" style, for Ruthless. I say consider because you likely just stay in FRS and cheat the terrifying. There's hardly any choice in his play style. I think FRS needs a hit, but also thAt HRS needs a buff.
  5. If you want a look at strong performers then looking only at wins or podium finishes is the wrong way to go. What you want to do is look at all of the x-1 finishes (or x-2 in particularly large events) or better. In a large event the difference between second and sixteenth can be as little as the order in which you played your opponents. You can be playing for first at the final table, lose, and drop to tenth. Anyone making their way through a five round tournament with a single loss is a strong showing and should be accounted for even if they miss out on a medal.
  6. There were a lot of henchmen who claimed they'd allow DMH when it was announced. I'm not sure how many will follow through, but here's hoping...
  7. So you would use the bonus to interact first, then use regular interact actions from there. Works the same, just a different order of operation.
  8. In GG2020, give us some means to play DMH. Even if I have to declare single master, even if I can't hire a second master, even if I have to pick a single scheme. There's no reason to have it be so stigmatized. It's far less dangerous than dual master. But I'm just an old man shouting at clouds.
  9. Fog


    What's the reason for the power gap?
  10. Thanks! I feel kind of silly missing that.
  11. Not the first time I’ve seen this, but I can’t find the ability to do so on the M3e card. Am I missing something?
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