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  1. In GG2020, give us some means to play DMH. Even if I have to declare single master, even if I can't hire a second master, even if I have to pick a single scheme. There's no reason to have it be so stigmatized. It's far less dangerous than dual master. But I'm just an old man shouting at clouds.
  2. Fog


    What's the reason for the power gap?
  3. Thanks! I feel kind of silly missing that.
  4. Not the first time I’ve seen this, but I can’t find the ability to do so on the M3e card. Am I missing something?
  5. Fog

    W: Wild Ones

    Sent a message
  6. Looks like Ramos is getting a chance to head to The OtherSide. Take a look at the story scenario. I know where I'll be voting (Sorry Marcus. The Order is cool and all, but you're not being the 8 ball)
  7. Every time a friendly construct is killed within 6? he heals 2
  8. I got mad at that too. Also, he wasn't healing as his spiders dropped.
  9. That's what happens when I go by memory of a story I read three weeks ago!
  10. . . . . . As the world's #1 Ramos fanboy, it's good to see him in trouble. He's been too slick, too cool, too bulletproof for too long. He needed to be put on his back foot. It's better for the story than every single thing goes his way always. This twist gives Toni some better character beyond "hits things for the boss" and gives her a sturdier place in the story. I felt like it was telegraphed a little too much, as folks were calling this turn when last book was released. On another note, I think it feels a little disrespectful to the entire history of American slavery and the fight for emancipation that literally nothing matters except for a backroom deal offered by the metaphorical devil. A white guy buys another white guy, paying for it with the freedom of the slaves. I don't think it's too awful, just a tad insensitive. I can't wait to see what Kaeris does when she gets a chance to react to this nonsense. If she could do half of what she does in the fluff on the table, she'd be amazing. I'm sure she won't take this lying down. And I feel like Colette has to get involved in some way, otherwise she's no longer got a purpose in the story.
  11. Ramos is the only model in his box without an alternate sculpt. I can't stand either current Blessed. I'd love an emissary whose look harkens back to the effigy, rather than being completely unrelated. I'm sure something fun could be done for Angelica.
  12. Your math is definitely better than my 6 am insomniac rambling math. I still think we will see an upsurge in her use, her power level, and I really think six months from now people will be complaining. Not everyone, mind you, but she'll go from "how do I play her?" to "What tricks can I use against her?"
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