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September's Curse 2015 FEEDBACK WELCOME


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September 27th.

Tuckton Social Club
Tuckton Road

Nearest Travelodge, 20 minute walk away from venue, cheap

A four round Malifaux event, "BETA" rules pack can be found here:

For the lazy amongst you the event is 4 Rounds, 45ss, Fixed Faction

If you listen to SMPRadio Episode 6 you will hear exactly what May Feng will be like and SMPRadio Episode 9 to hear how May Feng went down, SC15 will be similar, but better!

I will probably do a little bit more of an in depth coverage of the event on Arcane Reservoir, so look forward to that.

Tell me here or on Twitter and pay £15 to SMPWest@hotmail.com via PayPal

If you are unable to make the event you will only be able to get a refund up until the 30th of August.
I am having to put this date here due to the costs of the event and what will have been paid by this date (also unfortunate customs charges).
If a situation arrives where you are unable to come at the last second a refund may be given but will not be able to happen immediately (as this will have to come out of my pocket).

I would also prefer if people do want a refund not to sell there ticket without consulting me first. It is unfair to the people on the reserves list.
Thank you. 



  • Maria Wieland (Shifting Royalties)
  • Mark Elwood
  • Garry Burgess
  • Mike Asquith
  • Graeme Nicholls
  • Bruno Santos
  • Greg Piskosz (Shifting Royalties)
  • Jan Proudley
  • Stuart Snares
  • Adam Perry
  • Dom Westerland
  • Josh Leak
  • Matt Cole
  • Chris Fernandez-Packham
  • Luke Cocksedge
  • David Hill
  • Andy Thorngate
  • Leigh "Breach Boy's Bucky" Buckett
  • James Leeves
  • James Reeves
  • Darren Thorogood
  • Richard Beams
  • Liam Coupland
  • Martin Wodehouse
  • Josh Fletcher
  • Benjamin Crowe (Shifting Royalties)
  • Will Malcolm
  • Jon Hill
  • Chris Tomlin (Shotfaux)
  • Joe Hadfield (Shotfaux)
  • Oliver Chappell
  • Chris Foulger
  • Matt Lyons (Shotfaux)
  • Luke Bird
  • Tim Brown
  • James Goddard

As with last year we will have the hall the night before the tournament to set up and for anyone who will be bringing terrain to be able to dump it.
Straight afterwards I hope that whoever has traveled down to join us for a meal.


This restaurant is a 1-2 minute walk away from the venue so will give a chance for anyone who hasn't been to TSC before to familirise themselves with the area. On top of that Harvester's tend to be cheap and cheerful.

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Well consensus seems to be stick to one day.

I am looking to see how many people we can get, in fact even for May Feng as the numbers could increase.


Also, no one seems to mind the idea of tickets going on sale early, so in fact I will start ticket sales NOW.


Anyone attending May Feng or that attended last years event can purchase a ticket for £13 RIGHT NOW.


Tickets will go on general sale at £13 from May 3rd for one week and then will go to £15 after that.

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We are probably one of the closer events to Cardiff to be fair.


The Fate Deck will be the same as the one Deliverance has, I however am going to make sure each and every attendee with get one.

Not really, both London and Milton Keynes are (marginally) closer and have plenty of events and there are events in Bristol on top of the ones in Cardiff!  Still, Bournemouth isn't too hard to swing when we get it booked up in advance (hotel rooms were only £13 each).


Will already have the fate deck so that's not a sell unfortunately!  But I'm looking forward to the event in May and think we'll probably be up for another jaunt down South in September.  One day is definitely an easier sell for us too so glad you've opted for that.

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Put me down as interested, but I would like to see how May Feng goes and see how travelling is etc...


Also a Fate deck is not an enticement for me. I have 2 already.

Two of the ones being offered?  They're limited edition ones and really lovely.  Though same as you regarding travelling etc. 

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Two of the ones I need to play the game and ensure my opponent can read the card and its suit. 


Don't mind me, my dislike of custom/limited fate decks stems from the Puppet Wars deck and some of the others produced after. 

You leave the Puppet Wars deck alone!  There's nothing wrong with that bad boy which is the one I use to play.

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You leave the Puppet Wars deck alone!  There's nothing wrong with that bad boy which is the one I use to play.


I'm glad Mayfeng as a rule about "It goes without saying that anyone causing distress at this event may be kicked out..."

So much distress will be caused if that deck is on the table :D 

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