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Malifaux Events at Gearscon, Gatwick 28-30th August


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Hey guys ! GearsCon registration has opened up ! You can now buy your con pass. Event registration will open on Monday. 
GearsCon is backed by Salute and has full support from them ! This will be a awesome weekend jam packed with gaming.
David Brown and myself will be running 3 ful days worth of Malifaux events that include the Trecherous Ties format, 50 Soulstone standard tournament, Hardcore and lots of demos and open play. 
I cant wait to meet all the UK guys and gals !
GearsCon is held at the Crowne Plaza London In Gatswick :)
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Yes, for those who enjoyed last year's invasion of Smogcon, for those who like the social side of the game and for those who want a weekend of gaming, this is for you. Crispy Crissy and I will be working closely to bring you the best of both the British and American Malifaux scenes.

Dates are 28th to 30th August, and costs are £20 for 1 day or £40 for the weekend. The Following Monday is the August Bank Holiday, so you geta day to recover!


Rulespack https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgh10wxe88gnbxm/Rules%20Pack%20-%20Gearscon%20-%20Aug15%20v1.pdf?dl=0


Basic schedule

Friday - casual gaming (Malifaux, Puppet Wars and other Wyrd games) during the day. Treacherous Ties mini-tournament in the evening

Saturday - first 3 rounds of the main tournament. Casual gaming and socialising in the evening

Sunday - final 2 rounds of the main tournament followed by a Hardcore tournament for those who can stay later


If there are sufficient numbers of people coming for just the 1 day (especially saturday), then make yourselves known and we'll try and sort out some organised play of one type or another. Would need a minimum number of players.



  1. Proximocoal
  2. Mr Reeves
  3. Sir#67
  4. Mariefaux
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"Hi darling, how do you fancy spending 2 days in a sauna in an airport hotel near Gatwick whilst I play toy soldiers" 


Good luck with that one... !

Well, if you're that bad at phrasing things.. certainly no luxury spa, but if the other option is to stay at home?

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