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Dover Guild Hall event, 8th Feb


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Winter Games at Guildhall games, Dover

3 round 50 ss tournament Fixed Faction using gaining grounds (sorry still no pictures, and I was starting to forget stuff by the end)


Well I Ummed and Ahhed quite a lot, and decided in the car on the way down that I was going to stick with outcasts for the day. Not sure which masters I would use, but I think I managed to rule out Hamelin (I have only managed to paint up about 6 rats and 1 king so far, which is probably enough for the game, but less use for using everything I own. )  Other than that I was thinking I would probably use Viks, Von schill and Levi. I was wrong.


Game one

Extraction, Standard deployment.

Line in the sand, Assasinate, Take prisoner, protect territory and

Vs Zak (neverborn)

Board was set up as a town square. A reasonable number of Alleyways, but if you are going to extract, you probably need to be in the actual square.

I decided that I wanted cheap and durable models to pull the extraction towards me, and force my opponent to cross the square and leave the cover of the walls.


Misaki (Stalking bisento, Oath Keeper)

Student of Conflict

Strong arm suit (oath Keeper)

Sue (oath Keeper)

Convict Gunslinger(wait what do you mean Oath keeper is rare 3. Ok, no upgrades)

Void Wretch

Hodgepodge effigy

Desperate Merc.

Secret Assasinate and Take McTavish Prisoner)



2 waldigiest


Primordial Magic




Secret Assasinate Announce protect territory.


Turn 1 I moved student, Hodgepodge and desperate merc into the danger zone. McTavish managed a shot on the student but only did weak damage.  Doopleganger got into a position to copy McTavishs gun.

I moved the void wretch up one flank to try and stop a waldigiest that was heading that way. Silurid came out towards 1 flank, and Misaki decided to stalk it.

Convict and Sue move up to threaten  McTavish and the Doppleganger. I consider moving up to use the cover, but then remember its 5 shots a turn from McTavish (and the doopleganger), its not worth slowing down to use cover.


Turn 2.

Waldigies gets into a position to drop a marker. Void wrtch gets up to it and slows it. mcTavish shoots the void wretch (forgot he doesn’t randomise, and gets a bonus from nearby swampfiends!)n and moves up to get in Extraction range

Student gives fast to Strong arm suit. Illuminated moves up to protect Silurid. Hodgepodge gives misaki Loyalty to the coin, and hunkers down to get extraction Misaki decides to charge Silurid, stalked cancelling out the camouflage. Use the attack that gives

Blasts, and in conjunction with the positive damage flips manage to kill the silurid and badly hurt the Illuminated. Get an extra stone, stalk Illuminated for a 0 and kill it with her last AP. Then  push out of LOS of Lileth.


Doopleganger, Sue and convict largely trade shots for little effect (Some may have gone at McTavish, he’s pretty hard, and I didn’t want to give away take prisoner. I don’t think any of them actually damaged him, but did use up the occasional card from Zak) and the desperate merc gets in a  position to Charge McTavish. Lileth swaps hodgepodge with second Waldgist (Who had managed to hit Misaki in his turn and make her slow)to get a second model in the extraction zone. Strongarm was going to try and kill doppleganger, btu decide the waldgiest would be better. Charges and with his bonus damage is able to kill the Waldgiest in 3 AP.

I score on Extraction and move it so McTavish isn’t in range.


Turn 3

Pretty sure the hodgepodge can’t survive another turn of being hit by Lileth, so it goes and attacks the primordial magic. Unfortunately, I don’t kill it. I hold off on Misaki, but consider her going for the magic and seeing where that got me.

Waldgiest kills my void wretch. McTavish kills the Student. Desperate merc charges McTavish. No real damage, but it, A stops his shooting, and B helps with Take prisoner. I don’t expect the Merc to survive,  but he ought to suck 2 or 3 attacks before he dies.

Strongarm charges the  doppleganger through the window, but her manipulative means I only get 1 attack, and it misses. At least it stops her shooting. She comes out and heads towards the extraction marker. (moving her away from McTavish! Excellent…)

Lileth comes out and attacks Misaki at her maximum range. No worries I thought even slowed I can still charge her, I have diving charge. Then Lileth put a forest between us. I dropped oath keeper, moved to see her, stalked her and charged. Alas, couldn’t quite kill her.

Sue and convict don’t do a huge amount. Sue starts to head towards the Waldigiest, who drops a scheme marker

Extraction point for me. Move the marker away from where Lileth is now running up.


Turn 4

Doppleganger cheats to win initiative.

Lileth Assasinates Misaki. Gets the 3 points. I’m now going to struggle with my assassinate. Strong Arm kills off the doppleganger. McTavish kills the desperate merc.

Primordial magic moves up to be near enough to lileth and away from his deployment.


Extraction point for me.


Turn 5

I lose initiative again, and instead of my convict gun singer killing the primordial magicl, lileth charges it and I die. Move Sue up, and get a shot on the waldigiest, but can’t kill it. Strongarm survives McTavish.


Game ends.

I get 3 points for Take prisoner, and 4 points for extraction.

Zak score 3 for assassinate, and 3 for protect territory

7-6 win


Game 2


Corner deployment.

Distract, Cursed object, Power ritual and Breakthrough.

The board was interesting. There was a river running down the middle of the board, from 1 standard deployment to the other. It contained the occasion rock but otherwise was a lot of ht0 severe. Either side there was a lot of rocks and Trees to break up the sight lines. With that scheme pool it certainly wasn’t going to be a typical reckoning game.

I picked a crew that should be able to a, cross the river easily, and B hold the two neutral corners to deny power ritual.


Tara –Obliteration symbiote, Oath Keeper, Scramble

Nothing Beast – Void Shield

Karina – (summoning upgrade)

Ama No Zaki – Oath Keeper

Bishop – Oath Keeper

Hodgepodge effigy

Void wretch,


Facing Jeb with Misaki


3 torakage


2 Katanak snipers. 

We both announced power ritual and Breakthrough.


I force Jeb to deploy first. He puts a sniper near each neutral corner – One up a tower across the river, and the other in a clump of trees, hoping to see part of my deployment.

I set up to send Ama no Zaki and the nothing beast across the river to the first sniper, and Bishop, Tara and the void wretch to take the notehr sniper. I set Tara up to completely block LOS from the ground level sniper to Bishop. (Telling my opponent  that this was the plan) Karina and the hodgepodge are probably going to try and secure my home corner.


Turn 1

The ground level sniper starts by focusing and trying to shoot Tara. I point out her hole before he takes the shot, but he decided to do so anyway.  He misses.

Tara goes first, gets re-activate, and walks up to the activated sniper (he would have been in cover so decided I’d rather Ml that SH it out with him.

Other Sniper focuses and shoots something but I can’t really remember what.


Ama and the nothing beast head out over the water. The 3 torkage shadow step. Bishop and the Void wretch Head up to support Tara. Hodgepodge drops a power ritual marker. Ototo moves towards the tower heading to where Nothing beast and Ama are going. Karina moves towards Tara an makes  speculative attempt at an Autopsy (well why not…)

I then ask if misaki is within 6”+ a base of the corner, and we realise she isn’t. So she runs back and tags her corner then moves up along with Shang. Taras second activation gives her 2 attacks on the Sniper, and then gives the sniper, Bishop and the void wretch fast.

A torkage appears in each corner, and the third is near ototo.


Turn 2.

Sniper activates first, and lays the smack on Tara. They are still pretty good in Ml.

Tara goes, and gets re-activate, and kills the Sniper.

Torkage in that corner drops a scheme marker., and puts a smoke cload in front of himself.

Nothing beast gains the Voided condition, and charges the Sniper on the tower (Its Ht4, so I knock 1” off my 3” range and can just get in). Kills him on the charge and gets me the reckoning point.

Other Torkage drops a marker in the corner.

 Ototo charges the nothing beast. Hits me twice for 2 damage each time. My return attacks do 7 damage to Ototo. 

Ama  moves into the corner and drops a scheme marker.

Void wretch engages the Torkage, unfortuantly despite the fast, it can’t get to a place where it can also attack. Bishop comes and joins in. Misaki moves up to be in the middle.

. Karina summons a Cruligan, but I realise I have nothing I can do with it on this turn so it just passes.

Hodgepodge goes into the river and the third torkage pushes itself towards it as it shoots it.


Turn 3

Tara Runs towards the Enemy deployment zone and gains reactivate

The Torkage that’s engaged with Bishop and the nothing beast shadow steps away. Nothing Beast gets Voided again and attacks Ototo bringing him down to the Hard to kill, but not able to get the last damage on him. Ototo heals up and goeas at the nothing beast. Gets 2 hits, but first one suffers black joker damage, and the second one gets void shielded.

Ama Oath keepers, kills off the Torkage in the corner, and removes its scheme marker.

Misaki Charges the Nothing Beast, but then realises its very very scary, and does nothing, having no cards in hand to cheat with

Void wretch kills the buried cruligan in an attempt to let Karina summon something more threatening. Unfortuantly she fails.

Bishop removes the enemy scheme and places his own.

Tara unburies The Torkage near its deployment zone and uses it to charge Shang and kills it.

Reckoning point to me.


Turn 4

Tara gets re-activate and kills the Torkage.

Misaki charges Tara and Kills her.

Nothing Beast trys to kill ototo, fails bt gets him to his hard to kill and buries him. (its already for the Void wretch to kill him whilst buried, and he can’t heal ototo because he is buried).

Torkage Kills the hodgepodge. Ototo unburies and is able to be placed so he is engagaed with Karina. Karina fails a summon and fails to hurt ototo. Ototo heals and Kills Tara.

Ama, the void wretch and Bishop all set up to get me breakthrough.


Reckoning  point to Misaki


Turn 5.


Void wretch rusn up and drops a breakthrough marker.

Torkage gets a breakthrough marker

Ama gets a break through marker, Misaki kills Void wretch.

Bishop attacks Misaki, but no kill.

Ototo gets break through marker

Nothing beast gets a break through marker.


End score 8-5 to Tara


Game 3

Head hunter

Standard deployment

Entourage, protect territory, plant evidence, Line in the sand, and soemthing else

The board was a fairly typical westen town with piles of crates in the street


Von Schill (shirt comes off, oath keeper, my way(?) for 2 (0) actions a turn)

Steam truck

Rusty Alyce (Abomination summoning upgrade)

Hannah (oath keeper)

2 Abomin ations

Desperate Merc


I announced plant evidence, and thought I announced Entourage Hannah. Paul Thought I announced Entourage Von Schill. We didn’t discover this until the points scoring at the end of the game. My Scribble on the sheet was not the most Conclusive Hannah I have ever written, so we scored it as Von Schill.


Paul took

McCabe (badge of speed, promises and I think glowing sabre)


3 hounds

Fransico Ortega (wade in)

Peace keeper

2 Austringers.


Plant Evidence and Protect territory.


I had Hannah on 1 flank, a desperate merc on the other and rusty herding the abom inations/trunk in the middle With Vonschill and the friekorpsman.

Abomination, zaps the other for a card, and then walks. Abomination zaps the other for a card, and then walks. Rusty walks up, summons a scrap, then uses her second (0) to turn it into an abomination, and re-activates one of the abominations. Reactivated abomination discards a low card to heal from the steam trunk, zaps the new Abomination for a card and walks. New Abom, discards a card to heal, and zaps the reactivated Abom for a card.

I like this set up. 6 activations, I’ve generally drawn/filtered 4 cards and gained a model. Everything has advanced a reasonable amount up the table, and I’m in a position that next turn I can get a Desolation engine.


Meanwhile Frank Boosts McCabe and they both advance towards the middle.  there are a bunch of Dogs running around 9One reactivating, and one with a badge of speed). 1 heads out towards the desperate Merc, another around towards Hannah, and the third towards the middle, where it starts to get close to my Friekorpsman. The 2 Austringers are hidden in buildings, and just taking long range pot shots, or pushing models.

Hannah and Desperate Merc both move up their flanks, ready to see off the potential dog wave.  Von Schill moves up, and blows away a dog.


Turn 2.

One of the Abominations heals, moves up to the Dogs head, and grabs it.

Frank Boosts McCabe again, and charges Hannah. Desperate Merc Charges dog and kills it. McCabe re-activates a dog. And traps von schill ina  anteAbomination healing /card drawing abuse continues, making sure they are all pretty close to each other.

Dog runs towards the head. Alyce walks up, shoots the dog, but doesn’t kill it. Then creates a scrap and straight away turns it into an abomination. Dog carries on across the board and gets to where the head is.

Hannah Misses Frank. Austringer sends the dog a bird, pushing it to the head, and interacting. (Silly placement of the head by me).

  Desolation engine appears and gets in place to make McCabe, frank and the piece keeper all take a test. Hurts the Peace keeper, every one else passes. Ml expert attacks just misses (because I’d moved into his engagement range, giving him Df 8 rather than 7, so I miss by 1).


1 point each for head hunter


Turn 3

McCabe win initiative, and manged to hit the desolation engine 3 times with critical strike, doing exactly the 9 damage required to kill the engine. 2 Abominations pop out.

Austringer gets the peacekeeper to collect The engine head.

Rusty kills the last dog, and leaves his head for the merc to collect as nothing else is near there.  Also summons another abomination.

Friekorps man declanes the chance to shoot at luna, instead going for his Plant evidence scheme.

Frank Hits Hannah a little bit. Hannah hits frank a little bit.

Vonschill charges the peace keeper, and lowers his defense. Unfortuantly doesn’t quite kill him.

Abiominations just walk around McCabe to keep him trapped. Austringer gioes to shoot Vonchill seeing he only have 3 cards left and he hasn’t had the Red joker yet. He gets to the end of the deck, and still hasn’t hasd the red joker. We find it and the 6  crows in  his case and add them to the deck.


Head point each

Turn 4

Peacekeep gets to go first and smashes Von schill pretty badly. Von schill rips off his shirt and kill the peace keeper, throwing the head towards Alyce.

Luna Runs away into hiding.

Alyce collects the head and summons another Abomination. Hannah and Frank still don’t’ do anything to each other.

Mcacabe tries escaping, but desn’t get very far. He is about to emergency dismount until its pointed out that he can’t whilst there are abominations about.  Does manage to hurt Von schill some more though.

Austringhers kill off Von Schill.

Merc drops a scheme marker and clears away a guild marker.


Only I score head hunter


Turn 5

McCabe fails to do very much. He gets to a schem marker to protect it, but I start sending Abominations to out number him.

I also Charge Frank with Alyce who summons another Abomination (I had to use the remains of the peacekeeper, but hey that’s 5 abominations in 5 turns!) but fails to kill him.

Friekorps man charges Frank and fails to kill him

Luna drops a scheme marker.

Hannah manages to disengage to get into his half.

Time is called


He scores 1 for protect territory and 1 for plant evidence. 2 for heads for 4

I score 3 for evidence and 3 for heads for 6.


(looking  back he should have got 3 for protect territory, if he had chosen correctly, but I’d still win, and it was a long day).

If I hadn’t spent the last t urn trying to free Hannah for Entourage, I certainly would have swarmed McCabe and stopped him scoring anything.  Unless I got greddy and tried to kill him with a desolation engine…


I think the peacekeeper was held back for a lot of the game, he was worried about Von Schill ignoring his armor, but he said he also held it back to block me entoraging Von Schill.


In the end I get 3 wins, but still only finish 2nd. Mr Reeves also got 3 wins, and started off with a 10-1, so I got no where near him on differential.

It was a good day. The shop had 6 nice tables with different challenges on each. Unfortunately there isn’t a bigger space for them to hold larger tournaments but it was nice to meet new people and everyone enjoyed themselves.  I lhope the newer players will start to come along to some of the other tournements in the south, (I think of the 12 entrants, 5 were from the local store and were pretty new to Malifaux, and 6 were from last years top 30, so it was quite a big step in experience).


The Welcome gift provided by Art of War was a very nice set of Gaining Grounds 2015 tokens, giving us all an extraction marker, 2 Stash Marker and several head markers.

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A great read - thank you for posting!

I laughed out loud at the part where you wrote down something that could either be Hannah or VonSchill! I mean, the words aren't exactly close :D

Also finding the Red Joker inside the case was funny.

But congrats on great games. And I thoroughly enjoy your unorthodox crew compositions that you make sing beautifully. Great show!

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A great read - thank you for posting!

I laughed out loud at the part where you wrote down something that could either be Hannah or VonSchill! I mean, the words aren't exactly close :D

Also finding the Red Joker inside the case was funny.

But congrats on great games. And I thoroughly enjoy your unorthodox crew compositions that you make sing beautifully. Great show!


If you've ever seen my writting, it wouldn't surprise you. Especially written in dry wipe marker on a non flat surface. I think it clearly shows I only wrote 1 word, but since I prefaced it with Ent, and the previous schemes were Break and Power. (Or depending on your point of view Breuh and   pour/ pou/ povi).



Grantt has added some photos in the UK Tournemnt board. There are at least a couple from my first game, one with my strong arm suit,a nd one with the illuminatead and wadigiest before they die horribly. You can also see the river board with my nothing beast assulting the tower

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Good read.




Nothing beast gains the Voided condition, and charges the Sniper on the tower (Its Ht4, so I knock 1” off my 3” range and can just get in).


The lower model has to have Ht greater than the elevation difference for it to matter, otherwise you just add the elevation difference to the top down distance. See box on p 44.

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Good read.



The lower model has to have Ht greater than the elevation difference for it to matter, otherwise you just add the elevation difference to the top down distance. See box on p 44.


Sorry, First edition rules hang up. Ok, so that was a slightly illegal charge.

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