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"Somer's Spring Fling" Gaining Grounds Tournament

James Yohe

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Event Name: "Somer's Spring Fling" Gaining Grounds Tournament


Type of Event: Malifaux 2015 Gaining Grounds Tournament


Date of Event: 03/14/2015


Start Time:10:00AM

End Time: Depends on Participation "See Tentative Schedule"

• 4-15 Attendees: 3 Round Event
• 16-32 Attendees: 4 Round Event


Tentative Schedule:
10:00AM Check In
Round 1) 10:30AM to 12:30PM
Lunch) 12:30 to 1:30PM
Round 2) 1:45PM to 3:45PM
Round 3) 4:00PM to 6:00PM
Tentative depending on participants: 6:15PM to 8:15PM Round 4


Venue: The Battle Standard in Manchester CT


Proposed Entry Fee: $10.00


Event Details:

The winter snow has melted in the swamps of Malifaux and Somer and his kin are ready to come out of the swamp and start wreaking havoc. Come defend Malifaux as your crew fights all other factions and crews to show that your crew still has not frozen over due to December's chilling storms.


Round 1 - Extraction, Standard Deployment
Round 2 - Reckoning, Corner Deployment
Round 3 - Headhunter, Standard Deployment
Tentative Round 4 - Reconnoiter, Flank Deployment


Schemes to be determined closer to event.

Placing and Awards: Placing and Awards will be determined based on participation.


Tentative Awards:


1st Place: Somer of the Swamp
2nd Place: Big Ole Lenny
3rd: Zoraida's Puppet

Ambassador to Malifaux: Best Attitude Player

Master Artisan: Best Painted Crew

Last Place: Somer's Mesquito



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I'd like to be there, but with the new baby on the way most likely won't personally be able to make it. I'll try though.


Regardless, I'll spread the word about it. I also have some friends in CT who play. Going to reach out to them and let them know this is going on.


Great to see more events in the New England area. I'll add it to the Google Calendar pinned at the top of the page. 


Also, hit us up on the New England Henchman Google Group/Mailing list if you need help with anything.

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Line in the Sand for all Schemes

Schemes Round 1 Assassinate, Take Prisoner, Breakthrough, Murder Protege.

Schemes Round 2 Protect Territory, Entourage, Distract, Power Ritual

Schemes Round 3 Breakthrough, Entourage, Assassinate, Frame for Murder.

Schemes Round 4 Bodyguard, Frame for Murder, Distract, Vendetta

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