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  1. Aluwin

    Faux Faux Faux!!! (East Windsor, CT)

    Unfortunately I've cancelled the event due to lack of signups. Hopefully Malifaux picks back up again in the new year and we can try again.
  2. Aluwin

    Faux Faux Faux!!! (East Windsor, CT)

    Goodies shown including wagon markers for everyone. Not shown are trophies. Please sign up so I have a proper headcount if you are planning on attending. Hope to see you all there.
  3. Aluwin

    Faux Faux Faux!!! (East Windsor, CT)

    That would be great
  4. 2- Day Faux Faux Faux!!! 50ss GG Malifaux Tournament WHEN: Dec 2-3 WHERE: The Battle Standard (4 Prospect Rd #1, East Windsor, CT 06088) Faux Faux Faux will be a holiday themed 2 day Malifaux tournament using the 2018 Gaining Grounds packet. It will feature 5 rounds of organized play to celebrate the spirit of giving enjoyable hobby moments to friends and strangers. For a $30 entry fee, you can participate in the 5 rounds 2018 Gaining Grounds packet strategy rotation and schemes(subject to change based on released version). There are a number of hotels within a few miles of the store that are currently priced under $80/night for those traveling as airport is only 5 miles away. Tickets can be purchase here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/faux-faux-faux-tickets-38547772425 https://www.facebook.com/events/119681705389527/?active_tab=about FauxFauxFauxEventPack.docx
  5. Aluwin

    Demo's & Casual Play in Central Connecticut

    Had to adjust schedule to 6-9 but will still be available for demos and casual play!!!
  6. I will be running demos and casual play on Tuesday evenings from 5-9 at Arcana Hobbies and Games in Plainville CT. Bring a friend to learn the game or come down for some casual games. Leagues/Tournaments will be scheduled on a regular basis. Arcana Hobbies & Games 17 Farmington Ave Unit BB1, Plainville, CT 06062
  7. C&S Gaming Empire will be hosting demos and casual pick up games on Sunday, September 11th. The store is located at 630 main st., Torrington CT Stop on by if you are looking for a game or want to learn. Contact me with any questions.
  8. Aluwin

    Competitive Masters

    I've been playing 10T pretty much exclusively in gg2016, though only in 1 big event so far. My previous events were all with ressurs but I've been anywhere from 1-5 in all those events so I consider myself a reasonably competent player if that adds any validity to my opinion. Based on my experiences and the way I play in gg2016, I would consider McCabe and Lynch to be the top Masters out of 10T. McCabe is very versatile, adds a lot to his crew and can be very punchy when he needs to be. He's not particularly resilient and is pretty high skill cap but if I was going to a single master event he would be my choice. Lynch gets a free henchman, has some really good synergy with his ace tricks(10Tbro and others) and like some of the other factions best masters has the ability to randomly delete a model occasionally. I personally have found the brilliance and recurring huggy to be a bit of a trap, games are only 5 turns and much like Bad Juju a good player can play around it. I would put Shenlong and Yan Lo in the next category. They are both solid and versatile but I think both are a little more restricted in the setups I would choose to play them in. Shenlong lacks the punch but has good support and scheme ability. Yan Lo I rate higher then most people but with him I want to play more of a brawling attrition game in the middle(I also rarely use lightning dance). Misaki and Mei Feng I put on the bottom. Other then the very situational vent steam(which is amazing) neither offers anything to the crew itself. These masters to me are for baby seal clubbing, very good against new people but don't do enough against top opponents...the min damage 2 really hurts them relative to other beater masters. This isn't to say you can't win with them because I have, but every game I play with them I always feel like I could do better with Mccabe/Lynch. Brewmaster I've only played twice I think and he might be ok, but I feel like he does much better in gremlins.
  9. Aluwin

    2015 Tournament Results Research

    At Captaincon, I played Yan Lo round 1 vs gremlin Zoraida, Molly Round 2 vs perdita, Seamus round 3 vs ironsides, and Mcmourning round 4 vs. Leveticus.
  10. Aluwin

    Ten Thunders Model Roles

    In the process of putting together all my new TT stuff and trying to figure out when to use various choices in games. When I was playing ressers, I had a pretty good feel for the role of each model in the faction as I felt most stuff was fairly specialized and I could figure out what I wanted it to do. With TT I'm seeing a lot more stuff thats more versatile and therefore harder to decide on what the best model to use for each situation is. I'm curious as to what other TT players have found success with in terms of deciding crew builds for strat/scheme pools. Generally speaking(not knowing opposing faction/player), which master do you lean towards for each strategy, and which models do you lean towards for each of the various schemes outside of the themed models for each master, because I could see myself getting caught up in theme way too easily if I don't have a clear plan. For instance Samurai seem interesting, why would I choose them over say Izamu(other then saving 2 stones) When to take Mei Feng vs Jakob Lynch, Where would I take a Wastrel over say a Tengu, etc....
  11. I'm a fairly rare poster but for some reason felt the need to chime in on this. Perhaps its because I recently got married and am working on the whole kid thing so I'm going through a lot of sympathy emotions with my wife right now. In any case, I've grown up with 2 strong grandmothers, a very strong mother, several aunts and two strong sisters so I like to think I have a good perspective coming from some a female dominated family. However, I'll also be the first to admit I quite enjoy the sexual nature of females that I'm not related to(and of course only my wife ). So since I'm quite bored at work now I took a look at all the available m2e sculpts in the webstore. Counted about 276 unique models. Of those, anywhere from 1/2 - 2/3 are gender neutral(constructs/animals/etc.) Of the ~100 or so that are left I counted 55 females. Of those I would consider 22 non-sexualized, 16 of average sexuality, and 17 that would make me uncomfortable if I saw one of my sisters dressed like that. In my opinion that that last category was Nurses, Bells, Beckoners, Doppleganger, Nekima, Ronin, Vicktorias, Waifs. Even if you add some of the other upcoming models I would still consider that a pretty good spread that represents a wide variety of women in terms of look and dress and I think just as it would be ridiculous to have all the models be completely over the top, it would also be inappropriate to not represent that subset of the culture, particularly where its appropriate to the model itself. Now certainly I would admit that the size of the female models is definitely skewed towards the thin end of the spectrum and probably is an opportunity for some more diversity, but to be fair the scale of the game and the art style and the time period(in other words not modern day overweight america) I do believe would make that more difficult as many figures wouldn't quite look right...though not impossible and certainly something that could get some attention. Anyway, my two cents.
  12. Aluwin

    "Somer's Spring Fling" Gaining Grounds Tournament

    I'll be there, trying to shame Jason into coming out as well.
  13. Aluwin

    Rotten Belles - a happier redux

    I believe we both had revealed assassinate and murder protege....we're not particularly subtle...
  14. Aluwin

    Rotten Belles - a happier redux

    While I troll the forums quite a bit I haven't posted in quite some time...Having just played a league match using Seamus with a Belle meat grinder I thought I'd spend some time looking through my other crews to figure out ways to counter this type of list. Quick background on game...40 ss, against Brdparker with Marcus who I believe used two waldgeists, The Captain, a raptor and the totem. I had 2 belles, 2 doxies, and Toshiro with the totem. This was the first time using Seamus with wave 2 models. We both knew the Master and strats/schemes ahead of time. Squatters Rights, Assassinate, Bodyguard, Murder Protege, Outlank, LiTS. To make a long story short on turn two I had brought Seamus up as bait in front of my belle/Toshiro bubble. Marcus and friends charged in and brought Seamus down to a couple of wounds. With one doxy/belle companion activation I healed Seamus nearly back to full and killed Marcus through almost a full hand and 6 soulstones. I accomplished this mostly due to knowing he had used red joker and I used it with doxy on the dance first action to give marcus -flips. From there it was a flurry of +flip pounce attacks verse -flip Marcus despite the fact that he had turned Seamus and Toshiro into beasts. He conceded there after seeing that. Was pretty brutal and vicious, but I think like lists in all the various miniatures games I've played it has strong synergy and can catch people off guard due to the efficiency of AP spending, but I like facing these sorts of challenges so I gave some thought to what I would do across from it assuming it wasn't a complete surprise to me. The key here I think is that it does force you to play its game as opposed to ignoring it and playing your own, but I think this would be true of any sort of spam type list. So here are the various ways that I think people should consider trying in an effort to counter belles...not coincidently arcanists have access to most of these. Hard Counters Counterspell-upgrade for ironsides/enforcers rare2? Can't ever Lure. Laugh off or similar type ability-Sidir Sensi, Colodi, Hoffman are ones I saw with abilities that forbid pushes and such. Can't ever Lure. Passive Defenses -flips, Stubborn(number of models), -to Ca auras(couple of models)-Makes it much harder with no cheating, forces focus actions which cuts into the ap efficiency Defensive Stance or other +flips to wp/def - Not a total solution but again cuts into the efficiency and doesn't end at end of turn Armor/Damage Reduction - Similar to above Exploding/Bloated Stench/Black Blood/Riposte triggers- Especially combined with Armor taking 1 damage from a belle to put out 3 or 4 to the surrounding ones cuts into the ap efficiency and makes the pounce train a losing proposition DF/WP push triggers - Mostly on masters but obv if you aren't within 1" you don't get pounced Manipulative/Horror - Mostly manipulative here, if you time your activation orders well if they're forced to make those checks on every lure/attack it basically cuts that ap efficiency in half, and if its failed on the lure itself you lose all the attacks. Active Defenses Blasts - Never found this to be all that worthwhile but its an option Pulse pushes....couple models with the ability to push things away in a burst...if belles aren't close its much less efficient LOS- obviously blocking LOS helps but in my experience really hard to do and at some point you have to try to score Using your own models bases to reduce movement and force things around, having high model count...luring 4 pt minions is sort of underwhelming and again not terribly efficient. From my standpoint most of these are far from perfect solutions but combining as many of these as possible when facing ressers can really cut into that combo power, and while even without those pounce combinations I still think belles are good they become a lot less overwhelming. The other thing to consider is I don't think you have to pay any real penalty to get these abilities so even if not facing belles the models these abilities come on are still pretty solid. Anyway, my 2c in a vacuum.
  15. Sunday 8/12/2012 35 ss scrap 12:30-5:30 Batteries Not Included 636 Migeon Avenue Torrington, CT 06790 860-618-5354