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Tara crew box?

Bradimus Prime

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There is no concrete evidence to suggest we are getting a regular release of Tara anytime soon, I've heard rumor it's due late this year but that's pure speculation. You'll either have to stump up an obscene amount of cash on eBay or similar, proxy your own crew or wait until GenCon / Black Friday where they have been available for the last two years. It's pretty sucky for people like yourself who just got into the game however that's just how it is I'm afraid. 

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There will be a reagular release of Tara and her crew. We just don't know when.


Is Taras absence more annoying due to the presence of a nightmare crew? Or does that make her absence less annoying than Brewmaster?

Thats for you to say.

we were told that she was originally penned for Wave 2 rules release, but due to probelems with working out Leveticus' rules she got bumped up to Wave 1, but was always going to get her release near the end of that group of models. Which aren't all out yet.

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I believe it's been available during every Wyrd sale there's been since released, in one iteration or another, so it's not that scarce if you're willing to wait a little, since there are a few a year.


I prefer having paid extra for it and actually get to play it over sitting around waiting for the brewmaster crew to come out.

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