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aHI all just got the books and the GM screen love 'em!


Making my first character and I am stuck on starting skills? I have dealt my cross and have got my station and such...but am I missing skills? I get the Cross and my Root skill but how do I get the name of the skills after I get the basic statts 3,3,2,1,1 etc. But do I pick the skills I want for the PC?


Sorry just trying to figure this all out before I get my players to make characters so I have the process down....


Thanks in advance...



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You do the crossroads to get the numbers. Then you select an aspect/skill to assign each number to. You may not assign a number to a skill twice even if the numbers come from different crossroads draws.

So for instance if you draw for the

Center card: 7 ram reporter (Literacy)

Northern card 13 tomes (3,3,2) and for southern card ace of Masks (3,2,1,1,1,1) you will select 9 skills:

3 at rank 3

2 at rank 2

4 at rank 1

So pretend I choose the following skills:

Flexible 3

Martial arts 3

Printing 3

Doctor 2

Scrutiny 2

Notice 1

Scrutiny 1

Necromancy 1

Centering 1

Literacy 1(station skill)

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Martial Arts is indeed Speed and not Might (so the book says).

Critical, as my understanding, Yes, that is what you do, add the 'Skill Rank' to the 'Associated Aspect Rank' to get the 'Acting Value' - (eg: Martial Arts 3 + Speed 3 = Martial Arts AV6)
least that's how we been playing it (it is how it reads in the books)

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p113   about the av, "This is the most common Aspect associated with the skill... The Fatemaster may alter this for a challange, and is encouraged to do so..."



So like i said there is no reason to alter martial arts to might if the fatemaster and pcs can come to terms with that.


Our group would use the basic speed attribute plus skill rank for martial arts. but an example we came up on changing the attribute was looking at 'dodging' something. If a FM character was to try and dodge a trap consisting of a bag full of sand swinging across a hallway they might use Speed + Evade. However if it was the case a wall was collapsing and the character was couldn't move far enough to escape it and the FM was trying to determine if damage mitigation comes into the result we could use Toughness attribute + Evade skill rank.


Perhaps it could also be the case a martial artist wanted to simply look very cool doing katas to impress a FM character. Maybe you could use charm + martial arts. Or if they were studying maneuvers from another martial arts school so they could get a modifer for an upcoming fight against a 'martial arts master' they might need intelligence and martial arts. if they pass they get +1, if they get extra successes they get +2, if they fail it might mean -1. All ways in which skills can be used with different attributes to impact on the story.


One of the most basic examples would be Field Dressing (Grace + Doctor) vs Diagnosis (Intellect + Doctor). Might determine a toolkit is required for the first one but optional for the diagnosis.


Personally I'd be wary of linking might and martial arts mainly due to the fact pugilism already uses might. Having a character able to focus on one attribute to achieve very high Acting Values and switch between stunning and slow at will might cause balance issues. Mind you a character could achieve the same thing using a bludgeon and pugilism which would both use might. End of the day is a decision for the FM to make a call on for their game. :) happy gaming :)


Kind Regards,



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