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20 soulstones 4 models event


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My LGS is running a henchman event with 20 soulstones and only 4 figures. We will have close deployment, Turf War and assassinate.  I thought that I would run Francois, Rami and Raphael. I haven't decided on my last model. Pere Ravage would round out 20 points exactly, but if I choose a Bayou Gremlin instead then I can afford some upgrades. I'm thinking that healing flips would be a very good thing with only 4 models that like to hurt themselves.


What do you think?

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I wouldn't take Rami and I think that Stilts are very close to mandatory for Francois in this format (well, otherwise as well). Francois is a complete beast in the damage department but quite lacking in toughness and with Assassinate as one of the main ways of gaining VP, he should be protected.

I have used Francois with Stilts and Dirty Cheater, two Slop Haulers and Raphael with Dirty Cheater and felt it was a really good list.

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Personal Preference:

Trixiebelle leader



Old Cranky

Deadly Cheater and a Gun on Trixie. You're going to be close, so run Cranky in the middle for defense, you use Trixie and Bert to manipulate the Turf War points, you're rocking some heavy firepower, and you can shunt attacks to the other Gremlins keeping Trixie safe.

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