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Unboxing 'Hanging Trees'


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Yeah, I kinda' wish they'd kept them as oversized hanged, because I think they look way better than the Hanged, and it's confusing that they're in a set of 2 though only one can be played at a time.

I'd rather them not go back to being superior hanged. Feels chintzy when you go "I get to play with larger based hanged than you because I paid $X". Unfortunetly there are not a lot of options for non-rare 50mm models.

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I got mine as part of the Kickstarter pledge with the Through the Breach RPG so there are a lot more of them around currently. Quite a lot of people are selling the extra bits and pieces from their own pledges so for a while they may be easier to come across...

...in theory at least...

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