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  1. I still haven't looked at the story, but that sound's pretty disappointing. I hope it was at least a good fight scene.
  2. I just googled his name and he does kinda look like a gremlin. Or that he really needs a nap.
  3. Well poop. I'll still give her a shot anyway, maybe she'll do better than I thought.
  4. Because nothing ever could go wrong with that.
  5. When I saw the Metallurgist I immediately wanted to use her in Amalgam. Sadly it seems using her with Aboms or the Deso will not work out like I hoped. Sure she can make the Abom snack on someone, but I was hoping she could tell them to Voltron. It looks like for the Deso the only thing she can make it do is Draw Essence. To confirm, she can't tell the Deso to use it's claws because the trigger poops out an Abom, correct?
  6. It would have to be in one of the two books I don't have wouldn't it?
  7. I got my Malifaux Burns book in the mail today and started flipping through it right away. In the fluff for the Red Cap it mentions "Some of the tautest strings have been allowed to fall slack in his absence, setting free monstrosities. Red Caps are one such puppet." This means there could me more new puppets hiding down the road. The Dead Man's Hand page doesn't say what happens to Collodi and he has a 3E box for sale online unlike the other DMH models. I'm really hoping the Puppet master will be making a return to malifaux soon. It would be pretty interesting if Pinocchio comes back as a fairy tale puppet master. What do you guys think?
  8. I didn't know there was a video released. I'm gonna have to see if I can find it now.
  9. It makes sense, I'm just wondering what story reasons lead to him covering up less.
  10. I still wanna know why his hands are blue. What happened to his gloves?
  11. If you can, I'm sure there would be no complaints from anybody.
  12. Good thing I picked up a second job last week.
  13. I haven't seen the first half of this, but from what I'm seeing I really like it. Do you have plans to do any more?
  14. You can't lead up with that and not explain. I need to know more.
  15. I hadn't seen one before so that explains that I suppose.
  16. That is pretty impressive. I can't remember, do the grow tokens increase the attack stats or stuff like movement as well?
  17. Eh, the dice gods giveth the dice gods taketh away.
  18. A equipment compendium would be awesome. A bestiary would be doubly so. Also, are there any Other Side creatures in TTB? I wanna punch a monster fish-frog in the snoot.
  19. That's unfortunate. The poor Rat king will be stuck with ADD now.
  20. I'm a bit late to the thread, but I have a question about the original topic. I was looking at the condition help card that came with the Explorer's Society starter box and for focused it says a model can't have focus of more than +2. Did I miss an errata somewhere or something?
  21. I just gave the report a listen and I must say it was done quite well. I can't speak or understand a word of German, but I was still mostly keeping up with what was going on. That fact alone I find fairly entertaining. Also, what fate deck were you using that has a Lyssa in it?
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