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  1. P.S. Maybe I should have looked at the scale before posting those -- at 35 mm tall, they'd probably be comically large. Have you considered using the alternate Stitched Together?
  2. Out of curiosity, would you be willing to sell your stat cards from the second copy of Unstitched? I have been working on assembling a metal set of Puppet Wars, and I've managed to assemble and paint 3x all the pawns from the base game, which I believe means I have everything except Hooded Rider from Unstitched. I know a lot of people like the complex rules from the first edition stat cards, but I think the Unstitched rules would be enough easier that I'd get to play more often (especially since my kids are 4 & 6 yrs old, which means I'm stuck waiting a while to have gaming buddies
  3. These aren't the minis you're looking for ... but I just stumbled across this (from another company) and thought you might like to see them in case you need a stand-in while you continue your search. https://puppetswar.eu/plaguebears.html I am also (slowly) putting together a set of Puppet Wars -- I've currently painted 3 copies of each of the pawns in the base game, plus the masters & henchmen from it, the multiplayer expansion, and Viktoria. Soon I hope to work up the gumption to move on to sorrows, mature nephilim, etc. Good luck with your search!
  4. I played my first game with Captain Zipp. I wanted to use his whole crew box (I like to max out on minions for my first game so that I have fewer stat cards to read) and decided to take Arik with my remaining soulstones. Arik seems like an excellent companion for Zipp. Gravity Well prevents the sort of shenanigans that would let enemies ignore pianos, Arik is small enough to be carried by mosquitoes, he punches things very hard if you give him focus, and he gets to fly once per turn (with diving charge), so your pianos won't box him in.
  5. I am a big fan of the Viktorias, especially for players who are learning the game. You can play a solid 35 SS crew with just three stat cards -- the Viks, your three ronin, and then either Vanessa, Taylor, or Bishop. I think that, whichever second crew you choose, you want to make sure you're taking a full set of at least one minion. I felt like Viks versus Zoraida (3 Silurids and Bad Juju, with Zoraida not using Threads of Fate, her hand redraw ability) was a good match. To get something in faction, I feel like Captain Zipp, Earl Burns, 3 Iron Skeeters, 3 Flying Piglets might b
  6. I also think Marcus is quite weak. My gaming group has tried Marcus with a wide variety of crew compositions, in a wide variety of matchups, with different people playing as Marcus each time. And he struggles, always. I think the biggest problem is his movement. He is very inefficient with his use of AP -- maybe he'll spend AP to give out upgrades, maybe he'll be close enough to an un-engaged friendly beast to make it charge ... but he's not doing much on his own. Which is fine! I think it's cool that he's a researcher who plays a support role. But a lot of his best abilities
  7. We are (unintentionally!) home schooling right now, so our art class yesterday was spent in Malifaux. Our artists are 3, 5, and 36 years old. During nap time, I've been painting a 1st edition set of Puppet Wars. These five are excited at the prospect of a new friend to rip the stuffing out of. Thank you, Wyrd.
  8. Did you happen to track how many turns people were able to finish in these games? Or did every round play out the full five turns?
  9. I've played about a dozen games of Malifaux and have brought The Dreamer to the table twice. I've also played Mah, Wong, McCabe, Pandora, Von Schill, Viktorias. This report is from a game that I played in about a month ago, but I took notes at the time. I decided to post it because it seems there's still a fair bit of discussion on the Neverborn forum as to whether Lucid Dreams or Stitched Together are too powerful. Personally, I thought Lucid Dreams was extremely strong. My crew: Dreamer (6 stones) LCB (IR) Coppelius 3x Daydream 2x Stitched 1x Alp
  10. Pandora was by far my favorite master in the last edition of the game -- I always used her summoning upgrade, and she combined high damage, good defenses, and a mobile crew that was able to finish most schemes easily. I always felt as though she was one of the most powerful choices. In this edition, she seems decidedly weaker relative to other choices. Not bad, but not a wrecking ball like she was before. And, with her crew's reliance on mood swings and stuns, you are forced to play a control game, limiting the other player's choices. I realize that killing enemies limits your opponen
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