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  1. Chasing an update. Are newer released models made of something other than melted cheese?
  2. How are they not? I really like them. Fast, cheap way to get blight onto bunched enemies early.
  3. There is NO Void Hunter Card in the latest download. So were they removed?
  4. Case in point that this material is garbage. And still not addressed..
  5. But you aren't flipping an "additional asset". You are flipping the same asset, twice..
  6. The issue is that all of these factors combined, added to the fact that Wyrd seem to think a generic "just bend them back" is a suitable remedy for a nearly 100 dollar model that fits inside the palm of my hand. These models are barely worth the money in the state they are provided in. If the game is to continue, Wyrd need to address the manufacturing and quality control issues. Already people who have bought models in our group have said they are done with buying TOS models. Which is a shame, because the game is amazing.
  7. Recently a number of people within my gaming group and the larger community have bought or received items from Wyrd for the new game "The Other Side". Upon opening the boxes it is a common, almost garuanteed occurrence that at least one model within the box will be bent beyond the ability for it to be used for its intended purpose, and/or so poorly assembled that it again requires a level of repair that should not be expected in a game touted heavily as "ready to play, fully assembled miniatures". Upon contacting Wyrd regarding a piece, bought at retail pricing of AUD $95, which had
  8. I understand that the Abyssinian Allegiance card allows for Prototypes to be attached at the start of the game ignoring limits. However the asset Overclocked allows you to attach more throughout the game. This asset does not stipulate that you ignore limits, only that you can not attach a prototype already in play, and that the unit may not already have a prototype... Is this correct? Because if so, it severely limits a major aspect of Abyssinian tactics and makes Overclocked not worth taking at all. You can't attach to either Champion (they already have assets
  9. Cool. I was hoping that was the case, but the rule book doesn't explain that very well, because it doesn't show the rear of the asset card... Thanks.
  10. I realise now that the Allegiance card is how Unathi got the extra Asset.. But over clocked doesn't let you ignore attachment rules...
  11. What assets actually have the Scrap rule? The rule book provides precisely zero with that rule.
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