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  1. Generally speaking, how is Tara’s keyword/crew played? I’m trying to get a feel for the rhythm/tactics of the crew based on the M3E Beta cards.
  2. wizdom

    Playing Sonnia

    This is what was going on. I was just making sure he knew that you can't charge and melee attack with Rapid Fire.
  3. wizdom

    Playing Sonnia

    Thanks for jumping in here. I appreciate it. You've confirmed my thoughts on Sonnia needing to hang back a bit. I don't think his Rapid Fire ability works like that. Once he makes a 🔫attack he can discard a card to take that action again. I have all of these models, I just need to bring the right ones to the table. I hear a lot of love/hate for the Thralls because they're expensive.
  4. wizdom

    Playing Sonnia

    I played my first game of M3E the other day and I like the new edition, but I also found myself scratching my head a little bit with how to play Sonnia and her crew. Before I ask my questions, here is what I played (we did a 30ss learning game) (I realize that 30ss isn't going to give me a very good idea of the synergies or playstyle of the crew.): Sonnia + LLC Purifying Flame Samuel Hopkins 2x Sanctioned Spellcaster Guild Steward Sonnia It feels like I need to be holding Sonnia back a bit and blasting with fire from a distance before trying to summon with her, but at the same time that melee ability of hers that heals her 1 and can draw cards makes me think maybe I should be doing that? I moved her out in front a bit and she ended up going down to an Executioner + enemy Sonnia. And I never got to try to summon. Purifying Flame He's fast, right? I can move him 10-15 inches a turn reliably, so it that his thing? He has built in damage reduction and sets things on fire. Should I be keeping him near Sonnia? Samuel Hopkins This guy was a beast for me, though I only did ranged combat with him. Thoughts? Sanctioned Spellcaster I know I played these gals very, very wrong. I never gave them fast, which seems like a mistake, and didn't rely on them to handle scheme markers, which I'm realizing is also a mistake. I do like their Counterspell though. Guild Steward This guy is a beast and I look forward to using him better next time I play. I removed Burning on my own Sonnia and healed her a bit also, which is great, but I could have been using him better. Any help is appreciated. I just need to formulate a bit of a plan to feel like I'm getting a grasp on playing this keyword well. I think at 50ss I'll have more chances for summoning, etc. and perhaps at 30ss I should have been running a Witchling Handler and Stalkers, but I didn't for this game. It was just a learning game though, so that's good, but now I'm ready to start thinking about strategies.
  5. I see that everyone here agrees that LLC is an auto-include, but on who? Masters only? I'm running Sonnia. In her Witch Hunter keyword, who would I run this on other than possibly her? Same question with Lucius' keywords. Thanks for taking the time to help a 3ME newb.
  6. I disagree. I think you'll find that "Irreducible" doesn't actually mention anything, including armor, in the rules, so that doesn't really make sense to say "irreducible doesn't mention armor at all". It doesn't mention any specifics. It only says, per page 24: "Irreducible damage ignores damage reduction from all game effects." Let me emphasize that last part: "ALL GAME EFFECTS". Armor is a game effect that reduces damage per page 24 of the rulebook which states: "Armor +1: Reduce all damage suffered by this model by +1.” Now, we've established that Armor is in fact a game effect that reduces damage. That is not disputable. It's clearly in the rulebook. Let's break it down... "Irreducible IGNORES DAMAGE REDUCTION from ALL GAME EFFECTS". That means Irreducible ignores Armor. Hoffman's ability reads... "Temper Steel:Friendly Construct only.Target Heals 1 and until the End Phase, its Armor Ability cannot be ignored." Emphasis: "Armor Ability CANNOT BE IGNORED" Irreducible IGNORES damage reduction (which we've defined Armor as one type of). Temper Steel makes it so Armor CANNOT BE IGNORED. Irreducible tries to IGNORE a damage reducing game effect (Armor) that CANNOT BE IGNORED and therefore fails. In addition, card rules win over core rules per Page 3. I understand you're fighting for the "spirit" of the rules here, but I believe you to be completely wrong on this one. Hoffman's ability is using the same language - "ignore". Unless Wyrd rewords this to define "ability" and "effect" differently, which they use interchangeably throughout the rulebook, Hoffman's Temper Steel applies Armor, even to irreducible damage.
  7. My vote is yes, it works. Armor is clearly a damage reducing effect per the example on Page 24. Temper Steel says Armor can't be ignored.
  8. It seems to me that Hoffman's ability is definitely designed to turn off irreducible damage in this way. Armor is damage reduction per the rules in the example given on page 24 of the rulebook. Irreducible damage ignores damage reducing effects of all types. Hoffman's ability says armor can't be ignored. Hence, irreducible can't ignore it. Hoffman wins.
  9. Did you have to cheat the damage to get the full 8?
  10. Total newb question. Nellie + Sonnia? Any reasons to?
  11. Not a bad idea. I'll be looking around. Thanks for the idea.
  12. Here's to hoping it's in one of the oddly named boxes!
  13. @Corn I'm guessing Wyrd has mentioned when the Agent 46 model is coming? Can't wait.
  14. This is SUPER helpful. Thank you so much.
  15. Ah, I see the difference now. Changelings will copy Lucius' ability where as Doppleganger can't. Whose ability is it suggested she copy?
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