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Found 9 results

  1. So far, I used Anna for counter unit against Tara and Dreamer to prevent their unbury effect within 6” inch Aura. However, Mar Errata says “ Add the following sentence: “If a model would be Unburied but cannot be because of an effect such as Laugh Off, Planted Roots, or Staggered, it may still be Unburied as above, ignoring such an effect.” This means, now Gravity well cannot obstract their pracement. Right?
  2. Anna's Lovelace's gravity well says: Enemy models may not be Placed within 6 unless they are Placed by an effect generated by friendly models. is this only referring to the Place from movement effect and abilities such as Leap and Flight or does it also effect models that are placed from summoning, unburying and replace. for example: can Sandeep Summon a wind gamin within 6 of Anna Lovelace? can a Soulstone Miner Unbury within 6 of Anna Lovelace? can the Corphy duet be Replaced by 2 Corphy within 6 of Anna Lovelace? the 3 examples all describe models being placed (with a lower c
  3. What experience do people have hiring Anna Lovelace as a Merc. in their crews, and which Masters have you paired her with? picked her up as she seems really strong for the area denial of push and placement effects, and rush of magic added to boot. She has a decent gun with the limited potential of summoning, i'd probably go with Seishin as they can teleport to my master and be a LOS blocking wall.
  4. (Pix is a direct link from wargamevault) 1. Can an enemy placement effect ever "teleport" Anna Lovelace? Specifically the two possible ways that could do this - Lilith and Titania, i'll use Titania as the example. If Titania standing at her max range (of 8 inches) could she hit Anna with her Audience with the Queen ability to then place Anna into base contact with her on the opposite side (30 mm+8 inches away from Anna's originally location). Basically the question comes down to how does her aura work when its being "placed". Here's an example: Before: Anna
  5. General rules about aura/pulse say: "A model cannot be affected by an aura or pulse that emanates from a location out of LOS". But I noticed that there are some situations where some auras seems not responding to los rules. Let's make two examples: 1- Mei Feng's "Vent Steam": "Until the beginning of this model's next Activation, all Sh and Ca Attack Actions taken against models within a4 suffer [-]". Now, usually, auras and pulses affect models within range. But Vent Steam don't say models within 4" get a condition/ability/other. So models inside the Vent Steam aura
  6. You guys, I am afraid of a certain henchwoman who's model will be hitting the tables more and more soon. I am talking about one Anna Lovelace and her potentially oppressive 8" aura of anti-movement-trick. We have an incredible number of models who not only have pushes and places that Anna will interrupt, but these are models who's utility is hinged in many ways on being able to get these pushes. We have 4 Masters out of 7 (Shenlong, McCabe, Yan Lo, Mei Fang) who get a lot of utility out of pushes/places, and there are probably 10,000 hireable models who either need these pushes to be maxi
  7. Now.. there always has to be one and unfortunately on this occasion it has to be me. Now I'm trying to drum up some extra interest in Malifaux, and I was thinking, as our group is experienced in playing Necromunda and Mordheim and other campaign systems, Shifting Loyalties would be a good place to start, with the small crew builds and not so many upgrades... Anywho... I was really interested in doing a Freikorps crew but with Lovelace as the leader... The question I am asking is... If I declare my faction as Outcasts would I then be able to take Anna as the leader if I pay the m
  8. So I just got the Salvage and Logistics crew box and have played two 50 SS games. I decimated the Latigos in the first one and got shut down by Ramos in the second. Both opponents only tweaked their box crews with a model or two; 2 Pistoleros for Perdita, and JoJo (Johanna) instead of Howard for Ramos. In the first game I put Desolate Soul on both Levi and Alice and didn't take either Pariah. I merced two Performers instead (making them pull capable anchors that gave out slow). The second, I took Pariah of Bone instead and brought the Valedictorian and a Dead Doxy. Up till now I've played
  9. So Anna's crazy Gravity Well Clockwork Dress, for example: So this obviously stops something like an enemy Francisco using Enfrentate a Mi! to place himself within Anna's aura. Does it also stop an enemy Lust from using Now Kiss! to place a model in Anna's crew within the aura? So is it, enemy models can't be placed but the aura says nothing about placing models friendly to Anna, or is it enemies to Anna can't do anything that causes a place, no matter the target, because that is them doing a 'place effect'? Our local campaign seems to have taken both Anna and Lust into their hearts, and th
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