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Found 7 results

  1. So far, I used Anna for counter unit against Tara and Dreamer to prevent their unbury effect within 6” inch Aura. However, Mar Errata says “ Add the following sentence: “If a model would be Unburied but cannot be because of an effect such as Laugh Off, Planted Roots, or Staggered, it may still be Unburied as above, ignoring such an effect.” This means, now Gravity well cannot obstract their pracement. Right?
  2. Anna's Lovelace's gravity well says: Enemy models may not be Placed within 6 unless they are Placed by an effect generated by friendly models. is this only referring to the Place from movement effect and abilities such as Leap and Flight or does it also effect models that are placed from summoning, unburying and replace. for example: can Sandeep Summon a wind gamin within 6 of Anna Lovelace? can a Soulstone Miner Unbury within 6 of Anna Lovelace? can the Corphy duet be Replaced by 2 Corphy within 6 of Anna Lovelace? the 3 examples all describe models being placed (with a lower c
  3. Hi Wyrdos! 😃 I wanna try Tara Blake (cause she was my second favorite master in 2nd after Kirai) but I've have some quastions about some rules. 1- The ability "From the void" allow to summon but they are buried and they unbury with ennemy with fast, so if there is no fast condition on the ennemy team does they just stay buried or like in the rulebook mention, "if they cannot be placed the owners put them in the deployment zone"? 2- Does the trigger "Glimpse the Void" (that every Obliteration keywords have) can make multiple models to be bury? By the same model (
  4. I am playing the dreamer and have a couple questions about the Bury/unbury mechanic. I am relatively new at Malifaux and am not familiar with any other model that can do this like the dreamer so I don’t know my question is easily answered already through other model script but here’s the question. When the buried dreamer becomes unburied, does he heal? Rather, does he unbury at full health? I know it removes conditions and is a fantastic shenanigan for condition removal. But I was wondering how it pertains to wounds.
  5. Hi, I was playing a game against a Misaki crew last week. My opponent buried 2 Torakage. When it was time for them to come back in, or unbury. The cards states "unbury this model within 6" of a friendly model" Are things like this LOS or not? My opponent was trying to unbury 6" away from a friendly model, but completely out of LOS of the friendly model. It was up in elevation. His friendly model was beneath a bridge, the Torakage were being unburied on top of the bridge. Is this legal? His argument was that it doesn't state LOS on the card I thought all stuff like this ne
  6. I've had a hunt through the forums, but my Search-Fu is failing me... We've been having a lively debate at our local club about when (and where) models unbury, so if possible please could we get some clarification. If you are unburied due to a spell / ability which specifies where you can be unburied - it's not a problem. For example: Collettes "Disappearing Act" places you back within 6" of her in the Start Closing Phase. Dreamers "Fightening Dream" immediately places you within 6" of him. Likewise if you're buried by a spell/ability which states clearly it's intention, that's als
  7. At GENCON, my opponent surrounded my dreamer with his models, then killed the dreamer. LCB then unburies, but as the Dreamer was completely surrounded, the other models had to be pushed so LCB could fit where the Dreamer was - at least this is what the GENCON judge ruled. Is this correct? What if there was some hazzardous terrain and the models being pushed ended up in it? Are there rules in the rulebook that govern something like this? (i.e. are they all pushed evenly, or can it be in one direction?) And what if the Dreamer was not killed, I simply just unburied LCB. Would the same thi
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