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  1. I've just been reading over the replies. I did post the same question on Reddit about a week prior and sadly by the time I got back to catch up on it I found that it had been closed. A lot of the comments weren't too constructive, kinda veering off into abuse, accusations of 'political correctness agendas', SJW-insults, that kind of thing. I had kinda hoped that the conversation would be a bit more convivial on the official forum. To clarify a few of the questions, I don't work with any organisations or publication groups intent on censorship, like @Necrokamo mentioned. I'm not sure where you got that idea from. I'm not asking that anyone be offended on the behalf of anybody else like @Scoffer mentioned and I'm not telling anybody that they should be offended, like @katadder mentioned - in fact, I didn't even use the word 'offended' in my original post at all. Nor did I say that I want, as Scoffer put it, everyone involved to immediately stop doing things they were doing and start making me comfortable. But hey, 22 downvotes and four pages of people telling me what they want me to have said? I don't think this is the game for me, so thanks for the time.
  2. Hey all. I'm fairly new to Malifaux. It used to be rather big around our area but died off quite a bit until 3rd ed. Now it's having a bit of a revival and I was wanting to jump onboard. I picked out a faction, outcasts, and have got a few models. I was just wondering if anybody else was kinda put off by the way that 'Eastern'-themed models are depicted in the game? It does seem that a rather large number of pretty much any faction, especially the Ten Thunders but also Ressurrectionists and Arcanists, seem to have a LOT of fetishised exoticism with how it approaches characters from other cultures. It's not so much that it's not thematically appropriate and so on, and most of the models are tasteful (with a few exceptions), but a lot of it does border on or push across the line of appropriating other cultures for use in a game. I won't lie, when I look at models like Wong I kinda do feel quite a lot of discomfort. I'm definitely not looking to start an argument or cause a flame war here or anything, but I'm curious if I'm the only person who feels this way and, if not, how you deal with this in your games? Do you just, like, turn a blind eye to it?
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