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  1. I've just been reading over the replies. I did post the same question on Reddit about a week prior and sadly by the time I got back to catch up on it I found that it had been closed. A lot of the comments weren't too constructive, kinda veering off into abuse, accusations of 'political correctness agendas', SJW-insults, that kind of thing. I had kinda hoped that the conversation would be a bit more convivial on the official forum. To clarify a few of the questions, I don't work with any organisations or publication groups intent on censorship, like @Necrokamo mentioned. I'm not sure
  2. Hey all. I'm fairly new to Malifaux. It used to be rather big around our area but died off quite a bit until 3rd ed. Now it's having a bit of a revival and I was wanting to jump onboard. I picked out a faction, outcasts, and have got a few models. I was just wondering if anybody else was kinda put off by the way that 'Eastern'-themed models are depicted in the game? It does seem that a rather large number of pretty much any faction, especially the Ten Thunders but also Ressurrectionists and Arcanists, seem to have a LOT of fetishised exoticism with how it approaches characters from o
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