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  1. @Nathan Caroland: Just to clarify, do you mean we can use online order receipes for the promo this time due to coronavirus? Do they need to be from the same country? I live in Denmark and there are no retailers who have any kind of decent malifaux stock and even if they would they do not sell it online. So my only option is wayland at this point.
  2. Sure, could be done, but would be way easier as a legal proxy with a card for it.
  3. Hi, So i was just looking at Amelia Bathory (alt nicodem) in my closet. I find her one of the best looking sculpts for reser masters, but saldy due to nico being dmh she never sees any play. As far as I know most tournaments doesnt allow dmh. Isn't it possible to make Amelia a legal proxy for anything else what is not Nicodem? Maybe Asura or Von Schtook? It is a damn shame to have such an awesome sculpt and have it unused.
  4. Not technically a miss model, but would love to see more unicorns/horses for nightmare Ulix. With the current mechanic it feels very wrong to use alt Ulix at 3rd ed. I mean I am all for crazy, but the summons a pig, raise it into a unicorn, raise that into a giant rabbit is a bit too insane for me. :)
  5. My main though is student of conflicts Tactical action. Covetous Cravings: Rg 6, Stat 4 , Tn 10 "Discard a scheme marker within 6" and LoS of the target friendly model. Target gains fast." So basically Student activates drops a marker flips/cheats a 6 makes a model fast. Then malifaux child does the same with an 8 on another model.
  6. I must say I haven't played a lot of beta games so far, but after 2 games with outcasts Malifaux Child seems a bit too good for me. I mean 3 ss, can scheme now, has manipulative and disguised, and can copy action from nearly anyone (of higher ss, but it is not like there are so many 3ss or lower models), plus he is versatile. I honestly see no reason why one would not take him into nearly any outcast list.
  7. Don't know if there are any other backers in Denmark. I got my models Friday. Never got a mail with tracking number.
  8. I still didn't receive my kickstarter in Denmark still no confirmation for sending, except for the one in backerkit at the end of october, which is still not updated. Honestly as far as I see the primary problem is Wyrd not having a decent supply chain for Europe. The issue is not just TOS it is pretty much getting any of their products in Europe. I live in Denmark, which is a small country, so we do not many distributors/gamers. However the fact that in order to get models I need to order them from all around Europe usually from 4-5 different gaming stores in different countries which is
  9. Nothing in Denmark either, no package, no tracking number.
  10. One way around that is putting binge on Sammy instead. I recently picked Sammy up and have a hard time not auto including him to my brewmaster crew because of binge. He basically allows me to spend 1-2 actions a turn on binge next to Brewie's swill.
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