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  1. The thing alot of people who think VS is great, and that the nerf was justified (I think) forget, is that it is still a Master AP you use to give another model AN OPTION for them to use their AP, you're not giving them more AP here... now the triggers are good and make up for that, but are to some extent random unless you also stone or cheat a card from hand. It's just that some here make it sounds almost as if it's free. Yeah giving a good beater rocket boots and thereby giving them more mobility is ofcourse good, but it's still a master AP used for it, and the model still needs to use their bonus action to use said rocket boots... so could the ones who are for this nerf please remember that?
  2. I just see it as a support masters that's taken so far in theme, that he is punished for it... why can't he take taelor and give equipment if he needs a ruthless model, as taelor has a very situational bonus action, and she benefits alot or Hans needing some cover gone and so on... why shouldn't they benefit. Yes I think Von Schill has a fine theme and can do alot within it, but you can't get around that his effectiveness is lessened when/if he take out of theme models, and he is very much based around that item giving mechanic. So should beater master just have minus damage flip if they take out of theme models? (yes it's meant as a rhetorical question to show, what I think, is a bit of an absurdity...)
  3. I think he is competitive with his theme, and the theme is a good one, but that's about it... if you meddle too much with out of theme models you need for a certain scheme, then they won't benefit, and you might as well just take another theme, and as a second master he is irrelevant.
  4. if it stood to me, then drop the summoning + replace mechanic's importance for this crew and go all in on blight. make rats a ressource like exploding for blight, armur, plus flips and so on. like, if I just think of the top of my mind then do something like make rats into markers, like a 30 mm, sz 1, impassable, destructible (this way the models are still relevant), then make stuff like blight "spawn" off of these markers, not like rasputina but not far of, like instead of "arcnoding" like raspy, then like activating near them causes blight, fightning near them gives us extra oomph to our abilities like consume them for plus flips or plus damage (like a rat kings gets stronger cause it's joined by another rat), or gives shielded/armour like the rat catcher, healing from being discarded and so on... then they can still be moved by abilities like hamelins and rat catchers and so on, so we can reposition them to the place we want still, but they aren't there to be activated, and there won't be a "rat engine" any longer. I agree with @ebolazaire that hamelin feels like a chore, and I can't see myself playing him at a tournament as I am sorely worried about time and playing the game in 2,5 hours. the more I think about making the rats into markers the more I like it, as it would remove a lot of the issues I see with them right now, we would still get to use the models (instead of a cardboard token/marker) and we could make all kinds of interactions with them and use them as a ressource without spending time activating them/handing out pass tokens (edit: sorry for all the "like...", it's not how I usually write but clearly I got excited and got carried away without being able to define the details )
  5. Caspergad


    I don't think you can compare like that in a beta. we honestly don't have a "right" to any stats or rules before anything is final (it's a trap way of thinking, which we all fall into once in while, but it's one of the things that gets "feather's ruffled" in a process like this) What I do think you can do though is compare whether a model is below or above another or a figurative curve (though you still need to take especially keyword and role into account). that's what I tried to do, as I think that Hannah and Arik aren't in the same spot which has been understood by some, that I think the extra ss is a catastrophe, which I don't but I do think it's a little heay handed nerf, and that he is a little bit off, like a WP or a healthpoint... (as suggested by others)
  6. well, then it's needs to be universal instead of arbitrary, cause right now thre are masers that perform outstanding as super solos, and master that are effectively a non-factor as 2nd master. So while i don't disagree, i do think that it then needs to be universal...
  7. Caspergad


    I agree with @LexLock and @Zebo that a change of a stat up by one would do much... as to me he just feels a bit under right now. my post shouldn't be considered aaaaarg Arik is done now, as much as he is off by a little bit
  8. A lot of people here disregard how powerful it is to strip a condition on any model you like offensively to give your master a + to the duel... (some thankfully acknowledges this as well), this is still really good against a lot of crews out there, but at least it is not every single model the crew can do this against... can't say whether this is the right place or not anymore on paper, so needs testing and look forward to playing her.
  9. Caspergad


    Anyone seeing Arik equal with Hannah with them at the same cost? I don't. Didn't expect this I must say, as he seemed in a fine spot. With 2 health less, 2 wp less, no arcane reservoir, counterspell and so on... I just don't think he can compete... yes armor 2 is really good, but it's not like Hannah doesn't have armour 1, and damagewise Hannah is on par due to her triggers... I'll be sad to see the grenade go, as I love that Arik has that instead of the old shooting attack, but I think he's very hard to justify now maybe tech him in against some summoners like dreamer og such due to gravity well.
  10. So Von Schill became a non factor as 2nd master as he can't even load up other enforcers or henchmen either. Hope people will still test it, even though it seems like a huge crap game you'll need to suffer through to prove that Von Schill will be a non-factor as a support master in other crews as well. What exactly are you going to use his AP for... giving a rocket launcher to a waif... so not 16 ss worth...
  11. thank you for a thorough walkthrough of the theme and your observations. i can largely echo them. if i could i would "like", "thanks" and "agree" to your post
  12. Caspergad


    You forgot pulse, blast and shockwaves... like every other model dependant on triggers for defense. I'd love for him to get chasing fate instead, and it sounds like a lot of people would like that, then you could save tokens for what you want. I'd personally prefer to have chasing advantage on such a model
  13. agreed, it's the same old same old problem as always... it's an alpha strike, it's a bit swingy, people learn to counter play this after one or two plays, if this should be stopped then rework the viks from the bottom... and you'll never delete half a crew no matter the distance you can throw them anymore, so they fixed the problem for the viks (or rather their opponents)... my two cents...
  14. I think that, as it is non-master and you can only have one, and it only comes with a 10 ss model, i think you pay enough for it, and it's a way to avoid always seeing taelor spammed in those matchup you mention
  15. i like the option for dual masters, it makes alot of options, and I find it a fun aspect. And I think the price is a big enough deal to balance it...
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