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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, there! I've been painting Malifaux for about two years. I post mainly on instagram and A Wyrd Place facebook group, but as suggested by @thatlatinspeakingguy I'll be posting my Malifaux works in this subgroup as well! I too write sometimes about my work, here is the link if one's curious https://cgwilsonh.wordpress.com/. Let's start with Reva. When I first looked at this model, I noticed that Reva's base has got quite a lot of unused spaces. I saw this as an opportunity to do a semi-diorama like approach for the model (also the works of Johan Hoflin and Davor Brkic (miniature_mutant) really inspired me to do this approach). I made the dead tree by twisting a bundle of wires with some greenstuffs to close gaps. The candles were sculpted greenstuffs, and the gravestone was from Green Stuffs World (I think). This model was a stepping stone for me towards the diorama side of the miniature world.
  2. Hey, thought I'd post some pictures of stuff I've been working on and also can serve as my commission portfolio. So to start things off, I painted up the new death marshals today for my tara crew, they're a mid range paint job with 3-4 highlights on each model. I'm tempted to try and do some source lighting on them, but not sure how to go about doing it. I don't have access to an airbrush and i'm not a fan of the watering down method. not sure about drybrushing it on, although i find that tends to be the best result for a smooth transition of light. Let me know what you guys think and I'll upload some more things when they're done. SK
  3. Back in the day there was a gallery of images you could use for your Profile Photo, but I can't seem to find it now. I only have the option of uploading another picture. Is there still a gallery and if so, how can I access it now that I have uploaded my own cruddy image?
  4. Ok, Idk whether it's a thread for "Miniature Matters" or "Malifaux Discussion", so I'll humbly leave it to the mods, if this needs to be moved... Also, I'm recycling part of the mail I wrote Spiraling Cadaver, as this explains the topic pretty well, and I'd be very slow to write from scratch again... I've been building a gallery on flickr for quite a bit now, as I want a place to find all the colorful Wyrd stuff at once. I asked permission to Nathan for the Wyrd pictures part, and he approved. Now I have to fill the painted miniatures part, and I want it to be a nice useful showcase both for painters (especially those doing commission works), and users who want to see these cool models with some paint on them. The gallery is also fully searchable, as I added the tags for every model in the game, and other keywords (Factions, Limited Ed, Artwork(s), Mini(s), Box(es), Board(s)... other can be added in the future, if needed) Here is the link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/123570450@N06 Or by Sets: https://www.flickr.com/photos/123570450@N06/sets/ I've received various submissions from painters by now, the authors get a link to their sites in the description of all their pics. For some works in the first batch I uploaded from my saved pictures folder on my pc, I couldn't remember the source, so if you find some work of yours, just comment a link/line you want to be added to the description, and you will be credited as fast as I can. Obviously anyone not willing to have their pictures inside the gallery, can have them immediately removed. Btw, I'm posting this now and I hope more of you will agree and submit more pics to the gallery. You just need to send me the pics (or, easier, point to a place where I can pick them, here in the comments), and the link/line for your credits. Hope this is appreciated, let me know
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