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  1. The next Tournament in Hungary will be at 27th Oct. 2018 place: GépHáz - 28. Kisfaludy street 1082 Budapest time: from 10:00 till 20:00 3 round 50SS - members: not yet finalized
  2. Regia

    Monster Final.jpg

    If I don't forget I will show you I plan to finish him in the near future
  3. Regia

    Monster Final.jpg

    great pice good luck with your new pair sadly I had to drop out as I had no time finishing my piece
  4. I think I joined the DNF for this year planned too much...had less time than needed...
  5. well... I probably should find an epic mini to compete with this 😅 or make an epic conversion ...notfreakingoutatall...
  6. I am looking forward for your work too
  7. Regia

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One

    I would also welcome some comments on my piece
  8. Regia

    Target _Practise.jpg

  9. Regia

    [Hungary] Growing League 2018/2

    We will be holding a fixed master Campaign for the nex 2 month. Starting at 17th September, ending at 14th November. 4 rounds, 4 encounters, GG18 One encounter lasts two weeks and at leat 2 games per player Designated game store: Hammertime Cafe (Budapest 1091 Budapest, Üllői street 111)
  10. The next scheduled demos in Hungary will be at: 1. 12th Sept held at GépHáz - 28. Kisfaludy street 1082 Budapest. 2. 19th Sept; Vault51 51 Ó street 1066 Budapest 3. 27th Sept held at Hammertime Cafe (Budapest 1091 Budapest, Üllői street 111) all three will start at 18:00 on the given day
  11. Type: Enforcer Brawl place: Vault51 51 Ó street 1066 Budapest time: 22.09.2018 - from 14:00 till 19:00