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  1. Right on man, thanks! I think I will need to pick up a box of Depserate Mercs sooner rather than later! I have to say, having them at 3SS is so nice for Outcasts - I always felt pretty vulnerable going in with 7 models, and having a ead cheap minion (even if they are nothing more than meat...) makes quite the difference I would suspect. I am a big Hannah fan - in the past I have taken her way more than I ought to have done! I STILL haven't got round to trying out Montressor since he got errated! He just never seems to fit
  2. When you say two 10SS hitters, are you saying on top of also taking HPE? Something like Parker and 3SS of upgrades, Doc (3SS), HPE(10SS), then 20SS of hitters and spending the remaining 14SS on activations? Also, not that I doubt it, but what is leading to the 10+ cards drawn on the first turn? I am just getting back into playing after a few months out and I am not really feeling Jack, Leve or Viks so I will be focussing on Parker and Von Schill, so any insight to playing Parker in GG2018 and with wave 4 would be greatly appreciated! Is the shell of your crew Parker (Black Market, Stick Up, Hidden Steel Plate), Doc, HPE, 10SS hitter and then season to taste (presumably with one of the 8SS Outcast all-stars)? Has Benny played much of a role in your crews? I remember when book 4 came out (just about when I stopped playing - I picked up Talos and Midnight Stalker and then didn't really get any games in...) I didn't see him much past a Hamelin crew. Two final questions! Do you find you need to maximise activations to get the most out of the Midnight Stalker, or is he just fine around 7 or 8 activations? And does Talos have any play in the crew as a slightly cheaper beater?
  3. I find he takes a lot of effort to keep alive, and if you over extend him (which is easy to do with the red mist!) he dies too fast, resulting in one turn of carnage on HtK and then he's gone. I like him, but he's a hair too fragile in my experience. He's not awful, not great either (in my eyes).
  4. Not as many moving parts as Parker, at least! Speaking of which, I don't know what it is that makes up for his high TNs and punishing additional costs... It is a great ability but I wish that it would affect Jack himself sometimes!
  5. I might be missing something here, but I don't see how he gets to 14 without setting up (i.e. ensuring Firing Squad Injustice is on the target before his activation)? Here's my thinking... Attack 1 - deals 2 damage (or 3, if they have an upgrade already), give target Firing Squad Injustice. Attack 2 - deals 4 damage (2 +1 from the bigger they are, +1 from Firing Squad Injustice. Attack 3 - deals 4 damage (as before), +2 damage from removing Firing Squad Injustice. That's either 12, or 13 if the target started with an upgrade. Where do the other 2/1 points of damage come from? If the target started off with Firing Squad Injustice on it then you get to 14/15.
  6. The sad thing is that it feels so bad taking Nurses now, and they were one of the main (or the only?!) draws to out of faction tormented hires. They just don't seem good at 6 to me... I am keen to try a more shooty list with Guilty though - dead outlaws and then lazarus or rusty alyce or something like that - seems like it could be pretty cool.
  7. apes-ma


    It turns out that just putting "Bandit" on a random model is no where near enough to count as synergy, or to throw Parker a bone!
  8. Haha oh right! I guess I ought to read cards again once in a while!
  9. I got some reasonable mileage out of that trick, but using McTavish since he also ignores cover. I will still try it again, but with him going up to 11SS before Merc tax, and Hans going down a point I am not sure it's so good anymore... Not that it was good before, but I think it's less good than it was now...
  10. How do you make Hannah a sister to benefit from the +2 damage?
  11. apes-ma

    Wave 5 Viks

    I haven't played with the Viks in ages, but I am looking forward to some more gaming time with the new year, and giving the Viks some more table time. I was wondering how do the new upgrades tend to play out? Soaring Dragon AND Sisters in Spirit feels a bit clunky to me - but is Sisters in Fury extraneous now? Basically I am having trouble thinking around how Soaring Dragon actually works in practice, and how/when/where I unbury Blood Vik to make sure that she's both safe for an activation, and also ready to charge in, hopefully maintaining LoS to Ash Vik. And what about the other new upgrade? It seems like it's cute, but doesn't do a great deal outside of thematic or fun lists...
  12. I was just wondering how the increasing amount of errata might impact the new player experience. I don't know all the factions inside out, but it seems to me that most, if not all, crew boxes now contain models that have had errata beyond their printed stat cards. Perhaps the Lilith box doesn't? Are there any others? I wonder if that's a bad thing for newer players?
  13. I think that now I will only be taking Ashes and Dust in crews that really want him (which for me is Leve), but I also feel like Scramble Bishop at 10SS is actually a pretty reasonable replacement for A&D in a lot of my crews (like Jack, or Parker). Guilty at 4SS is great, except when you take a nurse, then nothing changes... One particularly juicy buff here is having Terracotta Warriors go up to 6SS - they are anchors for Leveticus now which I think is pretty fantastic. Aside from the general improvement thanks to Scramble halving in cost I am pretty disappointed that there isn't much that helps Parker out here. Although having access to Scramble Bishop at 10SS is pretty nice for any master, I don't think that's enough to help Parker feel like a more viable choice - he's still super clunky and inefficient. I mean I'll still play him all the time...
  14. Nurses going up a stone is pretty bad for Jack, and he was already struggling! Also of note, McTavish has gone up a SS... Glad to see a cheaper scramble - scramble bishop for 10SS seems great to me. I hope there's more than just cost errata though - I'd like to see Parker get SOMETHING to help him work... Let's wait and see! EDIT: I suppose if you were taking the Guilty tax for tormented Jack anyway it works out on average to no change...
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