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  1. I got the app! I've been browsing ES to get a feel for the different keywords, and Outcasts to see what my old crews do these days too. I actually downloaded vassal, but I'm running it on Linux and I have a hidpi display and I can't get Javas UI scaling to apply to the module that I load (despite it applying to the overall vassal program) so everything is unuseably tiny on the screen! And thanks Adran! Both Jedza and the Syndicate sound very cool. So does cadmus, but a bit of a book-keeping nightmare?! And free obeys sounds VERY strong...
  2. Thanks for the reply! This is making Jedza sound SUPER interesting! It looks like her keyword models aren't available until next month, but that gives me the chance to save up a bit of dosh for them (core box + austere and twigge + Here Lies to get started?)!
  3. Sweet - I'll have a look! Also, are there any "necessary" boxes for ES (versatile models etc.) that are good across the faction and/or needed to make Anya's crew box up to 50SS? I've also taken a look at Lord Cooper - very cool! It seems like that guy just wants other keyword models to get up to 50SS, but less clear with Anya? OoK hiring seems like something I should forget about for now for the sake of my wallet! Same re. English Ivan (since it seems like half his crew box and one of his keyword boxes seem like they want to start play off the table!)
  4. Well, Parker's crew was very tricksy with scheme markers and manipulating enemies, with a minor theme of ranged combat. Von Schill was more like a durable jack of all trades, master of none crew, as opposed to a perdita-style shoot them off the table crew.
  5. Hi all. I played a LOT of M2E, but having a kid, then COVID, put a pretty hard stop to gaming. Now that the little one is a bit more grown up, and things are looking up as far as face to face gamin goes, I've decided to get back into Malifaux! I want to start a new faction, and looking at the models/art/fiction for Explorers Society, I think this is the faction for me. The thing is, I haven't played any 3E yet, so it's hard for me to parse the new cards in the context of what they are meant to do in a game, how they might play out etc. I thought perhaps you guys might help me in choosing
  6. Oh that's very cool - that's kind of how I want to play Malifaux I think! I never really liked chaff activations - it always felt kind of boring for a model to basically do nothing, and it was never as rewarding to paint up a nice piece when all it every does is burn an activation. Ok good to know! I am looking forward to playing with the new sculpt and the scavengers - they seem quite fun. I only ever played Leve after the nerf in M2E and he never really clicked for me - it seems like there is a bit more support for an attrition-ish playstyle in his keyword now. Very
  7. As per the title, I haven't played since M2E. Back then I played a lot of Parker and Von Schill with a smattering of Jack Daw and the Viks. Over the COVID-19 lockdown I picked up the new M3E Leveticus box, some necropunks and Marlena Webster (a lovely model, but getting it on the base was a PITA, and WTH is with those ribbons?!) which I have been painting up, and I have finished off my prospectors and midnight stalker. I also got the app, and the M3E outcasts card pack. So that means now I have most of the faction painted up and ready to play. The exceptions are hamelin (I never fancied the ra
  8. Right on man, thanks! I think I will need to pick up a box of Depserate Mercs sooner rather than later! I have to say, having them at 3SS is so nice for Outcasts - I always felt pretty vulnerable going in with 7 models, and having a ead cheap minion (even if they are nothing more than meat...) makes quite the difference I would suspect. I am a big Hannah fan - in the past I have taken her way more than I ought to have done! I STILL haven't got round to trying out Montressor since he got errated! He just never seems to fit
  9. When you say two 10SS hitters, are you saying on top of also taking HPE? Something like Parker and 3SS of upgrades, Doc (3SS), HPE(10SS), then 20SS of hitters and spending the remaining 14SS on activations? Also, not that I doubt it, but what is leading to the 10+ cards drawn on the first turn? I am just getting back into playing after a few months out and I am not really feeling Jack, Leve or Viks so I will be focussing on Parker and Von Schill, so any insight to playing Parker in GG2018 and with wave 4 would be greatly appreciated! Is the shell of your crew Parker (Black Marke
  10. I find he takes a lot of effort to keep alive, and if you over extend him (which is easy to do with the red mist!) he dies too fast, resulting in one turn of carnage on HtK and then he's gone. I like him, but he's a hair too fragile in my experience. He's not awful, not great either (in my eyes).
  11. Not as many moving parts as Parker, at least! Speaking of which, I don't know what it is that makes up for his high TNs and punishing additional costs... It is a great ability but I wish that it would affect Jack himself sometimes!
  12. I might be missing something here, but I don't see how he gets to 14 without setting up (i.e. ensuring Firing Squad Injustice is on the target before his activation)? Here's my thinking... Attack 1 - deals 2 damage (or 3, if they have an upgrade already), give target Firing Squad Injustice. Attack 2 - deals 4 damage (2 +1 from the bigger they are, +1 from Firing Squad Injustice. Attack 3 - deals 4 damage (as before), +2 damage from removing Firing Squad Injustice. That's either 12, or 13 if the target started with an upgrade. Where do the other 2/1 points of damage come from? If
  13. The sad thing is that it feels so bad taking Nurses now, and they were one of the main (or the only?!) draws to out of faction tormented hires. They just don't seem good at 6 to me... I am keen to try a more shooty list with Guilty though - dead outlaws and then lazarus or rusty alyce or something like that - seems like it could be pretty cool.
  14. apes-ma


    It turns out that just putting "Bandit" on a random model is no where near enough to count as synergy, or to throw Parker a bone!
  15. Haha oh right! I guess I ought to read cards again once in a while!
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