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  1. racoon knight

    Iron Painter 2016 - Round 5 - Critters

    Hi Whirler! Most likely, you will conveniently find my work on Facebook at this link: https://www.facebook.com/Klen15 . also, I'm taking my gallery to Vkontakte : https://vk.com/club86080065
  2. racoon knight


    Wow! It's Awesome! Very bright grl!
  3. racoon knight

    Iron Painter 2016 - Round 5 - Critters

  4. racoon knight

    Wyrd Science

  5. racoon knight

    The Cursed Undead

    really cool! I like your beautiful workstyle!
  6. racoon knight

    Better of (Un)dead

    two weeks to form main idea, one day to sculp and four hours for painting)
  7. racoon knight

    Better of (Un)dead

    it seems that I'm getting predictable
  8. racoon knight

    Iron Painter 2016 round 2 Buntman

    I'm so happy that you are in the bronze tier!) Good Luck, Paul)
  9. racoon knight

    Better of (Un)dead

    Thank you, Paul!
  10. racoon knight

    Better of (Un)dead

    In this miniature, I decide to try to keep the theme of my previous work. Old paper, cards and some (un)dead stuff. As always, the idea was formed at the last moment, and time to implement was short. I thought, during the game, there is no worse fate, than at the most inopportune moment to pull the Black Joker, which will confuse all your plans.
  11. racoon knight

    Iron Painter 2016 round 1 entry by Buntman

    My first thought "The lady really look like a heroine from "the hateful eight". cool model)
  12. racoon knight

    Pretty in Pink

    Thank you, Paul!))
  13. racoon knight

    Pretty in Pink

    Iron Painter Book Girl