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Found 7 results

  1. KID55

    How do you fix Aionus?

    Hi all. Our faction has the interesting model - Aionus. On first saw he is cool - marker tricks may bury models, cast damage reducing, nimble-to-casting-expert ability, can do mass slow, and can fast friendly model. Very solid model with df 6, wp 7 and 12 wd. 12 SS for that seems honorable. But his useless in most cases... His marker abilities need not so often - with 12 SS you can bring 2-3 cheap schemers and get more activations and more markers where you need. His range attack has Rg: 10. That not bad, but not excellent for 12SS henchman. And his killer feature - A Stitch in Time - does not work. Give model fast for a card sound good. But in most cases, you want fast your beaters because schemers usually already fast models. And beaters cost 9+ usually. (Mad Dog 9, Alyce 10, Taelor 9, Lazarus 10, Hannah 10, Nothing Beast 10, Sue 7, Hans 7, Gunslinger 7, Killjoy 12, Johan 7, Strongarm 10, Desolation Engine 13, Wokou Raiders 8, Bishop 9). You need to discard a card higher than model cost. In most cases, it means 10 or 11. And that's too high because you want to keep it in hand to cheat fate. And you can only discard a card from hand, no flip from a deck. My suggestions: Change A Stitch in Time ability something like this: When a friendly non-Peon non-Leader model with an SS cost of 1 or more activates within 4", it may flip a card from his deck (this flip may not be cheated) OR discard a card from its hand. If card value equal or higher then model's SS cost -2, this model receive Fast. - In that case, you need to discard or flip 7-8 to receive Fast: not an elite card, but and not a useless junk. And you need to bunch up near Aionus if you want Fast. I think it's fair. Increase his Out of Time range to 12. Maybe give his Bony Fingers range 9" projectile in addition to 2" close combat. Your thoughts?
  2. Hey guys, new to the forum and miniature range, but not painting. Entered my first national contest at Gencon, competing against the likes of Marike Reimer (whose piece was beyond exceptional), and won all over the place. Took 1st place and a Gold Medal for the diorama category and got Judge's Choice, a Silver Medal and the Wyrd Coin for my take on Aionus. I'm sharing it via an imgur gallery, as the pictures are both numerous and quite large. While it was my first miniature from the line, I enjoyed it so much I just went ahead and purchased every Gremlin model, along with the Tortoise and Hare (That Hare sculpt tho). I also won the new Nightmare Guild Crew for the winning the Wryd Coin, which was cool, and got the Gencon Miss Flame Exclusive, for spending my first born child at their booth. So I guess what I'm saying is you're going to be seeing more of my stuff in the Wyrd Line. I don't really tabletop, and don't know the first thing about how to play Malifaux, I just know that I love the miniatures and universe they evoke; so my apologies if I'm getting the names of things incorrect... I go through a lot of miniatures, doing the painting gig 24/7. I've been incredibly warmly welcomed, just about everywhere I've chatted with Wyrdo's, which is a refreshing change of pace from some other tabletop system's fans I've encountered in my work. At any rate, that's enough babbling. Here's the link to the Aionus that won: Miniatures of Tomorrow: Aionus (Wyrd) Also, if you're curious, here's a link the to 1st place Diorama I won a Gold for: Miniatures of Tomorrow: Nurgle Drake (GW) I'm excited to have found these forums, and really look forward to seeing your works and sharing any tips and insights I may have gleaned in my craft time so far. Keep your bristles damp, Will
  3. Aionus hated the clock. This was his usual state of mind. He could feel it draining him. Draining the ground, draining everything he touched so he could never be close to anything ever again. He still didn't know why the clock chose him, an eternity ago. An eternity from now, he would be used up, and the clock would choose someone else. Maybe he could warn them, or kill the clock somehow when it discarded him. But for the eternal now he was stuck, chained to this grinning, ticking thing as it sucked him dry, forever.
  4. Cinnamon Bear

    McCabe and Aionus

    I'm sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I didn't see it in a cursory glance at the last few pages. I'm thinking of picking up the Aionus model despite it not really appearing to fit into any of my existing crews. The closest synergy seems like it might be with McCabe who already runs lots of minions who could have another source of Fast with Aionus, and also possibly playing into a control-based McCabe crew that is heavy with Slow. Has anyone had any experience or luck with Aionus in a Guild McCabe crew, or is there another Guild master/crew he works especially well with? Have there been any particular situations where you've reached to grab him?
  5. Pallas4

    aionus, place marker

    Hi I'm not sure of the wording of Aionus. In time changes all, "place" means "move". But in Midnight, in the trigger? Can aionus put in play a new marker? Or he only moves a marker (friend or not) from anywhere in the terrain to 2'' near Aionus? Thanks
  6. The Zinc Lich

    Aionus: Valuable for the Guild?

    So, like all the Outcast players out there, I spent a lot of time marveling over Aionus this week. When I really got down to thinking about when I would hire him into a crew, however, my mind kept drifting over to the Guild side of things. What is everyone else's opinion on him? 13 stones is a pretty huge chunk to spend on a model, but it is a much smaller jump to go from 12 to 13 than it is to go from 6 to 7, and I certainly think he's worth 12. Unlike the Outcasts (outside of Tara, I suppose), we have a lot of really good, affordable sources of Slow. Clockwork Traps, the Guild Pathfinder, Sidir's gun, and and anything with a chain harpoon are things that make it into lists even when you aren't really trying to take advantage of the slow condition. We're the only faction besides the Outcasts that has offensive burying mechanics not tied to a particular master. He brings Ca attacks that the Guild frequently lacks, as well as an out for armor. He can move markers for Smoke, forests, and walls, which have always been crippling for a faction that relies on guns to get work done. He even drops enemy scheme markers to give you control over where you have to move with the Sleuth upgrade, which is huge considering people were taking it just for the +2 on initiative flips. I'm pretty pumped, myself.