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  1. Hey, I just wanted to share the prologue I wrote for our group's first session of our new Gremlin campaign, leading into The Hand That Feeds as a starting point for our campaign. I've tried lots of different things before, this time I thought a short story might work out well, though some bits were easier than others considering the details my players gave me first:
  2. The original plan was: Into the Bayou From Nightmares Under Quarantine Within the Steam (which became Into the Steam presumably) In the Guild Wars (a historical sourcebook) Beyond Fate (an Avatar book) Which would have been the required 6 books.
  3. So does this mean the original schedule of books (including From Nightmares) has been pushed back? Or simply got rid of?
  4. Well as the Core Rules aren;t out for another month... But the issue is that this also wasn;t accounted for in final AV of any of the NPCs. The whole point of calculating them was so Fatemasters could focus on story rather than maths, surely these numbers should have been included.
  5. Hi, so, just finished reading my copy of Fire in the Sky. I jave a question: All the cultists (including Tlalli) have the Crazy Condition. Meaning their Mental duels should be reduced by the same amount. This would mean their Willpower final totals are very low (though it doesn't show this in the stats) and Tlalli is essentially a wet lettuce: her main attack is The Light of Creation, a theoretically devestating 3/4/5B attack that causes Blind, only she has an AV of 8T (though the Tome seems mostly cosmetic as she has no triggers, I assume it is a 'well it is a Sorcery spell' sort of thing) and her Obey has an AV of just 11M. As she's likely to be a final battle in the adventure she's a pretty huge anti-climax!
  6. Fatemaster's Almanac,pg 185 The doppelganger has no tenacity
  7. So making it clear there was a continuation of the story and then leaving it more than a year with no word whatsoever isn't a problem? Though your flippant attitude makes it pretty clear how little stock Wyrd then places in its customers. Just like your 'Advanced Pursuits rank up only a fter a session that specifically focuses on the Advanced Pursuit' comment- as Fatemasters we know that- but suggestions about ways to focus on it, especially considering how potentially disruptive a pursuit it is. Would have been appreciated, especially as someone asked.
  8. Considering it was the 'next release' its a little ridiculous there have been two full adventures before it!
  9. According to Northern Aggression, wasn't Sedition supposed to be the next Penny Dreadful? Also, on the Dreadful note: Any plans to either a) release a collection of the one-shots or b.) allow us to order POD versions from Drive-Thru? I like digital copies but far prefer physical ones.
  10. £40? it translates to £50 for them together, somewhere in the region of what $75-$90? No wonder so many people illegally download the pdfs
  11. Have you also considered being part of a scheme like http://www.bits-and-mortar.com/ . Knowing how much Wyrd like to support FLGS I have to say I'm much more inclined to buy books from Cubicle 7 and Modiphius because they offer PDFs of their books with the physical purchases (in stores as well as direct from them)- the TTB PDFs are nearly the same price as the physical books!
  12. I'm hoping my FLGS will be able to just stock that way then.
  13. Hi, who is your UK distributor? I asked my FLGS about getting me Under Quarantine and, though the stuff was in Game Trade Magazine, Esdevium said it was not available in the UK. Who supplies us? Its been like Gremlin Moonshine hunting trying to find a copy of Under Quarantine here, only one retailer so far and I really don't want to have to pay the equivalent of $8 postage to get the books!
  14. So you order a subordinate to attack but it only does so when you give it the order. Wow, the animator just got really useless having to waste half their action search turn to make the cobbled do what it was already ordered to do. Though it is one of the many areas in the rules that weren't really fleshed out properly and make no sense. You have an animal or anything else with rudimentary intelligence under your control, you give it an order, but it only follows that order when you continuously order it rather than simply carrying out the order you gave it previously.
  15. It's not bad at offence either- with a huge chunk of points to spend, it gets commanded once, gets to have cards flipped for it, and then would presumably continue. Unless what you're saying is the rules (which are sadly lacking in that whole area) are missing the fact that things you command ONLY act when you use a (1) Command action? That seems quite unlikely.
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