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  1. Brancifer

    Fingers is pretty boss

    I don't think they have Fingers over at Gadzooks right now though.
  2. Brancifer

    Just because ... 6/23/16

    Some of The Other Side? Is that the Mysterious Emmisary as well??
  3. I purchased the 30 mm Morgue bases and 30 mm Victorian bases. The five inserts in the Morgue set were all unique and different but my Victorian set had a duplicate. Not a big deal but wanted to know if this is correct or accidental, to those of you who have purchased the Victorian base inserts.
  4. Brancifer

    Some help concerning crew decision - again :D

    I would say Collodi is the most expensive of these masters. He's basically his own faction! Many options are open to him. He's tons of fun though.
  5. Brancifer

    Some help concerning crew decision - again :D

    Plus your Arcane Effigy!
  6. Brancifer

    Updated Stat Cards.

    Any good ideas for proxies on these old, hard to find metal models?
  7. Brancifer

    Hardcore Henchman for 20ss of Neverborn!

    I've had great success with Hungering Darkness +Addict +Aether Connection The Illuminated The Illuminated The Depleted Turn 1 slingshot Depleted into enemy crew to hold them down while grabbin Turf War while moving Illuminated up. Turns 2-5 destroy enemy crew. Use SS for keeping Huggy alive.
  8. Brancifer

    Campaigning to Collodi

    If not Vasilisa, I would suggest WW or Candy. They help the most.
  9. Brancifer

    Zoraida need crew list help

    War Pigs and Rooster Riders! Waldegiests are great and thematic. Widow Weaver to dull down enemy WP for some Obey and Bewitch power.
  10. Brancifer

    New Fatemaster - How does magic actually work

    Yeah, so one card flipped/cheated + skill must beat the Arab of the spell and the targets Wp/Df.
  11. Brancifer

    Nythera Penny Dreadful Reviews?

    Can't wait for it to hit DriveThru!
  12. So when is this baby gonna be released? Part two of the Northern Aggression Penny Dreadfuls? My TtB group just got to Ridley so I'm going to start the first part next week but I like to plan ahead.
  13. Brancifer

    Henchman Application Requirements

    Thank you! I have all of my stuff painted but I was just wondering how much of it I need to fit in one photo. I will set up two basic crews for demos and take the photo.
  14. Does Wyrd want two painted crew boxes submitted or two 50SS crews submitted for the henchman application?
  15. Brancifer

    Quarantine Questions (Under Quarantine SPOILERS)

    Is there a new Advanced Pursuit that is involved with Brilliance in some way?