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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, I just wanted to share the prologue I wrote for our group's first session of our new Gremlin campaign, leading into The Hand That Feeds as a starting point for our campaign. I've tried lots of different things before, this time I thought a short story might work out well, though some bits were easier than others considering the details my players gave me first:
  2. Hi there. Our players group is not new to rpg, but totally new to TtB. We seem to have some trouble understanding how the prologue should work. We read the descriptions in the Fatemasters Almanac and we understand, the prologue should transfer which kind of adventure awaits and should imply some pursuits that would be useful for this adventure. It should also hint on which characters fate might come into play (to be able to use the special fate card effects). We tried three sessions now, and it seems, we have a problem communicating these contents to the players... (we as in fatemasters trying to communicate it, and players trying to understand it) Therefore I looked through this forum and read some example prologues. They read nicely, but I am still not sure, how to include the above mentioned contents, or how they really have been included. Do you go directly about it? Do you make an extra prologue for the one, who's fate you wish to incorporate this very session? Do you openly suggest "this will be a fight-heavy adventure, with no real magic, but some investigation" or such like? How do you go about it? In general we have a lot of trouble involving the fates altogether. We had 3 sessions, and not a single fate was obvious for us... so none resolved. I was mastering one session, in the lines of "Funeral Parlor Tricks" from the Fatemasters Almanac. What I did was a novel like first-person telling of a newly made undead. I hinted that undead will be involved, I hinted that dead bodys are being sold, to be reanimated and used. But players told me, they didn't really see where I was getting (I realize in hindsight, I was being to cryptic, so I am aware of that). I feel it very hard to walk the thin line of hinting all above, but not revealing too much of the adventure. I don't want to tell them: "People, we will deal with undead being sold, you need a lot of investigation this time, some fight will most likely occur, and of course, it is about necromancy. Oh, and Marcus, this time your fate will play a major role, so beware." Or is that something you might do, in the first sessions, until you get a hang of it? What to do? How do you handle this? Some helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.
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