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  1. Greetings Mali-peeps, Sorry for the lack of consistency lately, had a bunch of life happen lately. But we are BACK!!! So we are planning on keeping it on Tuesday nights, but hoping to be present at 5pm. Feel free to arrive at whatever time you need to join the fun. Also, I will be available for demos as desired. If you want a demo on a different night, feel free to message me and we can arrange something. I am looking forward to meeting you all!
  2. Greetings all! We are trying to get a Tuesday night Malifaux Night going at Hobby Town USA in Westminster (9120 Wadsworth Blvd Westminster, CO 80021). This will be starting Tuesday, November 10th, 2015, I am planning on getting there at 6pm, traffic permitting and will be ready and willing to provide demos for any that are interested.
  3. Greetings all! J&J Pack N Ship is kindly hosting a Malifaux demo night on Thursday, November 6th. The demos will start at 5:00pm and go until they kick us out. The address is 1324 U.S. 85, Fountain, CO 80817. Their phone number is (719) 392-2050. I hope to see you there!
  4. Greetings! I have the latest installment of ShieldBreakers Presents: Malifaux 101 hot off the...umm, computer screen? Anyways, this time we are addressing line of sight, things that effect it, and anything else we could think of that may be relevant. I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a note below
  5. Greetings Breakers! I have another new face for you to meet: Please give a warm Breaker Welcome to DamStreight! I guess the Guild got tired of the Ten Thunders raining on their parade, so the Governor sent DamStreight's Lady Justice crew straight to the heart of the problem to try and take down the Overlord's Misaki crew herself. I hope you enjoyed watching the report, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, please leave them in the comments below!
  6. Greetings! The second installment of our Malufaux 101 Tutorial series outlines the set-up page in the Malifaux rulebooks. While doing these things in the exact order presented is not always necessary for friendly games, it is important to know for tournaments and leagues. I hope you enjoy and please leave any questions, comments, or concerns below
  7. Greetings all! I have another video battle report for your viewing pleasures. This time around we have Misaki facing off against Zoraida, who, in the words of the Overlord, is a bad, bad, woman. I myself am not in this one, so you'll just have to feast your eyes on a new face. Lord Byron is relatively new to the Malifaux world, but is excited to learn and expand his crew. Lord Byron also plays Warhammer 40k and has done some batreps for ShieldBreakers in that game, as well as dabbling in painting tutorials. I hope you enjoy the game! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or requests, please let us know! Thanks for watching!
  8. Greetings All! If you go through the battle report pages at all, you may have seen the name ShieldBreakers Presents pop up a few times. Well, now we are trying a new venture: Malifaux video tutorials. The first one we have for you is supposed to cover the basics of playing and a few specific common scenarios. We are hoping to continue with this series and cover more specific mechanics farther down the line. We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we enjoy making them for you. If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions for future topics/scenarios to film, please let us know!
  9. The Ice Golem does indeed have a 2: melee option, however, he was trying to utilize his Smash attack, which only has a reach of 1" Part of why the Overlord did the Sprints as he did was, ironically, for the benefit of the camera, so that he could just measure once and not bog down time. I shall rein him in next time and ensure he does it properly henceforth.
  10. Over the course of the weekend of October 10th-12th I will have a table set up to run demos of Malifaux. Since the convention will be full of people with tight schedules, I will be aiming at about 5-10 minutes for each demo, gearing them towards giving interested parties a taste of the game. I have several crews if people want to try out someone specific as well. I will have all necessary supplies on hand. The convention is being held at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center at 7800 East Tufts Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80237 If anyone has any questions, please let me know.
  11. Well, It was bound to happen eventually, Lilith, the Mother of Monster, the ruling Queen of Malifaux, must take on the human that the Tyrant December has chosen as his vessel, the rising Ice-Witch, Rasputina and her cult following. Will Lilith's control of the fabris of Malifaux be any match for Rasputina's Tyrant-fed powers? You'll have to watch to find out! ShieldBreakers presents a 50ss video battle report: Thanks for watching! Please leave any comments, questions, concerns, whatever, below!
  12. Greetings! Here we have a brand new shiny video battle report featuring the Overlord's Dreamer crew facing off against MaliDave's Viktorias and co in a battle of Reckoning at 50ss We hope you enjoy! Please leave any and all comments and critiques below
  13. Thanks for the feedback. We are working on fixing the sound issues :/ As for the 100ss, while we understand that many people watch battle reports to learn general play, we thought it would be nice to show how you can vary it up sometimes just because. The time on it was about six hours
  14. Bengt: We did not find that using 100ss to build our crews resulted in a cramped board, but we both used a few pricier models rather than many small ones (i.e. I ran multiple cerberus and rattlers, rather than a bunch of ice gamin). This also meant that we did not have issues with identifying the individual models. I think the most repeats of a single type was three, which is fairly common in normal sized games as well. As for the SoulStone cahce and control hands, neither of us felt like they had any less influence than we would normally expect. As for the concerns about the format, we will definitely be taking these into consideration for our next video. Thanks everyone!
  15. We are BACK!!! And we have a doosey of a battle for you this evening: Lilith vs Rasputina, with not 30, not 50, but 100 soulstones! Are we crazy?!?...probably As usual, please feel free to leave comments, requests, and rules corrections/pointers below Thanks for watching!
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