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  1. At long last I finally went back to Lilith, and even though I think I will never be fully satisfied, I guess it is as good as I can be bothered to make it atm ^^
  2. Thanks for the nice comments as always Might try to paint the stone the same colour as the rest, but still not sure :/ @Clawz: What you suggest might have been a better option, though I dont think it would have send the same kind of message, but at least I might have avoided all the drama ^^ IMO the size of the freebooter miniature fits perfect for Malifaux, I might even have wanted it a bit bigger. Oh and I have just been featured on CMON, as a "Blast from the past" ^^
  3. So a new round of questions: 1. I know that other models can block LOS, but do they also give any kind of cover? I am pretty sure they dont, but the player I played with wanted me to ask 2. I am a bit unsure on Lilliths ability "tangled shadow", does the model within 6 and the targeted model simply swap places, or does the targeted model need to be placed in B2B with Lilith afterwards? 3. If a model want to take a flurry action against a target with terrifying, does he need to discard the card before or after the horror check?
  4. Thanks for the nice comments as always The model is this one from Freebooter: http://www.freebooterminiatures.de/en/catalog/43 Though I altered her a bit, and shaved off all the things sticking through her skin, as I am going to do a lot of freehand stuff on her - and she is almost double the size of Wyrds new Nekima model... which is not saying a lot lot, as that damn model is tiny as hell... and yes I am still a bit pissed about it ^^ The rock she is standing on is something I have added myself, as the original model stands on a square metal thing, so I had to replace it some
  5. I am a bit busy these days, so I dont have the time to give you any in-depth critic atm. But I just had to quickly come to the thread and say that you are doing awesome! I really like your three new models, everything is so clean and tidy ^^ I usually get a bit frustrated when I look at models from new people, because everything is a mess, but I actually get all calm when I look at your models... I know I probably have some kind of painting OCD
  6. Thank you so much for your support everyone, I really needed that - I have contacted Cmon, though they have not responded yet, but things seems to have calmed down a bit at least. Aaaanyway this painting blog will now resume to be about... painting again ^^ This is a VERY early Nekima proxy, she is only about 25% done at most, but I thought I had to take pictures of something to get everything back on track
  7. Many thanks Linus, I will be painting him for my Dreamer crew And holy hell that Russian guy is angry, now he have commented on my picture again: "гавно покрашено ,тебе только свиней и красить мудак!!!" With google translate: "shit colored, you only pigs and dyeing asshole !!!" ... at what point can I report this guy for harassment, I have been nothing but calm and civil, even when he and his friends went to my mini and gave it a 1 without reason O_o
  8. I understand what you guys mean by not taking Cmon seriously, but I am really having a hard time not voicing my opinion with stuff like this. And as I have said before, I fully agree that the mini itself is worth more then a 1, however cheating is cheating- if I cheat on half an exam in school, I will still fail the entire exam. If he posts the picture without the photoshopping, I will happily give him a proper rating.
  9. I fully agree that the model itself does not deserve a 1, but rather a strong 8. However the trend of using photoshop is really starting to grow on Cmon, and I really think it is an awful thing. I might take it to seriouse, but when I see some of the truly amazing artists on that side, get the same score as some fakes that only paints "okay" but cheats by using photoshop... that really annoys me. But I am also thinking about getting into puttyandpaint.com instead, think there are a lot less of those things on that forum. I just need an invite to the side as it is invitational only... I hav
  10. Thanks for the nice comments, I also think Miss Ery have some potential, but atm she is only about 60% done though The drops of blood is made with some thin steel wire glued on, then painted black, and then I add a mix of Uhu glue and Tamiya red and paint it on the steel wire And yes apparently it does bother him, that out of almost 700 screaming fans that seems to completely ignore the fact that it has been photoshopped, and giving it 9-10, a single person has called him on his photoshop and given it a score fitting to what he have done... and the fact that he took his time to write
  11. The problem is that he have 671 votes, so that single 1rating means nothing to him. However I only have 37 vote, so those 1rating are really pulling me down :/ Aaaanyway, I have taken some new photos of my WIP stuff Mr. Graves again: I have altered his face a bit, and made all the transitions a bit more smoth. I am still not sure if I am happy with his face, so that will need a bit more work. I also dont know if I need to do some more work on his purple cloth and the gradient work there? - and I only took a front picture this time, as I have not done a lot of work to the oth
  12. So I just had a really bad experience on Cmon, I rated this picture a 1: http://www.coolminiornot.com/373391?browseid=11245136 because I really dislike heavy photoshopping on pictures in this hobby, and also gave an explanation why to the artist- you can look in the comments. But now I have had people come to my photo and rate my Gracie a 1 without any reason, I even had the artist himself go to my profile and give me a 1 and write angry russian to me. He later deleted his comment but left his vote: Rating: 1 "говно покрашено !!! иди поучи жену щи варить , мудак." If this i
  13. So last match I had with a somewhat new player, he suddenly told me something I was so sure about, that I have never spared it a second thought. I have always been told that with duels like a terrifying duel, you have to exceed the number, and not just match it. In other words if you have terrifying 13, the enemy model have to get a 14... but apparently this seems to be wrong, so you only have to match it to be successful? >>
  14. Will the nvidia gtx970 be enough for this, or will I have to get the 980 then?
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