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    Tara crew

    I just finished a 50ss game against Lady Justice. I took Tara's crew, plus three Death Marshals. Strategy was Squatter's Rights. I didn't try anything too tricky in the start, but sent Tara off to outflank some models while the void wretches ran for the corners to tag squatter markers. The rest of the crew went right into the middle. It was a fun game, and I thought that I was on the losing end for the first half of the game. Then the Nothing Beast escaped the coffin an enemy Death Marshal had tossed him into and just went to town, Obliterating models left and right. At one point, Tara used Eternal Journey to teleport back to her deployment zone at the top of the turn, right after Lady J had run up to hack at Karina and a Death Marshal. Lady J ended up stuck in one of my Dead Marshal's coffins for most of the game, while Karine layered on the burning on slow and Tara hit people with her greatsword. Tara's quite fun with lots of little tricks, and being able to reactivate at the end of the turn is quite awesome. They're pretty fragile, but the Death Marshals bring some much-needed resistance to the list. I'm looking forward to playing around with some other Resser models as well; Flesh Constructs could be quite fun, I think. All in all, a very thumbs up for the Herald of Obliteration crew.
  2. Mason

    Tara crew

    I've got a Vassal game planned for tomorrow, likely my Tara vs Lady Justice at 50ss. I'll take notes and post them up once the game is finished.
  3. It does seem a bit weird, yes. Thanks for the replies!
  4. And just to point out the obvious, picking up the new rulebook might not be a bad idea, either. It has the stats for all of the Wave 1 models in it - including Lady J and Rasputina - so in theory you could just play your crews out of that without needing to purchase the Arsenal Packs. But having cards for your models is really handy, so the Arsenal Packs are still a good idea.
  5. Incorporeal: This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push. My questions is, does this mean that an incorporeal model can just move to the top of a nearby building without having to "Climb" it at a speed of 2" per Height point of movement. In other words, if an Incorporeal model is standing an inch away from a Ht 3 building, how many inches does it have to move to get on top of the building? Can it climb the building?
  6. The board is more or less finished! The water effects turned out pretty well: I added some lichen to the riverbanks, which should serve as some decent soft cover. I've moved on to working on terrain, which I'll continue to update in this thread as I go.
  7. We'll be holding another M2E demo event at Universal Bits and Games this next weekend. Feel free to stop in and play a game, or to just ask questions about the new edition! Place: Universal Bits and Games, 3920 S. Western Ave Suite #2, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57105. (The store is in the back of the building, with an external entrance) Store Phone: (605) 271-7660 Time: 1 pm - 6 pm, Saturday, Aug 10th.
  8. I used Cabot "penetrating wood stain," the dark walnut shade. The board is more or less finished at this point, so I'll get some pictures soon. Then it's on to terrain pieces!
  9. Thanks! When it comes to the water effects, I basically cheated. Mix Bottle A with Bottle B and pour it into place where water needs to be.
  10. Progress! I've done quite a bit since the last update, so in order: I finished staining the huts and bridges: First, I gave the river bottom a rough layer of green paint: Then, I added rocks to the bottom of the river and went over the whole board with some foliage: I've *just* poured the water effects on, so once that's finished setting I'll have some pictures of what it looks like with an actual river.
  11. I ended up removing one of the other side as well, leaving just four bridges total. The best laid plans of mice and gremlin architects and all.
  12. The bridges are finished, so I tossed everything that's half-done onto the table to see how it looked. The board itself is still very brown, as I haven't added any vegetation or water effects to it or the mushroom trees yet. Similarly, the huts and bridges are very bright because I haven't yet stained them. It's so very Work In Progress. I need to find a few flat rocks to base and use as terrain, I think. Anyways, pictures: EDIT: I think I might drop one of the three bridges in a group there, now that I've looked at it from a new perspective.
  13. That is the plan. I've got four of my six bridges finished and should have the other two done tomorrow. I'll take some quick pictures before I set down to stain them and the shacks.
  14. Yup! That step is a bit down the line still, but I've got it already picked out and sitting on the table for when the time comes.
  15. Those are both very handy suggestions, thank you! The coat of white glue worked like a charm, but I'll keep those in mind for future projects.
  16. Work continues! I've got the foam cut - my first time using a hot wire cutter - and glued to the board, and coated with a layer of white glue which (hopefully) will keep it from being utterly dissolved by the spray paint that is the next step. I need to get some more wooden craft sticks to start building bridges... Oh, and some work-in-progress giant mushrooms. They're still a bit aways from being finished, but I thought that I would snap a quick picture and toss it up.
  17. Hello everyone! My name is Mason, and we'll be holding our first Malifaux Demo on Saturday, July 27th, at Universal Bits and Games. Place: Universal Bits and Games, 3920 S. Western Ave Suite #2, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57105. (The store is in the back of the building, with an external entrance) Store Phone: (605) 271-7660 Time: 1 pm - 6 pm, Saturday, July 27th. We'll be showing off the 2E Beta ruleset, so if you're interested in learning how to play or just want to check the game out, feel free to stop in and take a look!
  18. Hello everyone! I'm starting construction on a bayou board for my local game store and thought that it might be neat to chronicle my progress in a thread. So far, I've begun construction on the four gremlin shacks that I plan to have as moveable terrain. The first is finished but not painted, while the second is still in need of its roof and front door (and thus I didn't bother to take a good picture of it just yet). Lynch decided to pose out front just to give everyone a sense of scale.
  19. Hello! A friend and I just picked up the game, him with Seamus and myself with Kirai. We're looking forward to learning how to play, since the setting, miniatures, and a glance at the mechanics are all seeming very cool.
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