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  1. I need the full compliment of Yan Lo cards. I have the wave 1 Guild and Outcast decks.
  2. Not I, at any rate. Tara was fun to play against at GenCon, though. Because no one knew how to play her yet
  3. Haha, I've played Ressers since the first time Malifaux was at GenCon. I'm not quitting now because they're popular. I'm banking on Guild getting more people in the 2nd wave due to Lucius.
  4. I also think the solo scenario can be fun if you're bored and just want to flip some cards.
  5. She can tank pretty well. I've gotten some good use out of her. She's not the best thing we have, obviously, but I wouldn't say she's useless.
  6. Then don't do it, doesn't matter to me. It works for the time being, probably not when people get used to it. You don't score Sand until turn 2, but you can use your first turn AP to set it up. Unless you're playing against Guild, there isn't a ton that gets rid of the Scheme markers. I don't believe Nico's dog swarm is unstoppable, and to be honest, I don't like Canine Remains as much as Necropunks. I've mostly been winning with Nicodem by taking three Punks, two belles, and pulling whatever their biggest threat is across the table by at LEAST turn 2 (Sometimes Turn 1) and flurrying
  7. Valedictorian can be decent at things like Table Quarters with Nicodem, where Morti would be too slow. Other than that, ya.
  8. That is true of the original, but I like my alternate the best. As for belles, the one who is leaning forward is probably my favorite now. But I gave her one of the old parasols, as the new ones look too small/lame. It looks pretty good. I use her mixed with original belles.
  9. I would like to point out, don't look as Ressers at a "Summoning" faction. Consider them a faction who CAN summon. You'll win more games that way. I've watched a lot of new Resser players either quit the faction or the game because they get too caught up him making models, then losing terribly on Strategies/schemes. Especially in 2.0. Note that doesn't count for Doug, because summoning as you kill is MAD SCIENCERY
  10. Haha, Finecast. My friend had a Necron something or other with a staff. He put it together then sat it down on a table. Within 10 minutes, the staff collapsed under it's own weight and snapped. It wasn't where any glue was, either. I do enjoy painting metal better, because of the textures. Other than painting, I like plastic.
  11. Mehter

    M2E Scale

    It is indeed a word
  12. Mehter

    M2E Scale

    Belles are about the same height. They are a lot more slender, however. Their parasols are MUCH smaller. In fact, I took a metal parasol (minus the shaft) and put it on the belle who is leaning forward slightly. It looks much better, and doesn't seem out of place, or on a different scale.
  13. Mehter

    M2E Scale

    I'm sure there will be. I plan to mix all sorts of models.
  14. I didn't have a problem with the arm itself. The hand seems large because she has some sort of power glove-esque/gem thing on top of it. It looked kind of weird to me as well, until I painted it. The Ronin I had the most trouble with was the kneeling one. Her head seemed too big to fit under her arms in the way it's depicted. I had to do some tinkering to get it to fit.
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