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Found 9 results

  1. Heigh ho, Old player returning after years away. I called up the web store and found out that the Faction Packs won't be reprinted and are out of of stock. Does anyone have any solutions for cards? I have well over 100 models without stat cards and no really affordable way to replace or find new ones. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm checking out my local game stores and hunting for some necessary cards on Wargame Vault and other secondhand places, but I was hoping people had some better suggestions/solutions. Does anyone have any faction packs or ways to find them? Appreciate any help.
  2. Has anyone got a Cujo card/2 Molemen cards for sale/trade please? I`m based in the UK
  3. I am planning on making my triumphant return to Malifaux, and I am looking to get the lay of the land. I have not played since the second edition beta. In first edition the Masters I enjoyed most were Leveticus, Hamlin, and Ramos for their ability to manipulate your deck and hand to such an extreme level. I know a lot of the goofy draw mechanics were removed in second edition. My question is what is left? Who really messes with the fate deck and manipulates the odds of the game in an extreme way? Can I build a crew around this fact? -Hopeless
  4. HI everyone! I purchased Willie from a Twitter buddy recently, but was super disappointed that, though the model is the same, the card included is the old version. I'm looking to buy the 2E card, if anyone has an extra, or a lead that might help me out? Can anyone help? Thanks! ~wolp
  5. Hello all I've recently added the Dark Carnival to my collection and run into a problem: I can't fit all the stat cards in the box I had been using! What do other people do with their card collections once they get a bit bigger? I've managed to restrain myself and only collect 1 faction (Arcanists) but have still pokemon'd most of them so my stack of cards quite high! I've already culled duplicate minion cards (I'm making additional damage grids to slip onto the 1 card) and was trying to think of a way I would be able to view & sort them all while I'm building the crew, as well as using them once the game starts. I used to use card binders & sheets when I Warmahorded but I haven't found one of those that was in landscape orientation, though I suppose indiviual sheets might work - business card folders would work but they all seem to be for smaller sized cards. At the moment I have them all vaguely sorted by which master they are thought to go with (frozen hearts with Raspy, beasts with Marcus etc) but recently I increased my M&SU substantially (albeit with minimal game time so far) which is why I've recently had trouble with the sorting.
  6. Welcome to M2E all! Had my first game of M2E last night and it was a blast. I really like how the rules have cleaned up and streamlined the game. As a new player, the game took half the time a game of 1.5 did. I found that I often had to refer to the rules to check schemes and strategies. With all the models, terrain, cards etc on the table it was a bit crowded to be having the book out as well. As a result, I quickly made some Strategy and Scheme reference cards. MALIFAUX GURUs/MODs/ASSASSINS please feel free to let me know if these are an IP violation and/or if you'd like me to remove them as no threat etc is intended. They created solely for the personal use of the players of Malifaux (preferably those that own a rulebook) as a reference and for ease of play. You can find the link to the Strategies Cards on my GoogleDocs here. Just download and print them off. Cut the cards out, fold them in half and laminate them or what have you & you're good to go. I will be finished the Scheme cards within the next couple of days as children & wife allow. When they are completed, I'll add the links to the documents here as well as in my signature. Feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated.
  7. I stumbled on a bit of confusion concering the wording of "The Void". Hamelin is allowed to draw a card each time the (nominated) opposing player plays a control card. Does this mean that the Hamelin player get to draw a card even when the opposing player discards a control card (when using relentless, for instance), or does it only apply when cards are added by cheating fate in duels?
  8. Just out of interest, after an errate is released. Are later versions of the cards re-printed with corrections? And if not, why not?
  9. We need Malifaux greeting cards to tell those who play Malifaux how we really feel about them in the most weird and twisted way possible. Henchmen, don't forget to have your LGS sign one and send it to Eric and Nathan! Better yet, make your own and send it in! Printing out your own greeting card is easy. 1) Download the attached PDF file. 2) Open the file in your favorite PDF viewer. 3) Print it out, but don't shrink it to fit. It is designed with page margins already in mind. 4) Trim the blank edges. 5) Fold the top (upside down edge) down along the white edge so it is outside. 6) Fold the inside along the white edge so Seamus in on the inside. 7) OPTIONAL: Sign the card or add your own clever message on the inside. Remember, the message MUST be clever! Seamus Preview Outside Seamus Preview Inside Kirai Preview Outside Kirai Preview Inside Rasputina Outside Rasputina Inside Note: I'll add links to this post for cards not on the first page. malifaux_valentine.pdf malifaux_valentine_kirai.pdf malifaux_valentine_Rasputina.pdf
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