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    Henchman limit?

    Can you hire a master led crew with multiple henchmen?
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    2nd March - Monday Preview

    That Trixiebelle -- I think I'm in love
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    Gremlins vs Ressers - help!

    So I have been completely dominated lately by ressurrectionists, Seamus & Molly, in particular. My list has included Ophelia with 2-3 kin, Rooster rider, and McTavish. Just no match for summoning and lure. Any suggestions?
  4. April 2nd 7pm-10pm demos & painting April 7th 1pm-6pm Soulstone Sunday (Open Gaming) April 9th 7pm-10pm demos & painting April 14th 1pm-6pm Soulstone Sunday (open Gaming) April 21st 12pm-7pm Soulstone Sunday (24ss tournament) April 28th 12pm-7pm Soulstone Sunday (escalation tournament) Call the store for details at 713-455-3704 ask for Dean (drogers66) R&R Comics is loctaed at 13429 Woodforest Blvd, Houston, TX 77015
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    Soulstone Sundays

    Soulstone Sundays are still going strong at R&R Comics in Houston. From 1-6pm (usually later) we have an average of 8-10 player regularly with a total following now of around 24. We're trying to start some interstore events with two other "friendly" stores in the area. More on that later.
  6. Every Sunday in February from 1pm to 6pm. Entry is $5 each week. $3/player is awarded to the weekly winner while the remainder goes toward the final payout. 25-35 soulstones. call the store for details / 713=455=3704
  7. Malifaux is exploding at R&R Comics in east Houston. Sundays are now known as "Soulstone Sundays" as players are deeply scouring Malifaux with their crews in search of the legendary "Hearthstone". The Search for the Hearthstone is an original Malifaux campaign, now in its third week. We currently have nine regular players with newcomers joining all the time. Games begin around 1 p.m. Entry into the campaign is $10 or $5 after September 1st. All moeny goes toward the prize fund. Here arethe rules HearthstoneCampaign Rumors have spread for years of a giant soulstone called the Hearthstone. The Hearthstone is said to possess the power of a hundred soulstones. It is said to have the power to restore life, reconstruct machines and even bend time. Of course all of this is rumor. Or it was until an old prospector stumbled into the train station in Malifaux carrying a crumpled piece of parchment. The parchment was a claim to a mine on the outskirts of the city. But what stirred the interest of those who witnessed it all was the scawl on the back of the claim. It read: “I have buried the damned rock where no one will find. None should possess such power. The hearthstone would make a man a god and the world would be enslaved.” The message was signed, Boris Stangefoot, a notorious cutpurse and brigand before arriving in Malifaux. Since his relocation, Mr. Strangefoot has been entangled in numerous conspiracies and plots but always managed to escape persecution. Rumors always said he was protected by a secret and very powerful benefactor. All of that, of course, became irrelevant when the Death Marshalls were called to his humble abode. The bloody scene they found led all to believe Mr. Strangefoot had met a horrible end. The prospector swore to all who would listen that the parchment had been pulled from the skeletal clutches of Strangefoot himself, The body resting deep within an abandoned shaft was recovered and identification confirmed that it was indeed that of Boris Strangefoot. This confirmation set off all the rumors which have consumed Malifaux the past few days. Strangefoot was an arcanist and had used the Hearthstone himself. Others said the mysterious benefactor used the hearthstone to protect himself and Strangefoot and its burial simply meant both men were dead. Still others argued that the Hearthstone was a living thing, not of flesh but of magic and it was it that protected Strangefoot these many years. No matter what anyone believed, one question lingered on everyone’s lips… Where did strangefoot bury the Hearthstone? And so begins the race for the Hearthstone. What is it? Where is it? All that is certain is that everyone wants it for themselves. Each player will choose one faction and one master to run throughout the campaign. Games will be played for control of the Malifaux map. When an area is fully under a player’s control, they may conduct a search for the Hearthstone in that area. The first player to find the Hearthstone will win the campaign…if they survive, of course. Games: All games will be scraps. Players may play a maximum of 4 games per week. o Each participant will begin the league controlling between 4 and 6 locations. o All participants will utilize their own Fate Decks for the generation of initial locations. o All flips for initial locations must be made under the supervision of Dean o The first flip made determines the number of initial locations a player controls. · Black Joker = 4 Starting Territories · 1 - 13 = 5 Starting Territories · Red Joker = 6 Starting Territories · Outdoor Locations 1. Hags Territory 2. Gremlin Village 3. Bayou's Edge 4. Bogs 5. Downtown 6. Industrial Zone 7. Slums (Jokers =Howling Slums; 1-7= Common Slums; 8-10= The Burn; 11-13 = The Southern Slums) 8. Quarantine Zone (1-7=East; 8-13 = West; Joker=choice) 9. Ruins 10. Mines 11. Pioneer/ Ghost Town 12. Badlands 13. sewers (Interior location) Black or Red Joker. Players Choice Challenges Players issue challenges to other players. No player may challenge the same player twice in a row. Both players “wager” a territory they control and one (while supplies last) that is uncontrolled. · The following changes to the standard Game rules will be in effect thru out the league: o Players must use the same Master/ Henchman thru out the league. o All league games will be Scraps with a 40 Soul Stone Encounter Size (Henchman being played as Masters may use their Henchman Reserve to exceed the Encounter Size in accordance with their rules on page 71 of the Rules Manual). o Players may change their crews' composition between games. o Once players have determined the locations they will "wager" for the game, both will flip a card from their fate decks. The high card determines the encounters location between those that were "wagered".. o Deployment type and Strategies are determined as normal except: § Strategies will be generated by each player from the Individual Strategies Chart on page 69 of the Rules Manual. Should both players generate the same individual strategy then the game will be considered a Shared Strategy. o Schemes may be chosen in accordance with pages 72-73 of the Rules Manual. · The Rising Power Rule: The player with the largest number of controlled locations receives a + flip during the Deploy Crews step and any one (1) initiative flip during the game. · The Prey Rule: Any player facing an opponent that has 3 or more controlled locations than they do may either select 1 additional Scheme for the encounter or receive 2 SS for their Starting Pool. o If the extra scheme is chosen it must be both unique (can not duplicate any other of your selected schemes) and announced (if you have the option). o The maximum VPs from accomplishing Strategies and Schemes (not for in-game effects such as Jack Daw's Kill Scheme or the Leagues Nemesis Rule) for the encounter remains 8. o A player may not exceed his maximum SS Pool by electing to receive the additional 2 SS to his Starting Pool from the Prey Rule. The winner of each game will be the player with the highest VP total. The difference of the victory will determine the soulstone reward. 1 VP = 1 SS 2-4 VP = 2 SS 5+ VP = 3 SS These soulstones are collected in your faction’s treasury for use later in the campaign. CONTROLLING LOCATIONS A Faction which controls ALL hexes of a location gains the location benefit. Additionally, Some specific locations offer benefits to the controlling faction as well. Location Benefits: · Outdoor Locations 1. Hag's Territory - Once per game at any time during the turn, you may reshuffle your discard pile back into your Fate Deck. 2. Gremlin Village - Once per game, one of your models may use a 0 action to make a Healing Flip. 3. Bayou's Edge - Once per game, you may add a - flip to one of your opponent's actions. 4. Bogs - During the Deploy Crews portion of the Encounter Setup, you may place one of your models up to 8" beyond your deployment zone. 5. Downtown - One of your models costs 1 less Soul Stone to hire. 6. Industrial Zone - After deployment, you may place one Scrap Counter outside of your deployment zone. 7. Slums - Once per game turn, you may add a - flip to one of your opponent's actions. The Burn – Opponent make a (-) flip on intiative Howling Slums – Once per game you may add a (+) twist to any flip The Southern Slums – Before the game, your master may make a test WP -> 13. If successful, add one soulstone to your pool (may exceed the 8/10 limit) 8. Quarantine Zone - Once per game turn, you may add a BUFF to the flip. 9. Ruins - Once per game during the Start Draw Phase, you may increase your crews maximum hand size by 1 until the End Closing Phase. 10. Mines - Once per game per area controlled a Master or Henchman model may use an Interact 1 action to gain one (1) Soul Stone. 11. Pioneer/ Ghost Town - Once per game, you may Reflip a the flip. 12. Badlands - Once per game turn you may increase the AP cost of one of your opponents Actions by 1 (max 2). 13. Sewers - During the Deploy Crews portion of the Encounter Setup, you may place up to two of your models up to 8" beyond your deployment zone. · Specific Locations 1. Theatre (DTC) - Once per game at any time during the turn, you may reshuffle your discard pile back into your Fate Deck. (Collette or Collodi may do this on even numbered turns) 2. Guild Armoury (DTB)– Once per game you may add a Ram to the flip. 3. Arcanist's Lab (The Burn)- Once per game, you may add a Tome to the flip. (Arcanist Masters may do this each turn) 4. Resurrectionist's Lab (WQZ-C) Once per game, you may add a Crow to the flip. (Resurrectionist Masters may do this each turn) 5. Guild Library (Industrial C)- Once per game, you may add a + flip to one of your models actions. (Guild Masters may do this each turn) 6. Necropolis (Sewers Both QZ)- After deployment, you may place one Corpse Counter outside of your deployment zone. 7. Guild Holding Facility (CSlums A)- One of your models costs 1 less Soul Stone to hire 8. Warehouse (SSlums - After deployment, you may place one Scrap Counter outside of your deployment zone. 9. Research Facility (CSlums D)- Once per game, you may add a + flip to one of your models actions. 10. Cave/ Mine System (Any Mine)- Once per game a Master or Henchman model may use an Interact 1 action to gain a Soul Stone. 11. Ancient Ruins (Any Badlands)- Once per game during the Start Draw Phase, you may increase your crews maximum hand size by 1 until the End Closing Phase. (Neverborn Masters may do this each turn) 12. Large Tavern (Any Slum)- Once per game, one of your models may use a 0 action to make a Healing Flip. (Outcast Masters may do this each turn) 13. Collapsed City Block (Any Ruins)- After deployment, you may place one Corpse Counter outside of your deployment zone. NEMESIS After a crew suffers its fourth loss to the same opposing master, the player may choose to name that master his NEMESIS. Once chosen, the nemesis remains for the remainder of the campaign. All games against the chosen master for the remainder of the campaign are Nemesis Games and generate the effects below: · All friendly models gain “Stubborn” for the encounter. · All Initiative flips receive a (+). · All melee attacks against the Nemesis receive a (+) · VPs from strategies/schemes involving the Nemesis specifically, gain +1VP. · If the Nemesis wins the encounter, he receives +2 Soulstones. USING SOULSTONES Crews accrue soulstones by winning encounters. Aside from spending them to search (see below) they can gain other advantages as well throughout the campaign: · Killjoy: either player may spend 6 SS to have killjoy join the encounter. Place him in the center of the table. Any model from either side may perform a (1) Interact action within 2” of Killjoy to attempt to bribe him to join their side. The bribe is offered in soulstones. The bribing player offers a number of soulstones, then the opposing player flips. If the value of the flip is less than twice the number of soulstones offered, killjoy agrees to join that faction and the soulstones are spent. If the flip fails, the soulstones are not lost; however, Killjoy will make an immediate cleaver attack against the model. If no one controls Killjoy, he will charge the nearest visible model as per Blood Price. · Hiring Mercenaries – Mercenaries may only be hired to join the crew by using funds from your soulstones earned through victory. This does not inhibit masters with special “hiring” rules from hiring special model types from other factions and only applies to hiring models with the mercenary trait. · Spying – before an encounter, a player may spend soulstones hiring spies to gain information about the enemy. A maximum of 5 SS may be spent this way per encounter. The information gained grants the following effects: Before the deployment, flip a card and add the ss spent to the final value. <8 -You receive a (-) on Initiative for the first 4 turns. 8-9 – nothing useful was learned 10-11 – You receive a (+) on intiative for the first two turns 12-13 – You may deploy up to two models 6” beyond your deployment zone 14-15 – You gain (+) on Initiative for the first four turns 16-17 – Your opponent must announce his schemes (if any) 18 – Your opponent must announce his schemes (if any) AND receives no extra VPs for doing so. 19 – Choose one of the following. This effect lasts for the first three turns. · (+1) Action · Companion (any other model in the crew) · Scout Searching for the Hearthstone. Once a Faction controls an entire Section of the city it may conduct a search for the hearthstone. The faction may spend soulstones from its treasury to draw additional cards (up to five/search). Searching players draw five cards. If the total value of these cards is > 60 the Hearthstone is found. The search automatically fails if the black joker is drawn at any point. If the search fails, but the search total is 50+ the faction gains a Healing flip of soulstones and a location flip. This is a clue to the real location of the hearthstone. The faction holds the clue card until it can conduct a search of that location. At that time, the faction discards the clue card and draws only four cards to the search hand. The clue card grants 15 additional points to the total. Players may search on Sundays only, but may search in multiple locations. However, only one search may be modified by soulstones as this represents the master and the bulk of the resources of the faction conducting the search. FINDING THE HEARTHSTONE… When a player is successful in their search, that location becomes the location of the campaign finale as all other factions race to take it from them. The finale game is a 45 point Brawl with all players participating. It will be played on a 6x4 table. The finding player deploys first in the center (10” radius) of the table. Each other player flips for deployment. The winner chooses a piece of terrain at least 12” from the finding player. He deploys his crew within or in base contact with that terrain piece. Each successive player repeats until only four remain. Each other player uses corner deployment. The strategy is shared, but determined by the nature of the hearthstone. The finding player flips. · The GODSTONE. The hearthstone is a huge chunk of soulstone. The wielding master counts as having an inexhaustible supply of soulstones to use, though the use follows normal rules. · The DEVIL’S ROCK. The Hearthstone is actually a power conduit. For the cost of one’s life energy, anything is possible. The Hearthstone works as above except after each use, the master must make a WP -> 15 flip or suffer 1/2/4 damage that can not be prevented by any means. · The GHOSTSTONE. The Hearthstone is actually a vessel containing the souls of all of those trapped on the wrong side of the Breach when it closed. Anyone possessing it will gain the following abilities: o Regeneration 2 o Slow to die o Hard to kill o Surge (BB) o (1)Life Transference: WP ->11 or Ghoststone becomes inert. Friendly model within 6” performs a healing flip with a (+) twist o **Inert: Ghostsone possesses no abilities. Model possessing the Ghoststone may perform a (2) Interact to remove Inert. Any model doing so suffers 2 damage. · The MONSTERROCK. The hearthstone is alive. The Stone pulsates with life energy and defends itself against any who would possess it. The Hearthstone should be represented by a 50mm base model. It has the following stats: WK/CG HT WP CA DF WD -/- 3 3 8 8 3 12 Armor 3 Hard to kill Hard to wound 1 Magic resistant 2 Immune to influence Ruthless Boom! X10 4 Dg Instinctual (+1) Actions: (1) Drain Soul (Cb: C Rst: Df Rg: 12”) Target model is slain and removed from the game unless its controller discards two control cards or two soulstones. (1) Call the Dead (pulse)12. Discard corpse counters in range and place with a mindless zombie in base contact before removing it. (0) Control the Dead: This model companions with any mindless zombie within 18” and those models lose mindless. Spells: (1) Blinding Burst (CC: 12 Rst: Df Rg: (burst)6) opposing models suffer a (-) twist on all actions until start of closing phase. ---------- Post added at 08:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:48 PM ---------- Also, for those in the Houston area who are still curious about this strangely inticing game, demo games can be found each Tuesday evening at R&R Comics from 6p.m. to 10p.m.