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  1. So, what are people's thoughts on summoning in 3e? In 2e summoning got way out of control, and I'm glad that in 3e they severely reigned it back in, but I'm thinking it wasn't reigned in enough. Anything that adds models during a game is so powerful that it's going to be nearly impossible to balance (which is why nearly every other miniatures game out there would never touch summoning mechanics with a 10ft pole). Personally I'd prefer if summoning were just removed from the game, but since that isn't likely to happen any time soon, I've been trying to think of ways to bring summoning more in line with everything else in the game. Would any (or a combination, or all of) the following work: - Summoned models are all Insignificant - Summoned models all come on with only 1 Health - Summoned models are removed at the end of the turn following the one they're summoned into - Summoning is limited to models of a certain SS cost (like 5 or less) - Summoning a model requires you to spend a soulstone in addition to any other costs I'm thinking that even with all the changes I mentioned above, summoning will still be excessively powerful, but I'm not sure what else can be done. Is summoning just always going to be the uber-broken power of Malifaux? Is anyone else using house rules for summoning that seem to be working for them?
  2. Does anyone happen to still have a copy of the Malifaux 3e mod for Tabletop Simulator? I would love to grab a copy to see how it compares to the vassal mod.
  3. I have some 2e miniatures I'm interested in selling or trading. All are assembled and a good number are painted. All come with 2e stat cards and upgrades, and a few come with 3e stat cards (as noted below). All prices are listed in USD and shipping is extra (although if you live nearby I'm more than happy to arrange for local pickup). Paypal only please. - Haves lucius (with 3e card) $12 the scribe (with 3e card) $8 dashel (with 3e card) $12 lawyer x2 (the two males versions from the 3e box, including 3e cards) $4 each guardian (with 3e card) $6 hunter x2 (with 3e cards) $10 each colette (with 3e cards) $15 mechanical dove x3 (with 3e cards) $3 each cassandra (with 3e cards) $15 performer x2 (with 3e cards) $5 each rasputina (with 3e cards) $15 wendigo (with 3e cards) $10 december acolytes x3 (with 3e cards) $5 each som'er (1e metal) $15 skeeter x2 $2 each lenny $15 $150 + shipping for the lot - Wants (open and assembled are fine as long as everything is undamaged, complete, and unpainted) 3e rasputina crew box (everything except snow storm) The Lone Marshal Tuco Serena Bowman Joshua Fitzsimmons Order Initiates x3 Amina Naidu Union Miner x3 Silent One x2 Kandara Essence of Power
  4. As the title says, I'm looking for Hanged, Gaki, & Domador de Cadaveres. Assembled and primed is OK, as long as the miniatures are complete, undamaged, and not painted. If you have some or all of what I'm looking for (preferably all to save on shipping) please PM me with prices. Thanks.
  5. Jack Daw is one of the hardest masters to pin down to a faction. He's not exactly a necromancer, but he's also not really a mercenary for hire either, so he doesn't really fit in with either the Resurrectionists or Outcasts. The only reason he's Outcast at all is because the faction used to be a dumping ground for everything that didn't fit in anywhere else. Now that it's the Mercenary Alliance (maybe Wyrd should consider changing the name of the faction) Jack Daw fits in even less. Considering his theme and primary hiring pool I think the best fit for him is single-faction Resurrectionist and just drop him from Outcast entirely. Even that's not perfect, but it's better than anything else.
  6. I'm really not a fan of adding a merc tax to every in-faction model that doesn't share the master's keyword. People react better to positive reinforcement rather than negative, plus keeping themed crews as optional is always better than making them the rule. There should be a benefit to playing themed crews rather than a penalty for playing crews that aren't. Just make it so themed crews gain a crew-wide bonus, or make abilities that work better with in-theme models, that way non-themed crews are just as good, but people who stay in-theme get a little bonus. Unless the intent is to completely phase out non-themed crews, in which case why not just get rid of factions entirely and have each master as their own faction.
  7. I'm located in Canada, but prices are listed in USD. I have some loose miniatures I'm interested in selling. I'd also be happy to trade, see my wants list below (assembled is fine, but I'd prefer unpainted). Miniatures are unpainted or only undercoated. Paypal only please. Shipping is extra, but I'm more than happy to arrange pick up (please contact me). - Malifaux Jack Daw crew (including nurse) $35 - GW LotR 1) Cave Troll (plastic, assembled but not glued) $10 2) Treebeard $30 3) Gamling $6 4) Haldir $6 5) Elf Banner Bearer $6 6) Gandalf the White $6 Pipin (plastic) $2 Frodo (plastic) $2 Merry (plastic) $2 Sam (plastic) $2 - Ral Partha 1) 10 x Principate Spearmen (only 4 bases) $1 each / $8 for all 10 2) Nightblade (missing hair, stripped) $1.50 3) Amazon Queen (missing cloak) $1.50 - Celtos 1) Irdril $2.50 2) Danu $2.50 3) Daghda $2.50 4) Amanthas $2.50 (no sabretooth) 5) Herne $2.50 6) Eriu $2.50 7) Manannan $2.50 8 ) Titania $2.50 9) Princess Cliodna $2.50 (no bearers) 10) Cathbad $2.50 Wants: - Malifaux The Hanged Archie Gaki Night Terrors Ophelia crew box Ulix crew box Slop Haulers Banjonistas
  8. So the cards will be different dimensions from the 2e ones? I'd rather not have to buy several hundred new card sleeves that are of such unique dimensions that they'll take forever to track down and cost an arm and a leg to buy.
  9. The only thing I'm not liking about this is replacing Collodi with some boring old giant. Collodi and his puppets were interesting and unique. Giants can already be found in the bajillion other fantasy games out there. Make Euripides a henchman or something and bring back Collodi.
  10. I'm looking for the following miniatures. Assembled or NoS is fine. I do prefer unpainted or only primed. Guild Riflemen (all 3) The Hanged (both) Metal 1e Guild Guard (the two sold separately and the one from Lucius' crew box)
  11. I'm currently looking for a 2E Lucius box with or without the two Guild Guard (preferably without). I'm also looking for the three metal Guild Guard (the two sold separately and the one sold with the metal Lucius crew box). I'd prefer either bare plastic/metal or primed. Either assembled or still on the sprue is fine.
  12. I have an extra Miss Step I would like to trade for either a plastic vintage Hamelin, or a metal avatar Hamelin. I'd also be willing to sell the Miss Step for $25 USD + shipping (I'm located in Canada). I don't mind if the Hamelin miniature is assembled or undercoated, as long as it's undamaged, complete, and unpainted.
  13. I have an extra Miss Step I would like to sell. I'm asking for $25 USD + shipping. I would also be more than happy to trade (assembled and undercoated is fine as long as they are undamaged, complete, and unpainted). Currently I'm looking for: metal hamelin avatar or plastic vintage hamelin gaki the drowned the hanged jaakuna ubume
  14. Have you read the fluff in book 5? Either dual faction is gone, or the fluff and the rules are going to have nothing to do with each other from now on.
  15. There are three problems with keeping Malifaux 2E, or just doing a 2.5 update. The first is that even with book 5, people are already crying "power creep" and "model bloat". Doing more of the same for book 6 would only intensify the problem and likely drive people away from any new releases, possibly the entire game. The second problem is that a band-aid isn't going to fix Malifaux. Timing and vantage points are two huge problems, but you only need to look at the errata (which is up to, what, 70+ entries now or something) to see how many more cracks need to be patched. That's way too much for just a 2.5 update to handle. The third, and possibly biggest, problem is that book 5 gave a very strong suggestion that dual faction is being eliminated from Malifaux. Unless the people at Wyrd decide to take the fluff and the game in completely different directions, keeping dual faction in the game just wont make sense any more. You can't just eliminate dual faction in a 2.5 update, it's going to require a whole new version of the game. Normally I balk at the idea of a new edition of a game, but I very much think that Malifaux could only benefit from going to 3E. From everything that's been happening recently I would be tremendously surprised (and a little disappointed) if the next Malfiaux book wasn't 3E. Edit: Sorry, meant the FAQ, not the errata, and it's up to 150+ entries, not 70+
  16. I'm a little worried about what this kind of errata means for the future of Malifaux. Each time a new wave of miniatures is released are a bunch of older models suddenly going to drop in SS cost? Is the problem that older models aren't good and overcosted, or is the problem that newer models are too good and undercosted? Maybe instead of cutting the costs of older models, newer ones should have been bumped up.
  17. Looks like the PM didn't come through, I'm not showing any new messages in my inbox. Not sure if there was a glitch or if it's just taking a while to come through but you may need to try resending it.
  18. Located in Canada. Prices are in USD. Shipping is extra and I do accept paypal. Plastic female gunsmith (fully painted, no card) $5 (pic: https://tristansnexus.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/gunsmiths.jpg) Hamelin's plague cloud $5 Metal male gunsmith (new in blister) $6 Metal steampunk arachnid swarm (new in blister) $5.50 Metal Ramos Avatar (new in blister) $17.50 Metal Lady Justice Avatar (complete and unassembled) $15 Oxfordian Mages (new in box) $16.50 Fire Gamin (new in box) $14.50 Dr Alexei (new in bag) SOLD Nightmare Coryphee (new in bag) $40 pic of all the miniatures: https://tristansnexus.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/malifaux.jpg
  19. 1. 12/30/2016 2. Ironsides, Colette, Lenny, Death Marshal A, Francisco, Papa Loco, Guardian, Daydream A, Rotten Belle A, Killjoy (because Carver can now be used as Killjoy) 3. All were the new cards with the eratta
  20. When a marker size isn't mentioned it always defaults to 30mm.
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