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  1. raderk

    July 2018 Errata

    Really hoped for getting rid of gamin giving positives but still thanks for this Wyrd!
  2. raderk

    The Dreamer in GG18

    Current dreamer is bottom tier. Summoning is the weakest - between amount of alpha strikes (and ways to threat things out range) his Df 4 Wd 6 will not last. Having just 6 cards wont help either since youre losing resources when using Df Trigger and losing resources when you summon, and his main offensive weapon are stitched together whom require high cards to be useful. Therefore summoning dreamer wont last long in a attrition war due to the absurdly high amount of resources he needs and likeliness of him getting killed. And paying like 11 ss to just get your summoning tools on table is insane. Goddamn insane. Cricket is much more useful, yet still weak. I want to say that this version of Dreamer is viable since boy is my first malifaux main but his trick to increase waking after damaging kills him sadly. Theres too much that can happen and screw your combo of 4 atacks to get chompy and then youre left out to be killed. Ml 6 without any built in positives wont help either and absurd amount of highly damaging casting action makes his incorporeal obsolete. So main reasons why Dreamer is weak is that while he stays where he was before everything else made huge step forward. Incorporeal doesnt mean as much as it did years ago etc. But that was strictly competetive tournament opinion. If youre not hard bent on winning and domination you can stil have a lot of fun, its just explanation why dreamer is bottom tier. His abilites may seem strong, but they wont last in 2018 compared to powerhouses.
  3. I said few times alredy - his tankiness should move onto his melee upgrade. That would leave option to play him as beater without tanky backline
  4. This is getting ridiculus. If you pushed Lilith so far to be in range for Myranda, Anna cannot follow. Jumping all in and sacrificing everything to kill Myranda isnt a stable way to beat sandeep anyway. I will not continue in discussing this particular table interaction since were hitting moot point. I can see why you think the way you think, but i cannot agree that its a way of beating sandeep, for me its just a way to spend a lot of resources and make my list in a way that puts me at even higher disadvantage.
  5. you can summon banasuva into the forest and place one mage then push others with captain?
  6. 3 lowest card out of eight to burn enemy master activation? Thats cheap.
  7. I can push lilith with changeling and graves. Then i kill myranda. Then mages sandeep and banasuva kill lilith (shes tanky but with that many opponents she dies). I think its not worthy trade. There is little to none counterplay against Myranda, you just have to endure it and let sandeep get the cards he needs, simple as that. Even if you kill her 4 cards will still go to the sandeeps hand.
  8. Lets say that sandeep player has 12 to defend himself. Wp 18 after the duel. With +2 to the masks i need 11 of masks or higher. Thats 4 cards from the 54 cards deck. Can it work? Yes. Can it work in majority of games? No. And to kill Myranda i need two more attacks, which mean i need to start my activation 12 inches from her. Possible with all that graves and changeling pushes but very resource consuming. And sandeep has all the time in the world to counterplay me doing this.
  9. Sandeep is a queen/king of all trades doing everything and then some with no real weakness. Every other master in this game has some counterplay, sandeep is an exception. So is he overpowered or not?
  10. You mean maing two walks towards her burning a stone for a suit and trying my luck with Ca 5 against Wp 6? Is this trolling or what? And how is easy killing 7Df model which has 8 Wds and can use Soulstones?
  11. Collodi attacks mages. He hit two, third he had to cheat. So he lost one card and attacked all three mages. Too bad that all of the mages discarded a card and trigger doesnt work. Yeah its stupid collodi would attack one mage to lock him and then burn the shield on another. Great job, i used whole master activation to burn enemy 2 cards and make one 5ss model slow. Thats a lot i guess?
  12. Hes whole theme is being a generalist. You cant make him a specialist now, you would have to write him all over again. The thing is he does all generalist things too good. He can attack without a projectile for a nice range and good dmg (with a great trigger). He is the tankiest master in faction probably or on par with. He is the best summoner in his faction. he supports his crew on par with the best supporter. So instead of jack of all trades hes queen/king of all trades. Is whole faction based around IE Myranda? If so is IE Myranda seeing table every game there is (on comptetive level of course). If yes thanks for agreeing with me If not, well youre wrong i suppose? is it healthy to have whole faction designed about one model combo? Could you show me proof of IEMyranda being the main factor in balancing Arcanists? For what i see her shes just an exploit which makes AR stronger. It was strong with other master, became ridiculus with Sandeep.
  13. Sonnia has blasts and Ca 9. Kaeris and Colette are subpar masters with weaker attacks. I dont complain about collodi, too bad you missed the point where i said its huge and it wins games. Its one of the best attacks in the whole game. But it has counterplay. You see the difference?
  14. I need 4 succesful hits with different trigger to block 2 enemy models, possible but not so strong compared to sandeep i guess. And worst thing is hes very vurneable to condition removal. Also he cant lock down henchman since his triggers are after damaging. Its huge, it can win games, I love it. But it has counterplay. Sandeep? Wheres sandeeps counterplay. Drain him? With sage and reservoir he has 8 cards compared to your 6. Stones? he has 4 stones in his cache, so easy to jump up to seven. No master in this game has 5 cache if I remember correctly. Blocking LoS? Apart of Lilith i dont see a method of doing this, and stil sandeep 0 can place him 6 inches away to regain that LoS.
  15. I really wish I had so many options in my crews.