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  1. As I said I'm definitely not set on anything regarding the list really. I have not played 3e yet so I don't have a direction of how I want to take her or play to her strengths other than I'd like an aggressive list that forces the opponent to know how to deal with it or it just overruns them. Any suggestions on what to use for a list like that would be appreciated. I don't know if Sonnia wants to be in the thick of things and fighting face to face or sitting back with everything on fire and blasting at range. I'm afraid of putting her close and her just dying but if that's how she plays i
  2. What would you take out to run at 35ss that works just as well?
  3. Hello, I'm planning to run Sonnia Criid as I really don't see anyone playing her in anything being reported. I plan on running this list in a small league that starts at 35ss and goes up to 50ss. I'm trying to think of a decent all comers list to run but having a hard time doing so. Any help is appreciated since I haven't played the game in forever. I want the list to have very strong models that hold their own, can run objectives, and everything runs without much thought involved...might not be possible but eh. I was also interested in running a blaster Sonnia build but have no idea on v
  4. So my list so far consists of: Sonnia Purifying Flame Pale Rider 2x Thralls Stewart Where should I go from there for a 50ss list? Do I need to keep a pool with her or spend it all on putting models on the board?
  5. What would you use as a tournament competitive 30ss and 50ss crew with her? I haven't really thought about melee or ranged blasting since I adapt to either or on the field.
  6. I have not been able to get any games in yet of 3e but we have a few people purchasing crews around my area so hoping it has a revival since about 8 people have purchased and started painting them. I purchased the Sonnia box at the end of 2e and was wondering if anyone has any info on her and how well she's doing in 3e so far? Wondering also if what I have could be turned into a competitive crew for her? I currently have: Sonnia Purifying Flame Samuel Hopkins 2x Exorcists 2x Witchling Handlers 6x Witchling Stalkers
  7. What about Terror Tots/Nephilum? Been hearing about them with Hamelin at my venue but no one on here runs them in a crew....are they good?
  8. Basically the thing I want to find out is what figures should I buy and expect to play Hamelin with besides for what I have posted that I own. Please let me know as my venue is having a 25% sale and I would love to get everything I need while it is going on.
  9. So would this be a good list? Hamelin Nix Wretch Rat Catcher 1x Stolen 3x Rats Baby Cade 2x Night Terrors
  10. Hello, After a long time off from the game I have recently started playing again and read about the Hamelin changes. Here's what I currently have to make a crew: Hamelin the Plagued Nix Obedient Wretch 2x Rat Catchers 3x Stolen 9x Rats My big question is, are there any other figures that will become staples with a Hamelin crew now that work very well with his playstyle and such? Also what do typical 25ss or 35ss lists for Hamelin look like now?
  11. Hello everyone, I just recently went to a demo at a local game store and me and my friends have decided to play the game and I picked up the Hamelin box. I have read on here about how you can make swarms with your rats mauling things to overwhelm your opponents. Can anyone give me how a normal turn of activations and such would go for Hamelin if one was playing his group box? I think what I' am asking is basically what actions are most commonly used for your AP's? Also how does one start with only 3 rats in the game but come out with say 8-9? Any help is greatly appreciated since I' am comp
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