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Found 8 results

  1. I decided that I'd post up pictures of the minis I've paitned for what is probably my favorite space marine chapters- the Salamaners. I have painted a lot of them over the years. The first is a whole army that I painted over the course of several years for a client. For this force, we went with a sort of combined interpretation for Salamander skin- they have an African skin tones with the yellow hair that older Salamanders have had, but not the drow skin or eyes that some of them have. The force was started before the more recent wave of Salamanders, and the fluff on them has gone back and forth (some of the official painters have even done them with light Caucasian skin tones). Also, on the fire you'll notice that the flames that are painted on to represent artwork are largely done backwards (as hotrod flames often are). I did do the correct lighting on any of the actual flames the minis are displaying, as well as OSL effect for them. This is, in part, to make the real flames look more real and the painted flames to look more painted, since both are needed for the force. Anyway, here's pictures of the force, all in one place: And here's a land raider I painted for a very different Salamanders force. This one used a more vibrant green and a different interpretation of the flames. I later painted a few other Salamanders for different forces. Unfortunately, I have lost the pictures for the primarch (I'd love to have a crack at painting him again) but I do have some other salamanders photos. These ones are very much for a different set of Salamanders, and use a different type of green and many style changes: This group was more of a Kill Team. - And the one that got away- a client once had me paint up the Forge World Primarch Vulkan, along with his diorma base. I loved painting him up, but I will forever be sad that I lost the pictures I took.
  2. So I finished my Kaeris crew. I started by getting and painting the fire golem on a whim, and then realised that the Kaeris core box kinda gave me enough models to base a core crew off of that I could round out with some versatiles I already own. I have painted so much fire. Pretty pleased over all. the gamin's faces could definitely use some work but I'm rather happy with the golem, eternal flame and Kaeris herself at least! I have some WiP shots of several of the crew too but will leave it as the Crew hero shot for now.
  3. My Vision of '0' abiity. I did not like the original head, hope you like new one :)
  4. So I was reading Merris's text on the flaming bottle and it reads "Target enemy model gains the burning +3 condition. this attack ignores cover" Does this mean that if I shoot it at my own guys it does absolutely nothing?
  5. Hi there my WIP Burning Relevations Crew Starting with Kaeris: Bases ready for the models:
  6. I'm looking to fill out some of my missing pieces from different crews. I live in Australia so please factor that into any decisions made before offering to sell models. I am willing to purchase Kaeris and Mei Feng Box Sets.
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