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  1. You know, this has been up for two week, 154 views, no comment? Even for courtesy sake "thank you for your interest, but we do not announce our releases until the day after they are released"?
  2. It has been quite some tome since the expansion play test cards were released, is there anything in the horizon?
  3. Panda, thank you for your reply, this is preety much what I was looking to get. Most of your solutions don't account to misaki being 3 spaces away from your starting workbench and not exhausted, but from this entire thread I got the feeling that the misaki rush can be sorted out. I tried to house rule that you only lose the game if at the end of your turn you don't control any worbenches, but I feel that starting to house rule stuff after playing the game for less than a month is an absurd idea. I don't want to remove misaki from the equation either, as she is an integral part of the game and we should learn to deal with her. Oh, and this thread achieved another goal, it reanimated the forum :-) If this forum is so inactive, are there any other active puppet wars forums?
  4. you don't have 2 turns to reach to the other workbench, because the turns are simultaneous and misaki has animation cost of 2, she will act before you can, and the rules state that if a player has no workbenches, he loses immediately, you don't get to activate your puppet to get the other bench.
  5. I don't know the old rules... I'll be happy to get some games regardless, seems like a good platform to meet more players. Right now i'm the only player in my country...
  6. Hello! I too joined the bandwagon of crazed voodoo puppets about a month ago, bought the game from one guy who got freaked out by the amount of work he needed to assemble the game, and sold it to me for 12$, everything was NOS. I'm a miniature war-gamer (hordes) and a board gamer, so this game was right up my ally. I have extensive experience assembling and painting miniatures, so I had the entire game assembled after several hours (about 10 hours, including mold lines cleaning, assemble and GS. used superglue BTW) and was ready to rumble. A great game! loving it so much I bough small packs of buttons and stuff to make terrain. By this time , I have Lady J, Seamus, Betty Noir and 3 executioners fully painted, I will upload pics as soon as the forum will let me :-). Played my first games as soon as the models were assembled, and managed to play over a dozen games so far, especially because of the misaki problem I wrote on a different thread (Misaki problem = one minute game).
  7. i'm to trying to upload an image, it won't let me... I am a highly competitive player, I always look for broken moves and combos in the games I play and take advantage of anything I can find. But this move is not fun, it really makes the game problematic. now, to respond to your posts: regarding the guild austringer attack on the first turn, you deliberately should play the highest card you can on the first round, so that you will act after anything your opponent might do Now, picture this, first animation round, you play a high card, your opponent goes low. he gets to act first, he know you have misaki so he either summons a puppet and move it or leave it on the workbench. now as the misaki player, you have options. If he moved the puppet from the workbench, summon misaki and go to the central bench, next round play a very low card (2 if possible), and win the game. If he leaves the puppet he summoned on the workbench, you just made him lose a turn out of FEAR of what you MIGHT do. so you are able to summon anything with move 3 (a ronin, for example), and go for the workbench that is closer to lady J base (now, you are one turn away, she is two turns away). You always keep the misaki trick viable throughout the first turn. You always play a high value card to animate and react to your opponents move, and if he moves from the bench, you win. If he doesn't, you take control of the board with more puppets than he can summon (because he can't summon any) and win. The solutions you have shown are all valid if the misaki player makes a mistake. I even have found one myself (place an executioner between the workbench and misaki, he gets two attacks at her if she tries to get past him, but it forces you to take an executioner as one of your puppets and hope for the right card to play him on the first turn) but its really an uphill battle. I'll be happy to play any of you in vassal, I don't think you fully realize how powerful this is.
  8. try to do what I just wrote, if your opponent does not expect that, he will be dead in 1 minute. Than, he will try to keep the puppet on the workbench, like you wrote, and he will die in 3 minutes because he cannot get new puppets out and has to deal with you with just his master against your entire army. every choice you make to react to this move will place you in a worse position. Your goal is not to take the middle zone, it is to take/threaten your opponents bench as quickly as possible.
  9. Do not use MINE! on the middle workbench. if he summons a puppet on his workbench on his first turn, and leave it there, that means that he has no way of getting into the middle bench on his next turn, so I just use MINE!on my next animation and moves within 3 spaces from his workbench. on his next turn he moves near the middle workbench (which is now mine) and I summon there a puppet to attack.
  10. Just moving does not causes an exhaust token.
  11. Thank you for the replys. I'm talking about PWU. @CowInAPie; You start with your master ADJACENT to the starting workbench. @Doctor Lucky; The master can indeed stand on a workbench. I see that the problem is not apperent, so I will explain. It dosen't matter if the opposing master puppet start on the workbench or not. first animation round: The misaki player playes one of his high cards, getting misaki out and making her move on the central netural workbench. The second player does whatever he wants, it dosen't matter. (he can basically get out a puppet and either leave it on the workbench or move it) Second animation round:the Misaki player playes a very low card (2 if able, pokey victoria allows you to even play black jocker on this animation and guarantee you will be first), moves misaki on the opponents workbench and doing MINE!, game over. If the workbench have a model, and misaki can't stand on it and do MINE!, you basically do MINE! action on the central netural workbench (the one you stand on) and move aside, keeping 3 spaces between misaki and the opponents' workbench, he will be unable to move the model from his workbench (because if he does, you will jump in with misaki the next turn and finish the game). Now he has one master that is free to roam and one model that is pinned to the workbench, while you can start popping puppets from the central workbench and do whatever you want. Any solutions? ---------- Post added at 08:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:04 PM ---------- I will explain why this bothers me. Basically, this is the best opening I can imagine, it gives you board control, forces your opponent to play a reactive game. So what's the problem? both players will take her! The problem is that it degrades the game into "luck of the draw", and that is very problematic to a tactical miniatures game.
  12. Hello! I have been playing puppet wars for two weeks now. At the beginning we played the suggested armies from the rule book, and on map no. 1 . Seamos army ruled thous games because he did one trick the other guy had difficulaty to stop, rushing misaki first turn to the middle, and on the second turn rush her again and getting my starting base, finishing the game. Any ways dealing with this tactic?
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