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  1. Hello, Sadly I don't get to play Malifaux much anymore and need to clean out my cabinet of some models that deserve love and table time. Here's a link to the stuff I'm parting with. Thanks for looking.
  2. Harbor Freight has some battery powered ones as well that swivel.
  3. It's pretty common with things printed in China most of the shops there don't allow enough time for the stock to acclimate before printing. Which causes it to warp when the environment changes.
  4. Thanks, the sculpts are comical enough by themselves so I figured doing a slightly more sinister look would bring them more in line with my interpertation of the background material.
  5. The product is envirotex it's an epoxy based product so one coat does it most of the time. You just mix, add ink and let it sit overnight.
  6. I finally finished up the Gremlin models I've had sitting around forever. I'm really happy with how the water effects turned out. I have more photos of the completed crews posted here.
  7. I use the Light blue non toxic Testors glue and it seems to work on the Wyrd stuff exactly the same as the GW stuff. You just have to be careful applying it because it "melts" the polystyrene plastic to create a super strong bond. The nice thing about the plastic cement it if something breaks and you weld it back together it's usually a stronger bond. You can follow my exploits with the new plastics here.
  8. I'll be running demos and open gaming for Malifaux on Sunday March 24 from 12:30-4:30. Stop by to check out the game. Gamer's Gauntlet
  9. I'll be up at Gamer's Gauntlet 3/10/13 from 12:30-4:30 running demos and open gaming. Please stop by to check out the game.
  10. I'll be hosting a Malifaux Demo Day at Gamer's Gauntlet 3/3/13 from 12:30pm-4:30pm come out and try the game. Typically there are also pick-up games available during this time as well.
  11. I'll be at Gamer's Gauntlet Sunday February 24 from 12:30pm-4:30pm running Malifaux Demos. I'll also have Evil Baby Orphanage with me in case anyone wants to try out the game. Please stop by and learn more about these games.
  12. There's a large number of prefab western style building available at the moment as well as several commission painters that do custom terrain as well. Might be just what you're looking for. Here's some of my favorites: http://www.burnindesigns.net/2012/10/welcome-to-rock-ridge.html http://www.twilightemporium.net/online-store/ http://store.gcmshop.com/c/127/28mm-wild-west
  13. I finished up the avatars to go with these crews. Still experimenting to see if the iphone can replace my regular camera. But this gets across the general scheme.
  14. Thanks to everyone that made it out. I'm going to be trying to make it out at least twice a month for demos on Sundays.
  15. I'll be running demos from 12:00pm-4:00pm, Sunday January 13. Please stop by to learn more about the game.
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