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  1. Overall I agree with the OP that there is too much difference in the value of the Totems and some re-balancing would be good for game play . Perhaps making specific upgrades for Totems would be a way to go? With Totem specific upgrades and each Totem allowed 1, then with say 2 or 3 upgrades for each totem, they would also add more variation to games.
  2. Added some color coding to my earlier list, as well as some models mentioned by others. Hope this will make it easier to read
  3. I have been trying to compile a personal list recently, with the various ways for card interaction Guild have. Hopefully you will be able to decipher it too. Card Draw Mechanic explanation: If + means that the mechanic have any required Suits Build-in. If - means that the mechanic does not have any required Suits Build-in. " " Are either Abilities or Conditions that enables Card Draw Card Draw Mechanic (Build-in +/-) (RB)Scales of Justice(Lady Justice)+ (RB)Perdita Ortega+ (RB)Sonnia+ (CR)Brutal Effigy+ (CR)Guild Pathfinder+ (CR)Wastrel+ "Bravado" (SL)Master Queeg- (SL)Nurse Heartsbane+ "In the name of research" (SL)Orderly+ "In the name of research" (SL)Emissary of Fate - Brutal Conflux+ (RF) The Printing Press (Nellie Cochrane)+ "Arcane Reservoir +1" (RF-UG)A Debt To The Guild - Non-Master+ Mercenary - Card Draw Mechanic (Build-in +/-) (RB)Hannah(Outcast)+ "Arcane Reservoir +1" (RB)Ronin(Outcast)+ "Seppuku" (CR)Sue(Outcast)+ "Hurt" (SL)Anna Lovelace(Resurrectionists)+ "Rush of Magic" (SL)Bloodwretch(Neverborn)+ "The Rage Builds" (CR)Big Jake(Outcast)+ "Consult the Ancestors" ------------------------------ Discard Mechanic explanation: If + it means that the mechanic have any required Suits Build-in. If - it means that the mechanic does not have any required Suits Build-in. " " Are either Abilities or Conditions applied that can force Discards. If (**) indicates some form of Assassination trigger. Discard Mechanic (Build-in +/-) / (Assassination Trigger(**)): (RB)The Judge+ "Arrest" (RB)Nino Ortega- (**) (RB)Witchling Stalker- (RB)Guild Austringer- (RB)Guild Guard+ "Arrest" (RB)Executioner- (**) (RB-UG)Counterspell Aura - Sonnia+ "Grounded" (CR)Exorcist- (**Undead Only)/"Pinned" (CR)Witchling Handler- (CR-UG)Surprisingly Loyal - Lucius ===> (CR)Mr. Tannen (Neverborn / Ten Thunders)+ "Cooler" (CR-UG)Arcanist Assets - C. Hoffman ===> (RB)Howard Langston (Arcanists)- (**) (SL)Master Queeg- (SL)Dr. Grimwell- (SL)Nurse Heartsbane- (SL)Greed+ "Take What Is Yours" (RF)Allison Dade- ""How Long Have You Been In Crowe's Pocket?"" (RF)Field Reporter- ""Under Scrutiny"" (RF)Witchling Thrall+ Mercenary - Discard Mechanic (Build-in +/-) / (Assassination Trigger(**)): (RB)Hans (Outcast)+ "To the Highest Bidder" (CR)McTavish (Gremlin)- "Swallow hole" (**) (CR)Ama No Zako (Outcast/Ten Thunders)- (**) (Ht 1 or Paralyzed Only) (SL)Sloth (Resurrectionists)+ "Lazy Sunday" (SL)Envy (Arcanists)- "Obsessed" (SL)Wrath (Neverborn)+ "Hellhound On My Trail" (SL)Pride (Outcast)- "Bad Role Model" / "This Song Is All About You" / "Solo" (SL)Gluttony (Gremlins)+ "Come On In My Kitchen" (SL)Lust (Ten Thunders)+ "Looking For a Soul to Steal" / "Dream Maker" -----------------------------
  4. Considering that Titania was dethroned by her own followers because of the danger she posed, it seems unlikely the 3 would ally themselves with her longterm. Now the question is would an alliance between Titania and the 3 improve the odds of them achieving their goals? The short answer is: no. While there could be some short term progress, you could not have a leader you already imprisoned once running around, and still maintain a coherent leadership. Since its doubtful the 3 will relinquish their power over the Neverborn to Titania, nor is it likely that Titania giving up on becoming queen of the Neverborn, its inevitable that some sort of conflict will break out between them imo.
  5. While one can argue whether or not individuals in the Guild are good or evil, the motivation of the organization as a whole are not. The goal to ensure the well being of humans on Earth, by providing the Soul stones used for creating the magic people on earth relies upon, is altruistic. Now I haven't been into Malifaux for long, but I have tried to pen down how I perceive the various factions in comparison to the Guild. Arcanist Power hungry individuals who have come to Malifaux to get their greedy hands on Soul stones. Main Arcanist figure, the power hungry Ramos runs the M&S Union with an iron grip, while using his dark powers for insidious reasons to enforce his will on other Arcanists. Using his loyal core of personal henchmen, he forces other Arcanist's into doing his bidding, making sure no one threatens his tyranical rule. This has often put the M&SU at odds with the Guild, to the detriment of the hardworking people of Malifaux. Ressurectionist The Ressurectionist's are a wide variety of nefarious occultists, bend on enslaving the dead to their own will. Terrorizing the innocent people of Malifaux, the vile Ressurectionist's uses their dark powers to kill and maim whoever stand in their way. Using the bodies of the dead to further extend their grip on the living, they will never stop until stopped by the Guild, or all of Malifaux is in their grip. Like a swarm of locust the Ressurectionist Necromancers threaten to erradicate the peaceloving men, women and children working for bettering the future of Malifaux. Neverborn Creatures of Nightmares made living, they exist only to slaughter and inflict mental anguish on other inhabitants of Malifaux. With a long tradition of eradicating other inhabitants of Malifaux, they were responsible for eradicating the original settlers of Malifaux, causing the many years of anguish on Earth until the Guild was able to penetrate their demonic powers and open The Breach, thus allowing Earth to prosper again. Like a pack of rabies infected dogs their is only one correct response to their infestation, and that is to put them down. Outcasts Generic term for various groups that operates outside the just law of the Guild. The Outcasts are motivated by greed, either lusting for power or Scrips. Overall the members of this faction have put themselves and their goals ahead of the people. Thus they can not be trusted, and they are a danger to the good people of Malifaux. Gremlins The inhabitants of The Bayou, a minor nuisance at times, but overall just an added spice to the experience of Malifaux. Keeps to themselves, and seldom interferes with the lives of people in Malifaux except by chance. Generally speaking the goals of the Guild and the Gremlins does not seem at odds with each other, and there could be room for making arrangements between them against common enemies. Ten Thunders Group of criminals of earth side Asian origin. Basing their power on the terrorizing of innocents and enslavement of their own people, the Ten Thunderers are attempting to aquire access to the Guilds rightful Soulstone prodution in Malifaux. Using any means, The Ten Thunderers have used extortion, kidnappings and assassinations of innocents to further their goals in the past. And with the possibility of getting their greedy hands on Soul stones, who knows what diabolic depths of depravity they are capable of reaching. The Guild Group of Mages having banded together in an effort to ensure the preservation of magic to better the lives of people on Earth. Have send a contingent of soldiers and workers through The Breach to gather the much needed Soulstones, that will ensure the use of magic on earth. With their enemies many and varied, the Guild have had to counter a number of opponents that needs a different counter. As such several specialist teams have been assembled to deal with these threats. While former Governor General of Malifaux started laxing in his duties prior to his disappearance, the new Govornor General Franco Marlow have already taken steps to rectify his predecessors failings, making new improvements to the citizens of Malifaux's life every day. Thanks to The Guild, life both on Earth and in Malifaux have never been better. Now I hope this will help other new players, to understand the complexity of the factions in Malifaux in an absolutely objective and totally unbiased way.
  6. While the Guild may seem so to the unenlightened, it is not a fascist organisation, its more of a benign corporation. First of all the Guild is a business, whose primary goal is to make the Earth side parent company a profit by selling Soul Stones. And while the Guild is happy to run their operation in peace, murderous Neverborn and deranged people and war profiteers try to seize and/or destroy both the peaceful Humans who want to settle in Maifaux, and also Guild assets, at any given opportunity for various nefarious reason. Luckily the Guild have hired competent guardsmen to protect both the people of Malifaux, and their hard working employees. While ensuring that Earth receives the Soul Stones it so desperately needs, the Guild also deals with the local M&S Union who have been given plenty of lucrative concessions. It should also be added that the Neverborn have invaded Earth, to kill all humans I might add. So whatever moral high ground some may have attributed to the Neverborn, they have now shown their true colors. Thus it is now kill or be killed against the most heinous and vile enemy ever known to man, and Earths best hope and first line of defence is The Guild.
  7. As we are Human, then its kill the Neverborn or be killed by them, and since we have already established that the Neverborn are inherently evil its an act of good to kill them Thus performing an genocide is the greatest act of goodness one can do - Join Guild today and start acting good!
  8. You could bring one or two Performers (Arcanist Mercenary), they have poison build-in on their attacks and they can also use Seduction to make opponent have negative flips on Df/Wp if you want to go for the Obey option. Other good options are Guild Lawyers, Witchlings, Witchling Handlers and Field Reporters.
  9. The best way to get around FFM with Perdita is to use obey on a opponents model and use that to finish off the "sucker", or have the "sucker" move through hazardous terrain to finish it off. Other options include using models with either Poison, Burning or other damage dealing conditions. Last you can always kill it with an enforcer (like Papa Loco) and go for "even split" on FFM and win on the other Strategies and Schemes in the pool.
  10. From what I have been able to tell from the fluff - Lady J, Perdita, Sonnia and Hoffman could all be classified as "The Good Guys" as they seem to be driven mainly by good intentions. However I am sure that others could be argued as "The Good Guys" based on the view of their factions. I would recommend Perdita as a starter for Guild over Lady J, as her crew is more versatile as a standalone
  11. I would recommend looking at the Arcanist Masters, a lot of them are support types. Personally I would go with either Rasputina, Kaeris or Colette.
  12. It made perfect sense to me tbh.. First of Hoffmann was left with running most of Guild operations in Malifaux since Lucius and other top Guild officers were otherwise engaged. When you taking over leading an operation, you first need to know what resources you have. What Hoffmann was doing, as far I understand, was doing an audit of current guild logistics and allocation of assets, to make sure they were done in an manner that was most efficient. And during this audit he proceeded to find irregularities which he then passed on to the new G-G.
  13. Guess you could use Burt Jebsen and his Crackerjack Timing to force opponents models to bunch up.. Not sure if worth it though..
  14. @Ludvig Nice catch, fixed
  15. Really helpful thanks for taking the time to make it. Noticed a few typos here a list of errata : Preformer -> Performer Frekorpsmenn -> Freikorpsmann Dr. Durfesse -> Dr. Dufresne Transparancy -> Transparency Suprisingly Loyal -> Surprisingly Loyal Elixer of Life -> Elixir of Life I believe Master Queeg should also be Guardsman. For McMourning, maybe also add Anti-Armor and scheme manipulation?