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  1. I've been trying to play Hoffman and I'm really struggling. I am only using Guild models right now and Melissa isn't out yet so that might be a part of my problem. But my turns are so awkward. Here's some of my problems: When does Hoffman activate? If I want to use power tokens then Hoffman should activate at beginning of the turn? But he also doesn't want to be on the front line, so if he activates behind my constructs they block him from moving forward. So he will probably Fast the guys in front. But now the rest of my guys go and move forward (maybe too far forward cause they ar
  2. Lugonn

    The Jury

    Now that the Jury has been out for a while what are people's thoughts on her performance? For me she's been under performing, I did have really high expectations though. How do you get the best out of her?
  3. I learned a lot from the podcast. Need to get my thralls painted before I can try this out. I like the idea of working to attack a players hand. Its a different strategy I haven't tried before.
  4. Amazing job. This is what gets me excited, painted models and great terrain! Question: how did you build the cactus scatter terrain? Is there a tutorial anywhere
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