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  1. Sorry about the caps I didn't realize it. My fault guys. I'll check that google map thanks for the replies
  2. Hey everyone I was just wondering if there is a survey or stat of play density per state/location? Where the most IRL players are located. It's just me and my friend who play near us.
  3. I know what your talking about. I like that alt. Titania better but I couldn't find that specific picture. I did find one very similar to it on the red joker card in an older fate deck. I took a closer picture of it so I hope it helps.
  4. Ok so I’m looking at a good amount of investment if I want to get kirai and have her work. Not ideal but I get it. I want the models to summon and pull some tricks and such. I was looking of one of the pinned posts about starting ressers and it did list a lot of stuff too get for kirai as well. Ok well thanks for the input guys. I l’ll look into the viktorias closer in their faction forums and see what I find.
  5. Hello fellow masters I hope your having a good day. I’m thinking about joining the ressers or going deeper into the outcasts. I like Kirai and Viktoria’s story but I don’t know how each plays or if either is decent for competive play. So I’m looking for a little input about each before making a solid choice. I have the Tara box and a few singles to support her but nothing in ressers. I’m looking to expand to different play styles.
  6. I'm just happy that he will at least try to play malifaux. Right now there is only two of us malifaux players so we have a lot of master boxes without the added figures from the blister boxes. I have lady j, Tina, and Lilith boxes and the other malifaux player has perdita and mei feng.
  7. Maybe I should have posted this in a general discussion about factions lol. I love this discussion right now. I really love hearing about the lore and fluff of the game. He got back to me today and he does really feel the Lady Justice box.
  8. Interesting. I haven't gotten to any of the neverborn stories on the podcast yet I look forward to hearing them now. I'm only on 13 right now.
  9. I just started listening myself and the kirai starter box just clicked lol.
  10. Ok. I'll try and give him that point of view. My friend is an infinity player of panoceania and isn't into the looks of the neverborn or the gremlins. The neverborn because of the horror esthetic and the gremlins because of the low class "redneck" esthetic.
  11. Hello all, I'm trying to convince my friend to play malifaux. He wants to play "the good guys" and my first thought was Lady Justice or the guild in general. Would you guys think that fluff wise Lady Justice is the "good guy"character?
  12. OK I think I'm going to grab the ice dancers and silent one boxes, but I will keep the other in mind. I'm just getting back to the game after a few long months. Thanks for your suggestions guys.
  13. Hey fellow scholars and miners, I hope malifaux has been treating you all well today. I am looking to expand my rasputina crew and want to know what I should grab next. Just looking at getting two small boxes of some minions and a henchman or something like that. I currently have access to the crew box, extra ice gamin, December acolytes, and essence of power.
  14. Thanks for all the replies guys. I'll take this all into consideration.
  15. Hello everyone, I hope your having a good day so far. I need some help. If you would lend some that would be greatly appreciated . I am looking to start a Viktorias Crew and I do not know what I should get besides the hired swords box. So if you could start a new Viktorias Crew with a $200 cap what would be your boxes that you bought and why. I have a Rasputina Crew and I'm looking to get a second faction for some verity. Thanks in advance.
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