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  1. I have a single Queller and Thrall each spare... (also located in Germany btw)
  2. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Shieldbearer and Dead Doxy for my ressers, Mr Graves for my brothers Neverborn done:
  3. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Got Vanessa painted and tried some OSL on her again - reasonably happy with how it turned out. Just used several layers of glazes.
  4. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Thanks ^^ Finished the Viktorias crew with the henchman and master: (photos are a bit dark)
  5. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Finished Ronins #2 and #3, now working on the Viks. I tried giving the Ronin in green coloured hair on the tips of her braids - overall, I like the result. Plus, Dr. Dufresne (the alt-McMourning) who I had photographed a while ago but somehow never shared the picture. I only recently used her in Guild and found her suprisingly fun and will play her again - maybe I'll even get some beasts and academics...
  6. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    @Piccio Mhm. That might be my photography skills. I use (old) GW Elf Flesh glazed with GW Dwarf Flesh and a Foundry Dark Skin Tone, all of wich have a very reddish hue, highlighted up with Elf Flesh and Bone Withe (mixe into the EF). The Bone White has none, but is used pure only on the very highest of highlights (tip of the nose etc.). Maybe the pictures lack contrast... Perditas skin is actually done with my older recipe and is using a second darker glaze instead of the Foundry Dark Skin, wich is actually more pastelly-brown than red. But both have relatively little yellow in the mixtures. I think Miss Deed and Allison Dade are closest to the real deal in their pictures, and the student has the same colouring.
  7. Sandmann

    My slowly growing Neverborn.

    Love the small conversions and the basework on the Stiched, great work!
  8. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    @Piccio What do you mean with "unreal"? The students skintone is the same as on all non-undead, non-Big Jake models...
  9. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    First Ronin finished! I like how the red turned out, but I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job on the eyes this time around. Built the mini before painting, and that made her face hard to reach with a brush, and impossible to reach from the sides - and apparently I need access from the sid eto paint the eyes well. At least she is the only mini in that set where that is the case.
  10. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Three minis for three factions done. First, the Carrion Effigy for the Ressers: He has the (up to now) most "build up" base I have done for Malifaux. I think the old wood came out good, so maybe other models will get similar bases instead of the simple, mostly sand ones I do now. Then a Witchling Thrall for the Guild: Inspired by @Mortarion, I gave him some tattoos on his back. And finally, a Student of Conflict for the Outcasts (I bought a Victorias crew box...): And a WIP-shot of what I'm working on atm (said Victorias):
  11. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Finished the Scribe for my brothers Lucius crew. Had him standing on my desk halfway done for ages, decided to finally get him done. Bit of a rush job, but came out ok.
  12. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    First finished minis in 2018: Big Jake (painted for a friend) and a Shieldbearer (for myself):
  13. Sandmann

    Sandmanns painted stuff

    Here are the minis from december (and therefore the last minis of last years painting challenge for me). Already have one model finished in the new year and a second close to finished - just have to take the time to get pics done.
  14. The upgrades are in the books, so if you are set on collecting the books, you could copy them out and wouldn't need the cards. The Schemes deck AFAIK is the book schemes (from the Core Rulebook) only. Further down the line you might want to check out Gaining Grounds - these are the tournament schemes and strats, available from the website (they change every year, the 2018 version should be out soon). Minis wise, you are off to a good start. Sonnias box plus Handlers plus add-ons from Perditas box or Perditas box plus Pistoleros and Mercs or Stalkers should both be easy to get to 50 Soulstone - you might want so start with smaller crews though, to get to grips with the game. Usually the first thing you hear is "get Francisco" (he buffs another models defense and willpower, which can be quite good), but you already have him . Sonnia might like the Malifaux Child as an alternative totem, but from what you write you are propably not looking to get a 100% competetive crew - if you want to stay in theme, for Sonnia the starter set models are actually witch hunters as well so might fit nicely, and for Perdita: Abuela Ortega completes the family (at least until the Monster Hunters are released).
  15. Sandmann

    Monthly painting challenge -- December

    Strong finish it is ! Peacekeeper done, putting me at 32SS for December.