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  1. If it is still up to date, I can offer you one of mine. Based in Austria.
  2. They are nice, no doubt - but not for what I wanted them to do A reactivated Sniper is more of a threat
  3. Tested McCabe a little bit lately. Mounted Guard is not as good as on paper (in Combo with Yasunori). Yasunori is way too fast for the Guard to catch up. I think a Katanaka Sniper will take his place.
  4. this made my whole week. Great write up as usual!!
  5. The opponent won't score if I recall correctly - have to double check the wording but i'm pretty sure you have to kill to score. Yasunori is able to kill a 10+ model with the right hand.
  6. As the game goes on, you'll have markers to use for summoning. So I wouldn't say that you need the Obsidian Onis or Yokai to get the markers per se - you have beaters and stuff with you as well. I played against Pandora in Headhunter. Reckoning is similar in the way that you have to kill someone. The Pandora player mood swinged my Yokai and my Jorogumo. The sacrifice was a necessary step. So a clear Yes from my side. You could probably, yes. But a "in your face turn 1 Bettari" is probably going to die pretty fast because she has no defensive mechanisms besides her option to use soulstones. I would personally exchange Bettari for Yasunori for such trick because Yasunori is more resilient and you can keep your stones for summoning. And if Tail 'Em is in the pool, even better - you don't want to add a Henchie to your Crew if the scheme is in the pool.
  7. I guess i'm the only one here almost everytime starting with 11 and 12 of in hand instead of everything else
  8. Are there more ways pushing around friendly models besides Graves in NB?
  9. The on Ml 5 is worth a lot on a charging Yokai. So you have your 9 of against a 13 of . Then you have all that nice triggers. Flay? Easy if you have Bettari with you. Soul Burn? Easy with a new summoned Yokai. Even the other 2 triggers are great. If you manage to hit the it's a nice one. Jorogumo has a range of 3" and a higher dmg track, alright. But you have to hit first before you deal some damage. Statistically seen it's easier to hit someone with a even if that means min. dmg 2. And imo it's not worth the 13 of any suit for a Jorogumo summon in most cases.
  10. Yep. Exactly. The yokai and Obsidian Oni are great for their costs. I think that Yokai have more offensive potential than Jorogumo imo. So why spending a 13? Jorogumo are nice to block LoS or tanking but the price is too high.
  11. I'm going to try the Emissary with Yasunori. Badge of Speed on Yasunori, Fast Push on Yasunori. We almost created a perfect Howard Langston EDIT: Add a Mounted Guard in the mix - Cavalry Charge with Yasunori seems potent.
  12. Heya everyone. I haven't seen any discussion regarding McCabe with all the new stuff we've got. I think that Yasunori is a great addition to his hiring pool. The Terracotta Warrior is ok imo. Switching around some upgrades seems good. I was thinking adding Kamaitachi to his crew. TW + Weasel combo looks great on paper. What is your approach? Any new crews? Some ideas what schemes to take? What schemes is he good in? Cheers!
  13. So my most favorite scheme in GG17 is Leave your Mark with Asami. It's easy 3 VP with a Yokai and "A Heavenly Design".
  14. If you have the resources, it might be worth the investment
  15. Then you need at least one scrap or corpse marker in order to give the Yokai Flicker +3