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  1. Malifaux App Launched!

    Just curious...do I have some sort of account or is the card purchase linked to the device?
  2. Rising Sun Vs. Cheating Bastard

    Have you played Huggy more defensive? Or hunting more on the outside?
  3. New player starting with Asami

    Wow that's a really good one.
  4. Rising Sun Vs. Cheating Bastard

    Interesting. I wasn't aware that this cheat 2nd bubble is so troublesome.
  5. Hello everyone. I would like to share my experience with these two upgrades with you... Due to having a really fragile Henchman, Rising Sun is my prefered upgrade. But in Collect the bounty there is no need giving the enemy the option of easy 3 bounty points. Therefor I took Cheating Bastard yesterday. My opinion on this one is that the Cheating Aura is very situational for Lynch because i usually try to stay 8" away. House Rules is the stunning one. It's pretty easy getting at least 2 every turn. In addition to that, Gwyneth helps you a lot getting a potent hand. Final Debt with 10 dmg is no joke. What is your experience with the new one? Have you considered any other strat or specific scheme pool? Cheers!
  6. Proxyfaux Wave 5

    It's me again. Do you guys have any suitable proxy's for our new wave 5 stuff? I'm curious what you guys have in mind. Cheers
  7. Theoryfaux Wave 5

    Hello there! I wanted to start theoryfaux thread to see if anybody has already come up with some nasty new tricks or combos with our new 5th wave? - Gwyneth Maddox outside of Lynch: Don't know how good her "Come Play at my table" really is. But she could be able to pass out Brilliance quiet nicely. Add 2 Illuminated in the mix and you have two really nice damage dealer with you. I could imagine using her in Shen Long or McCabe. - The other thing I was thinking about if the Amanjaku could get more table time. He could increase Asamis Flicker condition if you have the Borrowed Time upgrade - So Amanjaku gives you, more or less, a SS back. But don't know if it is worth the 9.
  8. My Competitive Zoraida Build

    I forgot that she is a henchman
  9. My Competitive Zoraida Build

    I've read many comments that Spawn Mother summoning is pretty effective using Wisps...Is there a way getting that necessary?
  10. Reckless = OP?

    I'm not trying to troll or anything just trying to understand. What happened that people suddenly start to complain? Wyrd hasn't changed the faction in any new way? New options for every faction with every new wave and the annual GG adaption - is that the reason? I don't understand the fuss, sorry
  11. Reckless = OP?

    But you can't go "drunk and reckless" all day long without having a healer by your side. A good opponent will try to kill the hauler or bug first anyway. And if you don't have a healer near you, you can use drunk and reckless just once.
  12. Mandatory new book wild speculation thread.

    Oh yes of course...maybe a ability like "An Oni's Spirit" from the Heavenly Design upgrade? Fingers crossed
  13. Mandatory new book wild speculation thread.

    Would be great if it says something like "... a sacrificed Oni drops a corpse, scheme or scrap marker". And due it is a conflux upgrade i do think that the emissary gets the Oni characteristic.
  14. CL0WN Prince in Malifaux

    That was a game I won't forget for a long time ...nor the Deso Engine hahaha
  15. I have a Mystery Box Pandora Crew (green translucent) on sprue which I'm selling but shipping is pretty expensive from Austria (unfortunately).